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Getting ahead in your job & in life: 10 tips for your career

If you want to get ahead in your job, you have to follow different rules today than a few years ago. Correctly “to yourself sell“Is a decisive advantage in any profession. Sales trainer Carsten Beyreuther has put together 10 career tips.
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1. Charisma

Nine out of ten people don't have a fixed goal in mind, they just want to make money. That's why they have no charisma, none Charisma. They don't know what they want to do in the long term, how, when and with whom.

Many are customized opportunists, average. Therefore, try to set a motivating, fixed goal for the long term that you will not lose sight of. Do not deviate from this goal, but occasionally allow for corrections if this makes your goal faster.

2. Life Balance

Watch out for yourself when heading for a destination. What price do you want to pay for your destination? No children? No family? Leaving friends in old surroundings? 16 hours a day? The price you pay must not lead to your goal being pursued with bitterness.

So bring your goal in line with your life priorities. If that succeeds, the conditions for career success are optimal. Only when the life balance is right, you will be satisfied with the progress of your career.

3. What does your supervisor have of your success?

Ask yourself: what does the other one have when he lets you ascend? Give the supervisor the chance not to be afraid of your success. Explain your success to your success: Promise him additional sales, additional customers or work relief.

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A high qualification on paper does not say that they can provide this qualification to the employer. Testimonials and references are positive, but everyone knows that most of the credentials are written to the worker. Ask yourself if you can truly deliver what the testimony says and what benefit it will do for you Manager will have.

4. Failure to stand up early, accept help

Most people are afraid of Error admit it. However, errors usually come to light anyway. However, being able to admit mistakes is an important part of social competence. Of course, you also have to learn from your mistakes.

If you keep making the same mistake, you've got the wrong job. In case of doubt, ask for help in good time and also accept it, then the repetition of mistakes can be avoided. Keep in mind: Nobody is perfect. Who prefers perfectionspiegelt, is quickly exposed and loses the trust of colleagues and superiors.

5. Besswisser do not make a career

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, but the illusion of those who think they already know everything. With a willingness to learn and an openness to new things - as well as for Criticism - you will become a credible partner for your colleagues as well as your superior.

Be open to good arguments, but don't accept interpretations that aren't based on knowledge but on guesswork. Critical people are the best business consultants because they are free. Use this potential to improve yourself

6. Do not accept authoritarian behavior of supervisors

Some people are very dominant in their demeanor. And yet they lack the ability to use their environment for their objectives to activate. Instead of ruling with convincing sympathy, they then rule by spreading fear.

This authoritarian behavior of superiors can only mean one thing: if you can not help your superiors break down your own fear of failure with your work, there is only one thing: pull the ripcord early and if possible change the position before you abandon your own principles and bend yourself.

7. Attractiveness

There are studies that show that attractive men and women are more successful at work. Whereby women often find themselves in the unpleasant situation that suddenly their male negotiating partners are more interested in the person than in the product. Here, on the one hand, it is not a matter of deliberately downplaying the attractiveness, but even of actively using it, on the other, however, drawing clear and unambiguous boundaries.

People who doubt their looks are advised to find their certainly true appeal, their charm, and not to be guided by vague feelings. Is your self-esteem the sum of interpretations? Do you really look like a monster? It's nonsense! Everybody is lovable somewhere and can rise from zero to a hero.

8. Just do what you really love - be there with your heart

Do something you love and you never have to work. Be a believer. I ask some of the question: “If I gave you 20 million euros and you had it at your disposal, what would you do with it?” Then there is a lot, just not what you are doing professionally.
What is an Acceptable Job? What are the markets? Products? Services? What do the people I love expect from me?

The choice of the profession is usually an opportunistic choice, not one that comes from the heart. But a career only works if I am wholeheartedly involved. No matter what profession you choose to do, do what you enjoy doing, you can not disappoint me. You do not have to torture yourself in the job. Success should be achieved with fun and ease, not with effort.

9. Stay authentic and believable

Credibility in the profession is not only produced by education. Credibility means making the right decisions based on life experience. 10 years of life experience are like 40 annual studies. Anyone who comes from Harvard must first prove that theory also works in practice. A 34-year-old family minister is very hard, but she does not have enough life experience. It lacks authenticity and credibility.

What do people with too little experience? They build a facade, which the experienced man can quickly see through. The solution for young people is to gain experience of life from the outside, eg through a mentor, who can always be approached. Even an 35-person has to grow. Older people are knowledge stores, mentors, which should not be disposed of as old iron.

10. Ask questions and actively listen, also what is said between the lines

Professional success also depends on the interview: getting the job or better selling ideas in the job, convincing others, etc. Those who want to move forward must know the needs and expectations of the people they want to win. Give your interlocutor the feeling of being important. Every talking tactic involves asking lots of questions. Listen carefully, what comes in response, active listening is important, and also what is said between the lines!

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