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Steve Jobs was a stand-up. In an interview, he emphasized that his bats have brought him to the top. Learn to be a smooth-headed man.


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Marc M. Galal is an expert in sales psychology and success


Movement = Effective engine in everyday life

Only through movement is the personal success quotient created. No matter in which direction a decision ends, regardless of whether it finally turns out to be wrong or right.

The main thing is, one becomes active at all. In principle, whoever believes in himself and his goals is, of course, moving more easily.

You always have the choice

It is not the wrong decisions, which later lead us to feel bad and to feel repentance. Rather, it is usually the absence of decisions, which tortures us at some point.

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Oh, I would have done it, no matter how it would have gone. If only I had set myself in motion and thereby moved something. Do not worry: A wrong decision does not make you a bad person!

Focus on success

Successful personalities surround a palpable, almost tangible aura. She radiates success and attracts him again. But why are some people more successful than others? Which factors make this success?

In detail, this means: You must consciously direct your own focus on things that you want to have. If you want to be successful, ask yourself "where is there a successful person?" and "How did he become so successful?".

8 Tips for personal success

My personal tip to you: Take the chance to grow and grow as you wish. Step by step. In 8 tips we show you how to do it.

  1. Build self-esteem: The belief in oneself is an essential foundation. Being aware of oneself and their own strengths and weaknesses gives inner freedom of decision. We are responsible for our self-esteem. Self-worth means that we are worth being successful and happy. Self-worth also means that we love ourselves, no matter how successful we are.
  2. To be in a top condition: After failures, we focus on what we have not achieved. As our inner world is reflected in the outer world, we must leave the feeling of powerlessness behind us. Only now can we positively influence the future. Only in a powerful top condition can we make good decisions.
  3. Find passion: Passion is one of the strongest forces there is. If it burns in us, no effort is too great to arrive at our goals. Dreaming helps to find our true passion! Record 20 things for which your heart beats uncontrollably - no matter how realistic you think these dreams are.
  4. Make real decisions: If we have discovered our true passion, we must and can make a real decision for this one goal. Only if we are congruent to 100 percent and all phases are affirmative, we also make the right decisions. These are moments full of energy and energy. We are in the flow!
  5. Come into action: In the state of flow, we are much easier to get into action. We do not have to force ourselves to do this. Everything flows. Use this condition! If the first action takes place within 72 hours, the chance is great that we stay on the ball and reach our goal.
  6. Promote endurance: Exceptionally successful people possess great willpower and discipline. Whether professional athlete or piano virtuoso, independent entrepreneur or sales professional - only those who stay tuned to their goals and train continuously will be rewarded with the desired success. Giving up does not apply!
  7. Search role models: We do not have to reinvent the wheel every time. It is enough to make it faster. To learn from examples, there are two strategies: you are looking for the best in your own industry / division, illuminate why they are so successful and make it better. Or one checks whether ideas can be adapted to their own needs.
  8. Communication: Successful people are also in their communication. They understand how to sell an idea. What and how they say it attracts people. With what brilliance, Steve Jobs has introduced new ideas in the market and has long been enthusiastic about customers all over the world! What works on a large scale, we should use also in the small.

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    Success on the track - 2 / 3: Become a stand-up! by Marc M. Galal via BERUFEBILDER - Highly recommended MZHg3OoA4r

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