Aufschieberitis in 3 points: What is actually procrastination?

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According to Wikipedia, procrastination, colloquially referred to as "cussing", has the bad habit of postponing necessary but unpleasant work over and over again instead of doing it. What does that mean exactly?

Aufschieberitis in 3 points: What is Procrastination? procrastination-defer-time management-procrastination

Here writes for you:

Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Why cervicalitis is irrational


A habit that seems pretty irrational - because of course it does Senseto cut off unpleasant things as quickly as possible. And yet pretty much everyone knows the behavior from their everyday life:

The phone call with the customer, who wants to complain and ask for a call back - tomorrow. And the tax declaration has also until next week time. I can also write about the difficult text. Only: Meanwhile the bad conscience is getting bigger.

Procrastination: More than a short-term unpleasure


Undoubtedly, things do not always have to be done immediately, also has advantages: sometimes it is in this way, to avoid unpleasant things, because these are done by themselves. In some cases, it is better to gather more information before you become active. And occasionally, it is even better not to make certain decisions because it turns out to be wrong afterwards.

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However: not always the tendency to postpone unsightly things is just a short-term discomfort that will pass again - sometimes there is more behind it. Procrastination can become a serious problem: Anyone who pushes unpleasant tasks ahead of them, instead of getting them done, is soon considered unreliable. Bad for your career and your own self-confidence.

3 groups of reasons


The reasons for the delay are quite different: There are three groups:

  1. The one is actually lacking motivation, because the work is stupid and boring. Or because the associated success is too far away. But it also happens that they do not understand the meaning of a task, for example because they lack important information.
  2. Other people simply can not organize well: they can not separate important things from unimportant things and can be deterred from their work by every little thing. Or they always keep their deadline too short, because they think they're going to make it.
  3. And finally, a third group is afraid of their task, because they have far too high demands on themselves. Perfectionistically, these people expect themselves to always achieve top performance and equate success with self-worth. As a result, the work gradually becomes an insurmountable mountain which grows with every postponement.

Disadvantages of procrastination


But Aufschieberitis has many disadvantages: "I did not finish because I had too little time" is not a particularly good excuse, if you rather pushed something in front of it, instead of doing it immediately. People who prefer to avoid rather than to act are often seen as unreliable and disorganized by bosses and colleagues. And even the pusher himself soon no longer creates what he has set himself and thereby loses confidence. No good conditions for the career.

Many "custodians" are well aware that their behavior has a long-term adverse effect. However, the power of habit usually works: behaviors that have been used for years can not be turned off overnight.

Caution chronic procrastination


And there is already a technical term for this phenomenon: procrastination. Every fifth person is affected worldwide, as German and American psychologists have discovered.

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Chronic procrastination can even become a serious problem: one always takes the time to do the unpleasant tasks at a certain point in time and then lets this moment pass again. This increases anxiety, shame and pressure, and prevents you from becoming active. A vicious circle! If self-conquest, routine, and good tricks are no longer enough to get out of it, you should look for psychological support.

7 Tips against Procrastination


But what helps against procrastination? Please read the article 7 tips against Aufschieberitis, In a nutshell, these 7 tips, which you should heed against procrastination. In more detail you will find this in the linked post.

  1. Ask yourself
  2. Just start
  3. Talk to your boss (eg because you lack important information)
  4. Set priorities
  5. Do not be distracted
  6. Way with perfectionism
  7. Reward yourself for divisional succession

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  8. nge2005

    Who put this word into circulation?
    This is not "prokastination" but "procrastination".
    And also Wikipedia with reinziehen, where it is correct.

  9. Simone Janson

    Thanks nge2005 for your "constructive" objection! You remind me that I wanted to make a blog post!

    Also here I would be glad about the name of your name!

    I do not know who put the word into circulation, but I think it's a good example of language change. If you look at the google keyword tools, you'll find that the average monthly search volume is 1600:
    Alone on my blog find about 200 people monthly over this keyword!

    Say: There are a lot of people who say that they are procysting rather than procrastinating and then searching the internet - probably because procastination is much easier. My prognosis: This will continue to develop, if only because it is more common, and in a few years both spellings are officially allowed.

    As a linguist there is no right or wrong for me anyway: There is only intelligibility and language change. So we came from the telephone to the telephone and therefore we do not speak today as in Luther's time. And also the Duden, which I would as a language institute then still prefer the Wikipedia, can only represent the language change - but do not pretend.

    They finally found it and understood it. What could I want more?

    Simone Janson

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