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Conduct employee interviews & job interviews


Kathrin Kapellner at I find it exciting to read a very different aspects and partly also controversial opinions on a topic. Such a variety offers the book by Simone Jansen. After I pursue her career and HR blog for some time, I think that eBooks a valuable summary of individual areas, as for example with the focus on employee appraisals. From applicant interviews to difficult leadership situations, there is comprehensive information, checklists, best practice and even work materials in the form of eCourseCourses. Diversity in every respect. Recommended!

Really good selling instead of just applying - secret tricks for job hunting


Diana Bridde: I am currently looking for ways to develop my career, because I came to this application guide just right. I follow the work of the blog and publishing Best of HR - for years and I am thrilled by the concept, exciting contributions as eBook to summarize and thus prepare for the reader practically. I also think it's great that the purchase of the book supports climate protection projects. Hence 5 stars for this book.

Body language for executives


Amazon customer: This book has made me very aware of my own impact as a leader and made it clear to me what I should still work on in terms of expression and effect. Absolute recommendation.

KiCQ on Amazon: Body language is an extremely important topic today, especially as a leader. And she is so much more than a few pompous gestures. So I'm so excited about the broad overview in this book: it's about good manners as well as the fairly current problem of body language in digital media. But also philosophical topics like authentic leadership or the principle of resonance are discussed. Of course you can not expect excessive depth with such a bandwidth, but can download many more information on the website of the publisher free of charge.

RaSpa on Amazon: A very successful book that shows that executives often fail on seemingly succinct things, such as the right gesture, and that it is incredibly valuable to get suggestions to practice their own behavior. Especially the chapter on Obama and Putin and the different effects of the heads of state I found incredibly interesting, so I read the book quasi in one go.

[BEST PRACTICE] Leadership fit for the future


Jan-Thomas-Otte at Who asks, who leads ... that's a general belief. And journalist Simone Janson knows how to interview experts and find answers to urgent questions. Recommendation!

Dennis Schenkel at The image of good executives has changed dramatically in recent years and will continue to change massively over the next few years. Numerous conditions are being changed by digitization, and at the same time, new generations are entering the labor market, sharing an increasingly anti-authoritarian attitude and advocating an entirely new definition of "work".

All of these factors cause the concept of leadership and the role of leaders to change dramatically. Today, it goes without saying that one of the tasks of an executive is to lead by example, instead of giving instructions from a safe distance. The manager becomes a role model and has to cope with a multitude of different roles.

This change requires executives a lot. It is important to continue to develop and be able to respond sensitively to the developments within and outside the company. Empathy and sacrifice for one's own subordinates become indispensable qualities.

This book offers a wonderful insight into the new world of leadership. It illustrates, with numerous examples, what it takes for a successful leader, valued by both the management and the subordinates.

In my view, this book is absolutely recommended for budding and old-established executives.

Women! That's how success works


Bettina Viola Barth on Amazon:

Even today, it is still difficult to gain a foothold as a woman and especially to take leadership positions in companies. Possible pregnancies are just one of many well-tried clichés that supposedly hinder women.

Simone Jason has been blogging successfully on the topic of women in the workplace and with her portal "Best of HR - "facts and a pool of information that can be seen. Since the beginning of the year you can with the book "Women! Success, Tips for Career & Business from two state women to a manager with six children: Checklists Examples Templates "create a really good basis for future professional success. The book has impressed me so much with its complexity and structure that I honestly lacked the words after the first time and I had to read it a second time directly.

Normally, a book will take a straight path, but here we go deep into the issue of women in the profession in the 21. Century one.

Simone Janson manages to use complex examples not just to present a perspective. But not only examples make up the quality of this book, but concrete and concisely summarized tips that can be implemented directly. In my opinion, this book is an absolute must for every woman and every man who wants to get off to a professional start, because the book contains numerous checklists and questions that one should ask oneself in order to be self-reflective and efficient. In keeping with the times, I read this book several times when I did an internship in a young company headed by a woman and commuted to Hamburg for two hours. It really helped me to get in the mood for the workday in the morning and to ask me important questions that might not have come to me by myself.

Strategies against Bullying


Red Rider / According to the recent study "Bullying and Cyberbullying in Adults and the ubiquitous threat" of the Cyberbullying Alliance, every third adult is bullied at least once in a lifetime, 57 percent of bullying cases take place in the workplace. Businesses have various options to curb structural workplace bullying through open and transparent communication. The book, published by Simone Janson as editor, shows in her entertaining guidebook "Strategies against mobbing" how employees can successfully defend themselves with small psychological tricks and quick intervention.

Bullying in the workplace harms the whole company

Bullying is a no-go business. Today, more than ever, creative people are needed who openly address issues and contribute new ideas to innovate. Whether it's the shared whispering among colleagues, the choleric supervisor or the one colleague who always puts obstacles in the way of her colleague - bullying destroys the necessary positive atmosphere. This also includes outdated hierarchical structures. Anyone who has to expect to be bumped by the supervisor, because an appointment had to be postponed or the project does not take the desired course, is making itself small. "In the times of industrial society, a climate of fear sometimes led to success, because then the workers did not think, but only had to feel," said Anne M. Schüller, author of several business books. "Subordinates, however, like puppets running their standard program, can hardly use business anymore." The management consultant explains in her article how fear becomes the biggest performance killer in companies.

Psycho tricks and effective techniques against bullying

This is followed by other articles that sensitize the reader to workplace bullying situations and provide quick assistance. Markus Hornung highlights the 10 top killer phrases that executives should never use to alleviate employees. Dr. Matthias Nöllke, on the other hand, presents techniques on how employees can effectively defend themselves against malicious attacks. Ever tried the embrace technique? If a colleague comes at a slant or challenges you with a provocative statement, then just hug him. The effect is amazing. "They step out of the situation confidently - and make the other one look pretty bad," explains Nöllke. The colleague can then safely put the next sentence.

Red Rider Conclusion

The workplace bullying guide is made up of several entertaining papers that shed light on the topic from different angles: cyberbullying, bullying by superiors and conflicts with colleagues are topics. However, solutions such as mediation, a positive culture of debate or the method of transactional analysis are also presented. The guide also includes an eCourse with worksheet to work through. Recommended!

[BEST PRACTICE] Successful management


KiCQ on With Manage (n) this one has eBook only to the extent that something is to do, as well as well-known companies are illuminated, which we all know from the media and in the daily use of their products or services. Extraordinary success stories are told. Above all, people are shown who have managed to infect other people with an idea, a vision. Personalities who are in the spotlight and seem infallible ... but in the end they are just human beings who - despite all the success that we perceive to the outside - also make mistakes. These very personal perspectives make this book not only worth reading professionally, but also a lively reading fun far beyond the topic of "Successful Management".

Raymond at "Best practice: managing successfully" offers exciting insights with a huge range of well-known personalities. From Reinhold Messner to Elon Musk, this book tells how successful people and managers tick. And the whole thing short, crisp and pleasantly varied. Not only for readers from the management a clear recommendation.

First time boss! From employee to manager


Amazon Customer: That's when you finally got him - the coveted job of the supervisor and then everything is different than hoped. The former colleagues avoid one, with the new role and the new tasks you are completely overwhelmed. You would like to undo everything. But that is no longer possible - at least without loss of face. So just keep doing this. For many, after the first joy, "Juhuu, finally boss" comes the disillusionment. This is exactly where this book comes in and shows what you can do to grow into the new leadership role, piece by piece, after the initial euphoria. Since I am currently in this phase myself, the book came just in time and I actually read it in one. However, the different perspectives are also suitable for targeted reading on individual topics or problem areas. So for those who are on the way from the employee to the manager, in daily practice very exciting and helpful!

IT Recruiting & Skills Shortage

Overview Recently at a start-up event: A young developer, by the way, in a permanent position at a corporation, complained to me of his grief: "Oh these stupid personnel, they annoy you one with Xing with their requests, you will not let go!" A labor market survey by the IT industry association BITKOM shows, for example, that in Germany alone some 55.000 IT jobs are left vacant each year. In Austria, according to the Professional Association for Business Consulting and Information Technology of the Vienna Economic Chamber, 61.000 people work as self-employed persons in the IT sector (Stand 2016). Several thousand IT jobs are vacant here in Germany. Depending on the source, the estimates vary between 3.000 and 5.000.

It is no wonder that not a few headhunters try to reach potential candidates through social networks - and to move to a new job. Active Sourcing, as this method is called, is popular, but not uncontroversial in professional circles, precisely because of its data protection relevance. That for many developers personnel are now a red cloth, but has other reasons: The nature of the speech.

ITler annoyed by staffers

This does not mean large-scale posters with code formulas that lead to a job application page - a campaign that the Düsseldorf-based company Trivago recently carried out and the target group at best made for a mocking grin. Rather, it is about the way all communication with potential applicants.

There are investigations: For a study, the Center of Human Resources Information Systems (CHRIS) of the University of Bamberg together with the career platform Monster interviewed the top 1.000 companies and the 300 largest companies in the IT industry in Germany. The results were compared with the results of the usage behavior and the assessments of more than 2.800 candidates.

The survey with regard to the approach of applicants shows: IT professionals in particular are annoyed by human resources or headhunters, because they receive too many uninteresting inquiries with inappropriate, standardized speeches or even fear that their current employer gets along with them. As a result, two out of ten applicants shun the channel in the future, 16 percent delete corresponding messages unread and especially men talk bad about spammers. No good self-marketing for companies looking for employees.

The development platform Stack Overflow annually polls 100.000 developers from 183 countries and regions about their education, future plans, preferred technologies, and expectations of their jobs and employers. Salary is a high priority for most respondents, but flexible working hours, work-life balance and opportunities for development also play an important role for developers in choosing their employer.

Type of address decides

Here, too, the speech is crucial, as Stefan Schwarzgruber, responsible for the business development in the DACH market at Stack Overflow, explains: "Basically, developers and recruiter are different types of people, according to the survey, 12 percent of developers recruiter even annoying." Who wants to win developers Therefore, he had to take a close look at previous projects and refer to them in his letter. "The candidate should realize that you attach importance to his work and person. Flawed marketing address alla, Coding-Guru Wanted 'brings rather little. Better: to deal specifically with the job description, remuneration and the experience of the preferred candidate, "Schwarzgruber recommends.

It is possible, however, that the suffering of finding IT specialists is not high enough for many companies: I am just thinking of the excited discussion about the IT entrepreneur Illja Maditsch, a doctorate in virology, computer scientist and founder of the research network Research- gate. He had attended a meeting and photo session of the Digital Council with Chancellor Angela Merkel in shorts and Superman caper. If Mr. Maditsch had appeared so for a job interview - probably defied some alleged shortage of personnel some human resources managers would have sorted him out.

And further education and training opportunities are a constant topic of discussion among employers. After all, they often want to invest as little as possible in the further development of their IT staff, for fear that the competition will discourage it. At the same time, however, self-initiative is under-appreciated: More than 90 percent of surveyed developers indicate in the Stack Overflow survey that they have learned new programming languages, frameworks, or tools even beyond their formal education. This makes sense, because as soon as technology develops today, it is not included in any curriculum. However, German employers in particular are finding it difficult to recognize alternative educational pathways such as onlineCourses and programming experience equivalent to graduating from university. This would increase your candidate pool considerably. As long as companies with such blind spots in recruiting act, the shortage of skilled workers does not seem to be big enough yet.

Book tip:

IT Recruiting & Skills Shortage. Edited by Simone Janson. Publisher Best of HR -, 2019.

Dennis Schenkel on The world of work and the labor market have changed massively. Good candidates can almost choose where they want to work and literally dictate the framework operations. But many companies are wondering how they even get to such talents. Especially in the IT and digital sector.

The answer is still very uncomfortable for most companies. Recruiting can not be carried out in times of skill shortages as it has been in the past decades. It needs new ideas and methods.

This book gives exactly the right impulses for rethinking to bring this still dusty world of recruiting into the present. Away from job advertisement-spaming, to employer branding with added value. Creativity and agility are needed. Rigid structures and processes, on the other hand, unnecessarily slow down the potential of countless HR departments.

From my point of view, this book is an absolute recommendation for anyone who deals with modern recruiting and overcoming the skills shortage. Also outside the IT industry.

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