More job success through self-marketing: 10 Tips for the right self-presentation

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Last week our contribution went "Do gossipers have the better cards?"Viral. The great interest shows how many people can identify with this topic. That's why we're giving in today - giving 10 concrete tips on how to improve your self-expression without becoming a gossip.

More job success through self-marketing: 10 tips for proper self-presentation More job success through self-marketing: 10 tips for the right self-presentation

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Here writes for you:

Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


The credo of the modern service company


The attitude "a lot of work brings success" is widespread. For some it is the credo of modern achievement society, for others it is an almost religious mantra for the compensation of karmic justice.

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In both cases, this attitude is deeply rooted in our social, value and economic system. The catch is just that: Quite simply, the equation does not work. Because it depends not only on what you do - but also how others perceive their own performance and that they are seen at all.

What your boss sees - and what not


For example, your boss does not see you working day in and day out in the office. On the contrary, he perceives you only as someone who squats with annoyed expression in the meeting and thinks that you must be so bad-tempered man. He takes the good performances for granted.

Quite different from the colleagues, who constantly report in the meeting about their good qualifications: colleagues and bosses consider such employees for being extremely committed and competent. In short, people are more inclined to believe what they hear and see; this may not always be fair, but people are ticking.

Self-expression - the right mix makes it


Of course, it is not always done with pure showing off. Smart bosses have long since recognized that many babblers and show-offers are just that: thin board drills with little behind them. And gradually also settles in Company the attitude by that a second look behind the facade can only be helpful.

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Nevertheless, in the best case, both are correct - the self-presentation and the associated performance. For those who are not convinced of themselves will hardly convince others. You do not have to profile yourself at the expense of others or you constantly gag up your boss, simply being more convinced of your own good performance helps in many cases.

10 Tips for better self-presentation


Instead of dogged and wanting to achieve a certain performance at any price, you should put more emphasis on good communication and your own self-presentation. And that's exactly what I want to give you here 10 tips on the way:

  1. Convince yourself of the necessity: Just performing people is self-imagining often difficult, she believes to convince purely by their performance. But the motto must be: Do a lot and talk about it.
  2. Do public relations: on every occasion: in the corridor, in the canteen - and above all because the boss is present. But: emphasize performance, do not apply unnecessarily thick, otherwise the others are quickly annoyed.
  3. Stay in touch with stress, too: especially those who work a lot tend to neglect social contacts. This catapults itself quickly from the field of vision of bosses and colleagues.
  4. This is how you score in small talk: You do not have to say anything truly witty, but only interact with each other innocently. For example in the morning in the elevator. Instead of staring at the wall, just address the situation: "We meet here all the time. Takes only ten floors, but at least. In which department do you work? "
  5. This is how you can shape your meeting: no place is better suited to self-presentation than the meeting, because everyone will be there. Your speech should therefore be well thought-out. Shine with a surprising entrance, which gives you attention. Then, explore how your ideas and work will benefit the company and colleagues. Please also include the other participants by asking for feedback or concrete suggestions.
  6. Present yourself at every opportunity: In order for the boss to carry out your outstanding work, you should not only talk about it, but also publicly: sign up voluntarily "public" tasks such as holding customer presentations, caring for trainees, etc increases your market value.
  7. Networking: Studies show that success depends on how well you are networked within a company. It is therefore important to be in contact with as many colleagues as possible.
  8. So you take the wind out of the sailors' chatterbox: will Schmitt want to put himself in the right light at the expense of the boss again? Just ask him directly for details that he can not know. And point your boss to your own successes in a very targeted way.
  9. So you make yourself popular with the boss: "Actually, you still have to do that ..." In such subtle messages bosses like to hide their wishes. Listen - then you can read the wishes of the boss soon from the eyes.
  10. This is how you gain respect: whoever says yes to everything and amen is always popular but is neither respected nor promoted. Better: Say to exaggerated demands friendly, but definitely no. If you justify your "no", you also have understanding - and respect!

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