Work relationships and happiness live: 3 tips for the balancing act

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Many people have problems getting relationships and (dream) jobs under one roof. Because the balancing act between self-realization and private life is not easy. And does it even have to be? dream job

Here writes for you:


Katharina A. Heder Best of HR –®Katharina Heder is Digital Media Manager and Consultant.


Who are we and where are we going?

For a few months now I have been dealing with the question of who she is, this generation I belong to. Melancholyers say I'm in the middle of the quarterlife crisis and looking for that Sense - certainly not abnormal so shortly before the 30th birthday

That would be too brief for me. In fact, other questions concern me: who are we, where we go and why we seem to have reinvented life. Three questions, countless answers and here comes my attempt at an intermediate.

A life for work?

I am currently catching a cold. Just means the fourth day in a row. I think I have a fever, cut my life and cough as I work as if I were a chain-smoking. I am doing all the important things of my profession. I understand myself not only as a service provider.

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I live it. Many people around me do not understand why I work while I'm sick. One answer is: I love the work I do. Another is: I am self-employed. The truth is somewhere in between, allowing a glimpse of my generation.

Life to express yourself

On the contrary, Michael Nast wrote for the online magazine about the generation incapable of relationships. One of the contributions that gave me goose bumps because it outlines exactly which Wenns and Abers we are caught between. One of the paragraphs that stayed in my head was this:

The generation of our parents had a profession AND a life. There was a separation. After work they cultivated their private life. Today it is fused. A job is nowadays more than just a job, a profession has the claim of a vocation.

Actually, a factual statement that well sets the life between long-term accessibility, social networks and personal obligations in a framework that fits. But this frame is more: it is about the claim of a generation to itself.

The search for the optimum

Nast attaches great importance to linking the professional challenge and the own relationship status. He gives various examples of why people are single. In fact, what he himself describes is more fitting: it is complicated - and in every way. We are not easy. We push each other too. We want partners who complement us and the internet suggests that we can find them at the push of a button.

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The same is true of our professional future: We only have to look long and well enough, then we find a better, filling and well-paid job. The number of those who are broken on their way to their own claims is no more to be seen than the demands we put on our shoulders as burdens. She presses and when she tweaks, she seems to be right.

3 tips for the balancing act between happiness, work and private life

Conversely, this diversity of opportunities that presents us with problems also means that we have to focus our attention. There comes the day you have to decide: healthy or sick? For the colleagues stand up or remain for the body? For life or with whining?

These aspects lead me to make three statements about my generation:

1. We are not, we will.

Any statement about who my generation is and what it is can only explain a certain part. Our unity is called diversity.

2. Do not plan, live!

Anyone looking for the ideal job misses the opportunity to take a good job. One could also speak with Maxim and say:

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And happiness is in front of you on the road. And keep your thumb out, but everything goes so fast that you only notice it when you look in the backspiegel look. And then it is long too late to stop, then you have to go straight on, until happiness rushes past you again, because you are constantly in the backspiegel look. (c) Maxim - backspiegel

Self-realization, from a certain point of view, is not just to tackle things. It is also about the future. This requires a direction (no plan!). These must be developed, whereby life with their felt vocation and direction go hand in hand.

3. There is no greater loneliness than the couple!

Anyone who tries to understand us should consider one thing: to be single to realize oneself is a decision that opens up opportunities for a limited period of time. It seems to be more harmless to be a cohabitation that neither fulfills one's own expectations nor fits into one's life and direction.

Life and work may not be separated anymore. This also means agreeing with work and vocation partnerships - and those who can no longer, must follow the examples in the text of Nast and separate.

Live as you want!

For me, now, without a guilty conscience, I am going to the next meeting and all those who do not understand this, I may ask the questions on what they believe and what they live for. If they still have the separation between work and private life, they may enjoy it.

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I for my part just want to do without a little in my life. Where: The next cold would like to wait until 2016 on me.

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