{Competition} Moto X in the productivity test: smartphone as a mobile office

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Does a mobile office always have to be big and heavy, especially when it comes to chargers? Or is not even a smartphone with a keyboard enough? I then tested the Google mobile Moto X - and was surprisingly satisfied. Attention: We are giving away the test device to interested readers. Just read this post until the end!

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Mobile works with Blue-Tooth keyboard?

I have the Moto X not only for the usual smartphone functions such as phone calls, SMS, calendar, eMails and social networks, but also for writing texts.

I just wanted to believe that it was not possible, even if I had already read it: to operate a mobile phone with an ordinary Blue-Tooth keyboard as a mobile writing device. Too imponderable appeared to me alone the connection problems, too fuckelig the use of the small screen as laptop replacement.

But then told me a friend that it would be no problem, an Android -Handy to connect with any keyboard via Bluetooht. I read it already schonmal on a comment with imgriff.com.

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Why the cell phone is the better tablet

The astonished faces in the shop showed me how few people have so far come up with this idea. But it actually works with various models. You only have to pair the keyboard with your mobile phone and off you go.

Helpful is a cell phone pocket, which also works as a stand - which is a little shaky, but in principle even more practical than a paired tablet in the stand - as in my test of the Samsung ATIV Tab 3, because the mobile phone is much lighter and does not tip back as quickly.

Keyboard runs with batteries

Most Bluetooth keyboards are powered by Mignong batteries, more expensive with their own batteries. In fact, the batteries last very long.

This brings me to the main advantage of this writing combination: Most laptops and tablets not only have a screen that weighs at least a kilo, but also unbelievably heavy chargers. The towing weight on trips is reduced enormously by the mobile phone, especially since you always have it with you anyway.

Working with the mobile phone

But what about working with the mobile phone? Surprisingly good. Probably because the Moto X with 2 GB RAM and Android XX provides ideal conditions for this kind of use.

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I have previously tested two tablets with Windows 8, in addition to the Samsung device mentioned above Dell Venue Pro 11, and these in the service as significantly more complicated and slow.

The discovery of simplicity

The Moto X, on the other hand, is the discovery of simplicity. Below the screen there are only three buttons:

  • A return key to return to the previous screen,
  • a home button to return to the home screen
  • and a button that displays all open applications in a list, which can be easily closed with wiping.

Minimalist than other smartphones

This feature is incredibly handy - something I miss on my otherwise pretty HTC Desires S for years. Because this way you can easily switch from one application to another, even if this way of working in practice takes a bit of getting used to and it often happens to me that I accidentally wipe away an application. A habit thing.

In general, the Moto X compared to the HTC is incredibly minimalist: There are very few pre-installed apps and those that you do not need, at least disable. The result is that the Moto X is incredibly fast and has little hangover - in contrast to the Dell venue pro with Windows 8 and the HTC Desire - which should also be due to the 2 GB RAM.

Dropbox becomes the desktop

The dropbox as a storage for the texts was an indispensable help, because an SD card slot is unfortunately in vain. Although it is synonymous work, an external hard drive to the device to connect, however, to me for the simple exchange of texts as too cumbersome.

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The input form is also practical: While you can not cope with Windows 8 on a tablet without a mouse or stylus because the operating system under the hood is still too much a desktop system, the mobile phone really works superbly only with your fingers.

Enter data by language

Another advantage of the Moto X is the voice input: However, you have to speak slowly and clearly. Especially longer texts I typed faster.

I actually dreamed that I could easily dictate my lyrics. However, this proves to be impractical, because I write many texts - including this one here meanwhile on the train or plane.

Limits when video editing

Of course, the device also reaches its limits: video editing and photo processing on the road I have not even tried, because it is already difficult alone because of the storage capacity:

The Moto X is supplied with only 16 GB internal memory and there is no way to add it, since there is no slot for SD cards.

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Text processing is frigging

It is also a bit difficult to rework texts: Although no mouse is usually required, changing copy and paste texts is a bit tricky, as marking and tailoring texts is rather cumbersome.

And the possibility of working side-by-side with two open windows is also an occasional one, but perhaps this is also a question of habit.

Disadvantages: battery and data protection

I got a shock when I realized that the battery of the Moto X is firmly installed in the device and can not be replaced. This means for power users that you can probably get a new phone after two years at the latest.

One more word on data protection: Normally, I'm not so sensitive but Google Now, the built-in counterpart to Apple's Siri, which responds to verbal questions always well-behaved, is already a bit eerie and obviously the data exchange with Gmail works very well :

So the device not only showed me regularly, how I find the best home - with activated GPS - but also my flight plan - although I typed this nowhere, but only as eMail had deposited.

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If you want to call the device your own soon, you only have to do so by August 15.08th. a comment on the device here or on Facebook leave. The winner will then be notified as usual.

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  1. Simone Janson

    Dear Readers, the prize draw has been completed, the winners have already been notified, the article has been sent out. We thank you for your participation.

  2. Sebastian

    I also very much like. Find the action totally super, keep it up!

  3. Rainer

    can you still join? I would really like to win a new smartphone as well. Danköö!

  4. The

    the speech recognition is a function that I would really like to try.

  5. Andreas

    Very horny action, would also look forward to sending a device!

  6. Ute

    Hello, at the last competition it has unfortunately not worked, maybe this time? Would be cool.

  7. Saskia

    Hello Simone,
    which is with the battery is stupid, I also have a happy to exchange. It is a pity that you can not use SD cards. Nevertheless, I would be very happy if I would win the device.

  8. Read

    What I particularly like about the phone is the design - I would be very excited!

  9. Handyfan

    Hi, nice action, I would also gladly win a mobile phone. Please contact us!

  10. WOW!

    Wow, I would be hugely happy about such a part!

  11. Christoph

    Great, a new smartphone is very convenient for me!

  12. Meier

    Yes, I do as well. I would have a new smartphone very located. Thank you!

  13. Thomas

    Great device, would be happy!

  14. Gerd Schreiber

    The data protection is of course also questionable. Nothadestrotz I would be very happy about the device. Thank you!

  15. Rea Bauer field

    Apropos image processing: Too bad that you have not tested. And do you know how it looks with video editing? I would also like to try it.

    • Simone Janson

      Unfortunately, I was able to try in the short term of the time neither image nor video editing, because I focused on the tools. If you win, you can write a comment on how it looks like.

  16. Jan

    Great action, more of it please! I would like to win a cell phone because I could try out a lot of great things with it - e.g. image editing.

  17. Lars

    A good mobile phone is very important for communication nowadays. I would like to have one too ;-)

  18. Ralf

    Hi all,
    thank you first for the detailed and useful test. I am really amazed that you can easily connect a keyboard to the smartphone and would like to try it. So I would be very happy if I would win the device.


  19. Petra

    Hello, great action, I like to do it! I could urgently need a new smartphone!

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    Moto X in the productivity test - Part 2: Smartphone as a mobile office: I don't have the Moto X ... #profession #education

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    Moto X in the productivity test - Part 2: Smartphone as a mobile office -

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