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The French star cook Jany Gleize cooked at the Elysee Palace for George Bush Senior, François Mitterrand, Margaret Thatcher and Helmut Kohl. Today he lives very modestly on his family estate in Provence.Jany Gleize

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As if it were nothing special

He seems calm and relaxed, almost deliberately, while he talks about his moving life with a good glass of wine. Very modest, as if it were nothing special.

Gleize 1957 was born here Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban in the French high province.

Tour de France through the big houses

Also his passion for cooking arose here in the kitchen of his father, the confectioner. But he has learned to cook in the great houses of France: at Joseph Rostang in Antibes, at Pierre et Jean Troisgros in Roanne, at Alain Chapel in Myonnay, and finally at Michel Guérard, the Pope of Cuisine Minceur.

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He had a great deal of time at this time, his personal Tours de France: Almost every year he changed his place of residence between 1976 and 1980. He even moved to London, where he worked at the Connaught Hotel for six months.

Cooking for the heads of state

1981 but he returned to Château-Arnoux to take over in fourth generation restaurant and hotel, the Bonne Etape. Again and again he is invited to organize splendid festivals and gala exhibitions all over the world - to Germany, for example, to the Black Forest or to Vietnam.

The highlight of his career: President François Mitterrand asked him to prepare the dinner, which was presented to all heads of state during the two hundredth anniversary of the French Revolution in July 1989.

The star chef's hotel, the Bonne Etape… occupations pictures

And his modest house in his garden, just behind the hotel: occupations pictures

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"I made my choice"

Did he ever think of going to Paris where he might have had more opportunities? Gleize waves it off. “Here I can make my own creations. I made my choice, ”he says and adds impishly:“ This is my little paradise - who would want to trade there? ”

If you experience the star chef in his garden, as he takes the different herbs one by one, devotedly explaining the different aromas and fragrances, then one knows that this is a man who is completely in himself and also with few things can be satisfied.

Perhaps this is the secret of his success: that despite everything he has remained so grounded and has preserved himself in all the hustle and bustle about his person.

Jany Gleize

The daughter likes fast food

The chef does not have a favorite meal, but the food in Alsace and Brittany is particularly appreciated. And there are also dishes in the German cuisine that he liked - such as sausage, beer and green cabbage.

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His fourteen-year-old daughter also likes spaghetti and pizza, he says and laughs. Generational conflict because the daughter does not appreciate the kitchen art? "Oh no," says Gleize. "That's the way it is!"

Cooking with Jany Gleize at Youtube

Jany Gleize prepares a salad of black truffles from the High Provenance with ice cream on lavender honey.

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