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Personal trainer job description: Fit and sporty in every situation

There are people who always want to get fit on holiday - at home and on vacation, especially as sports travel is an increasingly important tourism trend. But it's not just about sports: it's about selfness.

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But selfness is not just about optimization at any price: in short, it's about hard physical rather than inflated muscle, triathlon instead of anabolic steroids, detox instead of botox, bionad instead of powerade. Increasingly, on the health market as well as on the beauty market, it is all about prevention: not curing diseases, but preserving health. Do not reduce wrinkles, but prevent wrinkles.

The conviction in the Selfness is that the body can and must be managed independently. This reminds me a little of the followers of the QuantifiedSelf movement, who are tirelessly self-tracking, for example, to improve their sporting performance.

Health self-responsibility and wholeness

What counts in the future, is not the blind emulation of a sporadic ideal of beauty, but health, self-responsibility, well-being, care and activity.

The new, body-conscious consumers want to do something for their health - and not just in sports, but holistically across all areas: nutrition, fitness, health - all this will increasingly overlap.

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Integrity is also an important trend: more and more attention is paid to the interaction of soul, mind and body. Funds and therapies that address these issues are currently receiving high attention.

New body awareness - even on vacation

According to a survey by the Zukunftsinstitut, 45% of respondents associate body awareness and physical culture first and foremost with health and well-being, almost one in three (31 percent) but also with sports and fitness. Only 4% think of perception by others. 58 percent of respondents say it is the individual's responsibility to look after their health.

And according to an evaluation of the World Travel Monitor®, sports travel has recorded double-digit growth rates among European travelers over the past five years and has also overtaken cruises five years ago in the ranking before the sports holiday. Incidentally, the Germans are particularly enthusiastic about sports.

Where do sports enthusiasts travel?

Of the total of nine million sports holidays that Europeans spend abroad, 42 percent comes from almost half of Germany. The Dutch will follow 14 percent in second place. In the other European markets the share of sporting holidays is only six percent or less.

Austria is the most popular destination for sporty holidaymakers. 24 percent of Europeans are attracted to the Alpine Republic, followed by Italy and Germany, each with eleven percent. German sports enthusiasts also prefer Austria as a tourist destination: the neighboring republic is 42 percent ahead of Italy (18 percent) and Switzerland (14 percent).

Trendy sports

In terms of sporting activities, European sports holidaymakers are particularly interested in hiking with 38 percent and cycling (23 percent). Motorsport (car, motorcycle, motorboat) follows in third place with 14 percent.

Golfing is ranked fourth among the most popular sporting activities with ten percent. With the German sports lovers also hiking with 34 percent and cycling (25 per cent) lead the top ten of the most beloved sports activities. Golfing would like nine percent of the German sports tourists to travel.

New trends

Some of the craziest sports trends I've seen in recent years include stand up paddling and coastering. First of all, it is characterized by the fact that it can be used in almost any body of water because you only need a surfboard and a long paddle.

Coasteering, on the other hand, requires rocky coasts and cliffs to climb out of the water and then run back. Just like in Cornwall, where I discovered this sport two years ago. Even if you are armed with protective clothing, it looks quite dangerous.

The market is here

The market for such unusual sports trends is certainly there: Because strikingly often sports tourists belong to the upper income brackets. And they finally want to get something.

And if you want to narrow the target group even more precisely: European sports holidaymakers are on average 43 years old and live mostly in households without children. Also, more men than women are traveling on vacation. With 45 years German sports tourists are a bit older than in the European comparison, but otherwise do not differ from their European fellow citizens.

Entrepreneurs have to adapt to this

For entrepreneurs who enter the market with new business ideas, this means that you have to adapt to your new holistic thinking: it is no longer just a matter of offering beauty and cosmetic products, for example, but these should also be health-preserving ,

Or food that just tastes good: the food is now to contribute as functional food to health and well-being. It is, for example, the case that, for example, the share of functional drinks such as energy drinks, special teas or protein drinks on the US market has nearly doubled from 2002 to 2007.

Why personal trainer?

A personal trainer can support people in all of this: Personal trainers first ask about the goal of the training, measure pulse, body size and fat content. Many customers want to lose weight, have back problems or high blood pressure. A health check with a doctor should precede the start of training.

For a meaningful endurance training a performance diagnosis (Laktattest) is recommended. Then personal trainers then develop their training plan, which is refined during the first training session. A good coach knows his limits and recommends that professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists, masseurs or nutritionists work together.

Prerequisites, exits and Further Training

The professional title Personal Trainer is not protected by law. Actually, you could immediately start working as a personal trainer. However, a qualified vocational training in the sports sector, a university degree or at least appropriate trainers' certificates are not only useful as a qualification proof for customers

You should also have the appropriate training knowledge to teach your customers the expertise. Information on the conditions and training offers the professional association for fitness and Aerobiclehrer.

Business start-up and pension insurance obligation

As a personal trainer you are working freelance. This means you only need a tax number at the tax office. A business registration is not required.

However, the German pension insurance classifies your work as a personal trainer as a teaching activity and therefore assumes a primary insurance obligation for teachers, educators, caregivers etc. in accordance with § 2 SGB VI. The decisive factor is how the profession is practiced and not what the job title is.

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