Conducting Professional Weddings: 7 X Wedding Dances for Bridal People and Guests

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Today, the boundaries between work and private life are fluid. It may happen that you have to visit weddings of colleagues or even bosses for professional reasons. The best 7 tips to avoid delusions at weddings.

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1. The bride sets the standard

The wardrobe at weddings always provides a topic of conversation. As far as clothing is concerned, the bride sets the standard - the groom will usually orientate her style when choosing their outfit.

Of course, this also applies to a civil marriage. A tip for the bride: If the bride decides to wear a long, tight dress, but she prefers to wear jeans and flat shoes, she should first try to be reasonably graceful and secure in her wedding outfit.

2. Do not steal the bride's show!

It is considered absolutely silent to steal the “show” from the bride. It is their day, their grand entrance! Wearing a white dress or a white trouser suit as a guest when the bride appears completely in white therefore remains taboo.

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The wedding guests should not be better dressed than the bridal couple. The little black is inappropriate for a wedding. Although there is no special dress code for the church, the outfit should suit the occasion.

3. Keep to clothing marks!

Guests should adhere to clothing notes. Dress instructions on invitation cards are at the bottom left. Usually only the dress code for men is given. “Dark suit” means festive clothing for the lady, whereby everything is allowed from short to 7/8.

"Smoking" requires at least a festive cocktail dress, but long is also possible. A woman can also come in a festive trouser suit. But they can also read: "Depending on the occasion, we ask for festive clothing" or "evening wear is welcome".

At informal weddings with family and friends, young men nowadays also like to choose a black or a white suit, matching the bride. The male guests then opt for suits in dark blue, anthracite or black with stripes.

4. Film and photograph discreetly

The clergy do not necessarily irritate the choice of wardrobe, but above all distractions from the ceremony, for example, by not discreetly photographing and filming relatives.

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In general, everyone wants to be taken in at their best, so that the focus is more on the lens than the wedding ceremony.

5. Touch in the placement of the guests!

Today, homogeneous family structures are becoming increasingly rare: single-parent families, step-and patchwork families and non-marital partnerships can make the once-familiar definition of the table a matter of confusion. But if you stick to the four most important aspects of the following checklist, not so much can go wrong:

  • The bridal couple determines the position of his guests on the blackboard.
  • The now “linked” families and friends should get to know each other better and thus build a solid network for the future.
  • The table order also depends on the size and shape of the board / s.
  • There are rules for placement, but realities may require a different order. Rigid formalities would then be a hindrance. Bride and groom never sit at the head, but always in the middle of a long side of the table. All guests should be able to see the couple. The woman is sitting to the right of the man.

6. Comply with the seating regulations

But the guests should definitely comply with the seating order. And this ideally looks like this checklist:

  • The bride to the right of the groom
  • Right next to the bride the father of the groom
  • Next to him, the bride's mother as his table-lady
  • Left of the groom his mother
  • Besides this the bride's father
  • Groomsmen, bridesmaids further out, right and left
  • If the clergyman participates, his place of honor is given to the place opposite the bride and groom or next to the bride's mother.
  • Only one parent is placed next to the bride or groom.
  • Once the blackboard has been placed in the block, the witnesses can sit next to the bridal couple, opposite the parents.

7. That says the seating order about the relationship

As a rule of thumb: The closer a guest sits with the bridal couple, the closer their relationship to each other. The bride and groom gather at their table, for example, groomsmen, siblings, grandparents, godparents, bridesmaids and groomsmen. Patchwork family members are set as well. After the wedding waltz, new groups will be together anyway.

The advantages of a seating arrangement are obvious: brawlers can be deliberately kept in check. Divorced partners and disputed relatives are placed as far apart as possible. Celebrating priests can step in as “jokers” at the bridal couple table. Good friends are placed as middle men and women.

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