Psychologie des Gelingens: Schöne Träume reichen nicht! {Review}

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We should think positive, always believe in ourselves, be self-confident - then success sets in by itself. Nonsense, says Gabriele Oettingen - and explains in her book why that is.

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Oliver Ibelshäuser 85Oliver Ibelshäuser is a journalist and owner of the editorial office Text und Vision.


Of myths and difficulties


Gabriele Oettingen has a convincing answer for those who have always wondered why Gabriele Oettingen does not work with you,

Because positive thinking alone does nothing. It is better not only to keep track of its goal, but also to deliberately deal with the difficulties that can arise.

WOOP instead of positive cars


"If you paint the future in a colorful and concrete way, concentrate entirely on the positive result, then it is guaranteed that you will lose weight (alternatively: non-smoking, career change, change of partner)." Perhaps you have already heard or read such motivational sayings.

Because they are part of the fixed repertoire of many coaches and therapists. The psychologist Gabriele Oettingen holds nothing of it. In her book "The Psychology of Success" she easily refutes the equation "Dreaming = a guarantee for positive change" and explains what actually helps.

Mental contrasting is better than dreaming


In fact, according to the author, the visualization of barriers and problems on the long road to the desired success is an essential motivating factor. "Just dreaming hinders us from realizing our dreams and desires."

Instead, it helps to "look at the inner obstacles" at the same time. "Mental contrasting" is the name of this path. And that is, as Oettingen shows by means of numerous studies, successful in all areas of everyday life in which motivation and a long breath are in demand: in the change in diet, addiction, school education and also in career planning.

The WOOP effect


From the findings of "mental contrasting", the WOOPConcept derived. A simple and highly effective model for people who long for change and do not want to give up halfway.

WOOP stands for Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan. In English: desire, result, obstacle and plan. Based on these four steps, the psychologist explains, realistic scenarios can be made and early answers to later problems can be found in order not to lose sight of the goal.

Without detours to the destination


Oettingen applies WOOP as an example in her book to three areas: "Living healthier, improving relationships and doing more at the workplace". The descriptions are successful blueprints for your own personal wishes for change.

Conclusion: you want to lose weight at last? Do not buy another diet book and certainly not a guide in the self-help corner. Oettingen brings her without a detour to her destination with her book "The Psychology of Success". Of course, this also applies to all other goals that you have "only dreamed of" so far, such as career advancements, a new partnership or the end of your nicotine period. Recommendation!

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