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Oliver SchumacherOliver Schumacher is a sales trainer and speaker. The speech scientist (MA) and business economist (FH) worked for 10 years in B2B field service for the branded goods industry. Today the five-time book author gives tried and tested tips and strategies on the topics of new customer acquisition, offer management and price negotiations. His main clientele are small and medium-sized companies that have their own sales force. More information at www.oliver-schumacher.de/

Sell ​​and Pricing: 3 Tips for Negotiating with Customers

Appointments for the field service are usually arranged by telephone. It is still common practice to keep oneself covered with concrete information - especially at the price. Is this taboo authorized?

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Habits change

In sales training courses in the 80s, sellers learned to ask the customer “What does it cost me?” with sentences like “I'll talk about the price right away. First of all I want to give you all the advantages. ” to put off.

But are people today - 30 years later - actually pleasing? Customers are becoming more confident and self-confident today. They expect sales talks on an equal footing, with concrete answers to their questions.

Relationship or price - is that the question?

For many providers, the price is the weakest point. They think it would be better to talk openly about the price only in personal talks.

After a relationship was established and the benefits of the offer were communicated in detail. But this often has negative consequences.

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In vain use

Many a date on the spot is in vain. The financial potential of the prospective customer is clearly too low. He does not want to make any investments. The offered product does not fit into its price scheme.

There are several reasons why vendor visits are doomed to failure in the first place. In retrospect, the question then arises whether it was really right to communicate the price so late.

Advantages of early pricing

Early pricing has three key benefits:

  1. The customer feels taken seriously:  Because time is money. And no one wants the famous cat in a poke anyway. Everybody wants to know what it's all about and what the rough conditions are. Hardly anyone is willing to sit down with someone for an hour, if for him the rough direction - for example, the price - is not right.
  2. The work of the seller becomes more effective: The prize also serves as a filter to use the sales force only for appointments that promise a high order probability. Interested parties who simply do not have the financial means or who are unwilling to spend them on a special offer are sorted out first. In a second step, you can be contacted again with an offer that has been optimized for your needs.
  3. Interested parties will buy more easily: When they notice that the employees themselves do not have any problems with their prices - they stand by them - it reinforces the feeling that the price is appropriate and so probably okay. Otherwise, so the subconscious feeling of the interested parties, they would probably not dare to communicate this openly.

Taboos may also be broken

Those responsible should more strongly analyze whether, with their current way of reaching the deadline, they reach truly optimal quotas without price.

Or whether better sales results can be achieved by the timely, sovereign approach to pricing. Taboos may also be broken.

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    “Getting prices through - 3/3: 3 tips to name prices right away! by Oliver Schumacher ” - Recommended contribution ksLPWIM66j

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