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Real estate pension as old-age provision: requirements & taxes

Staying free of old-age residents is desirable, but has a catch: Often, the owner-occupied property makes up most of the private wealth. So you remain liquid.
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Real Estate

Definitely a disadvantage when buying property: The capital is cemented in concrete so to speak, and can not be so easily silvered. What to do to stay liquid

The real estate rift may offer a royal road from this liquidity trap. This form of old-age security, which is customary in the Anglo-Saxon world, also spreads hesitantly in Germany. But what exactly is to be understood?

  • As a rule, a minimum age of 65 years is required for this form of old-age insurance. In this way, the investor also hedges against a time-incalculable investment.
  • The property may not be burdened, or only slightly, by other liabilities. There should be no major maintenance backlog. The property must therefore be maintained and on a solid stand.

Is a real estate rift worthwhile?

A real estate renegotiation or reverse mortgages can be worthwhile to exploit the tied capital already during its lifetime. This form of retirement is, of course, dependent on further financial possibilities and family ties.

To be recommended would be a real estate pension with low other income in old age. This is a great way to supplement your pension plan and a tax-friendly alternative.

Taxes are only payable on sale

In the case of real estate rents, the payment of rent by the vendor is taxable only with the favorable income share.

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An example: With 65 years, the owner sells his property and receives an additional pension amounting to 500 € per month (6.000 € / year). The income share is 18%, because at the beginning of the rent payment the former owner 65 was years old.

What does that mean?

In turn, this means that only 6.000 € will be taxed from the 1.080 €. 4.920 € are tax-free.

With the disbursement of the reverse mortgage during his lifetime tax is nothing else to consider. The payout is tax-free as it is de facto a pure loan.

But also in terms of inheritance tax can save money with the real estate pension.

The trick with the care money

Especially when no close relatives live anymore, the inheritance costs a huge inheritance tax for nieces and nephews.

However, if you sell the object during your lifetime and support your relatives already during your lifetime (for example as a payment of care allowance) you will receive the appropriate gratitude during your lifetime.

Care allowance may be tax-free

The trick here is: When paying a care allowance, this is under certain conditions and up to a certain amount tax-free.

In the case of the reverse mortgage, the loan taken reduces the inheritance tax burden on the heirs. The loan amount is deducted from the value of the property.

What exactly is the real estate rift?

At the property rents sold during lifetime, the owner or the owner of the house to an institutional investor or private investor against the payment of a pension.

The highlight is: The owner (s) do not have to pack the bags and leave the familiar living environment. Linked to the sale is the entry of a lifelong living right. The house can therefore continue to be used.

How does this work?

For the transfer of ownership, the new owner pays a pension to the seller (s). The pension is based on the value of the house. The fair value is the estimated selling price for the property.

But this price is not discounted as a pensionable value! The value of the property must still be deducted from the value of the property.

Advantages and disadvantages

So nice the further use by the previous owner for this is so ugly is the same use for the new owner! This is excluded until the death of the use! And this exclusion de facto reduces its return on the object.

The value of the right of residence to be deducted depends on the age of the previous owners at the time of the real estate transfer.

Depending on the age

That also does Sense, The younger the previous owners are when selling, the longer the new owner is excluded from use.

The property rents can, however, also be paid by means of a so-called linked ransom. In this case, the pension is paid until the last of two owners has died. The right of residence also runs until the death of the second person.

Get money and stay owner?

Get money and still be the owner? This works with the so-called reverse mortgage. In this case, the owner receives an amount once. This amount is paid as a loan.

Thus, no property relationships change. The property serves as security. The disbursed loan and the accrued interest are collected. If the owner now dies, the loan is due and is repaid from the sale of the property.

The heirs

An excess amount is due to the heirs. Should the house remain in family ownership? This is also possible. In this case, the loan must be repaid from other sources. The amount of the loan also depends on the value of the house and is paid in the amount of approximately 25% of the value of the transaction.

The amount is low because no installments are paid during the lifetime and the unpaid interest increases the loan amount to be repaid later.

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