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Professional orientation: The lies of others

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People are social beings. They orient themselves to each other - eg in terms of fashion or communication. Or just in professional matters and the leap into self-employment. That does not always make sense.

professional orientation

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High fees = High market potential?

Svenja Hofert has a very readable blog post about why start-ups are so often wrong. One of the reasons that Mrs Hofert mentions is that when you step into self-employment, many are oriented to the existing market and are completely mistaken for the market.

You see, Mr XY demands high fees and assumes that the chances in this area are extraorbitantly good. And with this assumption they set off. About how wrong this assumption is, yes this week has just Dirk Kreuter wrote.

Self-assessment due to misjudgment

Thus Hofert writes:

When founding, many are guided by what they see and what others are playing to them ... What is little known: when it comes to fees, it's always about advocacy and lobbying. It is therefore often played higher than the market allowed.

Many business ideas arise as a result of a misjudgment. You look at competitors, study websites, read studies, presume success and think: "I can do that too." The self-assessment, a cognitive bias, begins to work. You are talking about "you can do it". But not everyone can really make it.

How does the market really look like?

Now, Svenja Hofert has coined her contribution to free coaches and coaches. And indeed, when I look at the multitude of trainers and coaches, who regularly ask me for co-operation, I wonder every time whether there really is a market for it.

It is not the same with freelance journalists. I once thought that there are some who live well in this profession. Today I know that even colleagues with very good contacts are hard pressed to earn the fees that are common in other academic sectors, such as 3.000 to 4.000 Euro a month.

The desire for orientation

In turn, I am now but often asked by colleagues what and how I actually do (what is open here in the blog stands). And notice the desire for ideas and orientation. Just last week I received the comment of a reader:

Studied English / History (not Lehramt) / Bachelor of Arts, now in the Master because you do not know where to go. My question: What are the job options? Where, which employer / carrier / company?

Where is the dream job please?

It turns out that many here think too briefly, here are based on the already existing, feasible, instead of own, to develop completely new ideas - on this elementary error has Tom Diesbrock already in his contribution Where is the dream job? pointed.

It is important to ask first about one's own abilities - and what one likes to do, which often correlates. In a second step, one should then look for ways to use these abilities profitably - and then convert them into face value.

Orientation to others can help - but does not have to

It can be helpful to orient oneself towards others - but this constant exchange may only confuse you. It is important to take a middle ground here and not to be irritated.

The career adviser can sometimes become a career guidance café with its own cookie bakery - or from the SAP consultant in Bonbonverkäufer. But such apparent breaks are probably ideas that one comes to with growing experience.

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