Productivity and time management through tidying up: 10 tips for minimalism

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Marie Kondo is hot: "Keep only what makes you happy. Only have what you need "is her clean-up philosophy. But even apart from this radical approach to enlightenment, there are good clean-up tips. 10 at a glance.

Productivity and time management through tidying up: 10 tips for minimalism Productivity and time management through tidying up: 10 tips for minimalism

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Marie Kondo meets the nerve of the time


No doubt: the Japanese lifestyle expert Marie Kondo, of the ZEIT Also often referred to as cleanup celebrity, has hit the nerve of the time with their Konmarie method. Purism, preferably empty, bright rooms are very popular and are regarded as a sign of prosperity and education.

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It is not helpful to sort the same amount of things over and over again: if you really want to create order, you should have as few things as possible. But that is easier said than done. Deflitting can also be hard work, also emotionally. And Marie Kondo's method is really radical.

A radical life relief


I am speaking from my own experience: I have separated myself from the majority of my books in recent years by several moves. I feel now really relieved.

At the same time, I realized that consistent "throwaway" people who can quickly dispose of superfluous things generally have an easier time. And another unbeatable advantage: rooms that are cleaned up, brush faster - not only in the upcoming spring cleaning.

What tidying up fails


A typical situation with it: The Aufjäumfieber breaks out and full of enthusiasm you go with the sorting. Despite good intentions, however, one repeatedly falls into the same trap: frustration and abandonment, because things do not go as planned.

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For first, the first minutes of cleansing seem promising and the chaos seems to be clearing up. Then, however, you stick to individual things, sorts them after long hesitation roughly, but you can ultimately not decide for disposal. Often also a call comes in between or the pleasure lets go again. The sad result: everything is pushed together again and the chaos is bigger than before.

10 concrete cleanup tips


Only to keep what makes you happy, sounds good. In reality, however, we often face different constraints. Therefore, 10 More Concrete Cleanup Tips:

  1. Set goals: Each clean-up action should begin with specific goals. How should your home look like? Develop an idea, a vision, as concrete and realistic as possible. An inventory and the appropriate clean-up strategy are decisive for the successful removal action.
  2. The right strategy: Think critically: What was I really going to take away for a long time? What do I really need? Just look around in your four walls at first, but immediately and without compromise, you will be disconnected from things in which you see no other benefits.
  3. Be brave! Objections like "Maybe I can use it again someday" do not count anymore. Another prerequisite for successful mucking out: the right tactics. The so-called "jerk-jerk action" is concentrated, but has the advantage that is sorted out in one fell swoop. The alternative: Every now and then muck out something, but need more time. But be careful - in this case you also have to stay on the ball.
  4. Things to let go: Separate important and unimportant. However, if you can not decide to throw something away, then just make a "flea market box" that you will later store in the store or basement. This is where all things come in that are no longer needed, but are also not ripe for the garbage.
  5. One after another: Who wants to clear out, should always follow the order. And that means: you start with the unimportant, the utensils without emotional value, such as dishes, and slowly work your way to the more emotional objects. And then, for example, it has to be decided: Are the old letters really still important for the feeling of happiness?
  6. First sort, then decide: First is sorted. Later, you can still decide if you want to donate, donate or sell for small money for charity purposes. Objects, which are no good, come directly into the bin. Dispose of unnecessary household items and bulky waste at the material yard. If you do not want to drive yourself to the bulky waste, the old card can also be collected. Be active, take immediate care, arrange an appointment. Do not push your project back to an uncertain future date.
  7. One reason why we are struggling with clearing out: For some things, we have paid really money or think we could use you somehow. That is why we want to sell them at least.
  8. Resell: Sell ​​worn clothing in the second hand shop, at the flea market or use internet marketplaces. You can sell used books, CDs and much more by means of an online auction. Often, however, the effort is not worthwhile.
  9. Where to go with the rest? If selling is too much for you, then simply advertise in free advertising sheets that you have to give flea market boxes or furniture for collection. Ask friends and acquaintances if they can be used for certain things. Apart from that, facilities such as Caritas or youth centers are also well-liked for furniture. Hospitals and kindergartens like toys and stuffed animals. Books, in particular, are hollowed out like boxes.
  10. treasures: But then there are also treasures that simply contain too many memories in order to be able to separate oneself from one day to the next. Pack things of importance into labeled boxes and store them in the basement first. As soon as you feel the pleasure of "reveling in old memories", you can rummage in the old stuff again. So you have not yet finally separated, but provided in the living room for more space.

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