Procrastination of cervicitis and perfectionism: 7 tips against anxiety

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"I'll do that tomorrow" - do you say that more often? Sounds easy, but gets complicated when the mountain of work is getting bigger. And with him grows the fear of finally starting. And maybe you even belong to the chronic Prokrastinierern? 7 tips on what you can do about it. Procrastination of cervicitis and perfectionism: 7 tips against anxiety stressed

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Procrastination - that's behind it!


"Oh God, what I have to do everything I can never do!" Do you know this feeling too? The mountain of work that has piled up in front of you suddenly seems insurmountable. And with him the fear grows.

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The best solution would be to simply take small steps to remove the mountain. But many Prokrastinierer are unfortunately also pronounced perfectionists. These are people who want to do everything 100% perfectly and always want to do something great and innovative.

Do not see the forest in front of the trees


As a result - and in extreme cases - soon they no longer see the forest of trees: they soon do not know where to start. Often they do the exact opposite of what makes sense: they suddenly throw away all reason and your schedule, if you have previously set one, overboard and deal with completely unimportant things.

Indeed, they protect business activity in an almost blind action, while they are pushing tasks that are actually priority. In fact, management consultants have found that some exhausted, hard-working workaholic fills up to 80 percent of their working hours with rather unnecessary activities:

Phone calls, unnecessary meetings, transferring documents, or playing around on the computer are among the preferred distraction maneuvers. In many cases, no one checks how efficient a perfectionist really works, and even the lack of meaning behind many of his actions is often not clear.

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Causes: How is it with you?


Therefore: be honest with yourself!

  • Have not you already caught an eye on the internet while you were lying on the desk?
  • And how often have you been talking to your colleague, even though you should urgently call an important customer?

Probably it happens much more often than you think. And then you should consider what was the reason why you always pushed the unwelcome task before you:

  • Was not it simply because you were too much pressure as a typical perfectionist?
  • Maybe you wanted to do it all right?
  • Perhaps you have expected too much yourself?

And as unconscious countermeasures you have postponed the unpleasant task ever more. Perfectionism as the cause of perfectionism. Incidentally, there is more about procrastination and perfectionism in my book "The 110% lie. How to achieve more with less perfection."

7 tips against Aufschieberitis


Aufschieberitis - which sounds so funny, but then can be a serious problem. Anyone who pushes unpleasant tasks ahead of them, instead of getting them done, is soon considered unreliable. Bad for your career and your own self-confidence. Therefore 7 tips on how to do your work without delay.

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  1. Ask yourself: Why do you post certain tasks? Deferring is a habit, it is automatic. In order to change your habit, you need to be aware of your behavior - preferably in writing. Make a note of the three-month period: What are you reluctant to do? Why? What triggers stress? What could you have done differently? Soon you recognize the pattern of behavior and can change it.
  2. Just start: It sounds simple and yet effective: stop thinking about the task or problem that lies ahead of you - and just start working on it. Best with the most unpleasant first, then you have it behind you. This stops you from puzzling and you will find surprised: It is much better than expected.
  3. Talk to yours Chef: You push the task in front of you, because you do not understand the meaning and purpose? Maybe you have completely different ideas than your boss. Or you still lack information. The solution: Talk to your boss. Explain to him objectively that you could do the job better if you understood what it is all about. If the work is too boring for you: Show that you are also prepared for more qualified tasks.
  4. Set priorities: Make a list of all tasks to do and divide them into four sections. A tasks are important and urgent and always have priority. But you will find that important things are rarely urgent, but usually take more time - these are your B-tasks. The C-tasks are the time-wasters that are urgent but not important. Everything else is D-tasks, they are simply superfluous.
  5. Do not get distracted: It is important that you always do the important tasks first. Do not start suddenly, eMails if you should do the budget planning. Say friendly, but definitely "no" when colleagues ask you for unimportant things. Summarize operations into blocks.
  6. Away with perfectionism: Less is more. For what does it matter if you always want to achieve high performance and do not achieve the goal? Therefore: Restrain your own requirements, focus on the essentials, so you do not lose in details. And set yourself realistic, achievable goals. You'll find that you'd rather start working with it.
  7. Reward for partial successes: If you do not get positive feedback, you will be quicker. Praise does the opposite. The only problem is that some projects are so lengthy that one can only see the success much later. Therefore: Disassemble large tasks into small sections. And then praise yourself for each success. This helps to stay on the ball.

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