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A good example of successful PR: The magazine “Personalmanager” reported very positively about our book “IT-Recruiting & Fachkräftemangel”.

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... gives easy-to-implement tips on how to reach your goal with less effort and make life easier for yourself.

FAZ on the "110 percent lie"

Thanks to the lively writing style and the numerous examples and interviews with practitioners and experts, the book is very easy to read. The tips are not only applicable in IT and technology companies!

Markus Glassl, magazine personalmanager 04/2019, on “IT recruiting & shortage of skilled workers”

She also runs the blog, which is one of the most widely read blogs on the subject of work, education and careers in Germany.

Die ZEIT in an interview on the "110 percent lie"

Simone Janson knows her way around!

Hamburger Abendblatt on "Naked in the Net"

If you are looking for orientation, you will find it here.

Rheinische Post on "Career entry for humanities scholars"

I couldn't put the book down until I was completely through. Unreservedly recommendable!

Amazingbytes for "Naked on the Net"

Simone Janson has put together the most important rules.


Thank you for your super newsletter!

Press and Information Office of the Federal Government

Your great Best of HR-Berufebilder blog has been with me for years.

Dr. Margrit Bielmeier, Senior Expert Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, Employer Branding at MB HR-CONSULTING

The content is easy to read, and HR professionals benefit from the practical examples.

Petra Handle, magazine personalmanager 04/2019 on “IT recruiting & shortage of skilled workers”

Thank you, Simone Janson. The outstanding response is, of course, also due to your large, active and interested community.

Anne M. Schüller, Managementdenkerin

High distribution in the middle of the target group.

Dr. Cornelia Topf, international management trainer

Thanks for the great seminar. We loved it. They were optimally adapted to our needs and could open our eyes in many ways!

Agency publica projects GmbH

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The image of good managers has changed a lot in recent years and will continue to change massively in the next few years [...] This book offers a wonderful insight into the new world of leadership. Using numerous examples, it illustrates what it takes for a successful manager who is valued by both management and subordinates. From my point of view, this book is absolutely recommended for prospective and long-established executives.

Dennis Schenkel on “Best Practice: Managing Successfully”, 5 stars

Who asks, leads .. that is a general belief. And the journalist Simone Janson knows how to interview experts and find answers to pressing questions. Recommendation!

Career insights into “[BEST PRACTICE] Leadership fit for the future”, 5 stars

What I was looking for. The book is easy to read and easy to understand. I'll try out the tips and suggestions.

Guidelines for “15 Rules for Better Negotiating & Selling”, 5 stars

Nice summary Short, crisp, a lot of important and correct information! Above all, I find it valuable that not only one author has a say (which can sometimes be difficult if I am not so compliant with his opinion), but that a large number of sales professionals give their tips on selected and very different topics, because There is just not ONE guide to sales, many perspectives from different cracks in their field are particularly helpful.

RockTom053 on “15 Rules for Better Negotiating & Selling”, 5 stars

Very helpful and, it works! To increase my chances of success in the job, I bought this book to explain better negotiating tactics. The book has helped me to improve my self-confidence during sales talks. Above all, I think that I will benefit from this book in the long term!

LWBVB on “15 Rules for Better Negotiating & Selling”, 5 stars

Absolutely authentic, great practical examples that can be implemented really well. It's really interesting to just change your perspective.

Dani on “Mindfulness & Solving Team Conflicts”, 5 stars

Valuable knowledge well prepared. What I particularly liked about the book was that the information was formulated quite simply, and also very clear and understandable, so that I didn't have to read each sentence three times to understand it. In the new company I work for, I deal a lot with marketing strategies and the tools I can use for them, as well as content marketing. The book gave me a lot of useful tips at hand and helped me to approach my tasks with more insight and knowledge. Much of the information was also new to me, but in contrast to many other works of this kind, I did not feel overfed with information, but can now successfully implement what I have learned. Really recommend looking at this book!

Sarah W. on “Agenda Setting”, 5 stars

Super super understandable summary + explanations. I already knew many sales strategies, but I also got to know new ones in this book. I will be very happy to recommend this book to others.

Laura Müller on “Negotiating better & learning to sell really well”, 5 stars

Good tips for young professionals An interesting book with good tips that will help you move forward in the professional world. However, you have to take some time and gradually deal with the individual chapters and reflect for yourself.

Armine on “Lead the boss from below”, 5 stars

Good book at the right time A really good book right now in the Corona-Zor it really makes sense and can certainly help many home office workers. It deals with important basic points of independent learning and yet is very detailed.

Klaus on “eLearning - Virtual Independent Learning”, 5 stars

Good introductory book for better cooperation with the boss The book is a good introduction to the subject of boss-employee relationships and helps to empathize with both roles. In addition, some help is given on the subject of salary negotiations. The chapters are easy to understand.

GtheB “Lead the boss from below”, 5 stars

Cool! Saying no is a supreme discipline and is so damn good. Dare yourself, there is hardly anything more interesting than the infinities of the human psyche. I always find it so funny that there are tactics and patterns for so many things. Basically everything is always very simple. Everything is based on universal rules and you are actually pretty stupid if you don't make use of these rules and principles yourself. Even if it's just for self-defense. The book is not particularly thick and far from being a scientific non-fiction book, but I think it gives a good overview of certain topics in normal language. One cannot know enough about these subjects. I read every day and from many different fields. What always helps me the most in life and makes everyday life and existence easier for me are books on psychological topics. Knowledge is power, always has been and always will be. The only problem I see is that we are bombarded with knowledge that we long to consume “stupid” things that “relax” our senses. So I prefer to look for Netflix and watch one stupid series after another ... It doesn't matter.

Rene on “Break the rules! Say no without scruples ”, 5 stars

Exciting insights with a huge range of well-known personalities. From Reinhold Messner to Elon Musk, this book tells you what makes successful people and managers tick. And the whole thing is short, crisp and pleasantly varied. A clear recommendation not only for readers from the management sector.

 Raimund on “Best Practice: Managing Successfully”, 5 stars

Interesting guide with practical relevance The guide is very well written and the expert opinion is conclusively explained. In addition, a lot can be used in everyday life and you clearly have a sense of achievement when it comes to personal development. In my opinion I can only recommend it.

Moritz Hienzsch on “Finally Self-Confident”, 5 stars

The book gives people with little prior knowledge a great insight into the various ways of dealing with money. I was particularly enthusiastic about the intelligent investment opportunities, as I have a lot of catching up to do here. Absolute recommendation for all beginners!

Stefanie Hofstätter on Learning to handle money successfully, 5 stars

That's when you finally got him - the coveted job of the supervisor and then everything is different than hoped. The former colleagues avoid one, with the new role and the new tasks you are completely overwhelmed. You would like to undo everything. But that is no longer possible - at least without loss of face. So just keep doing this. For many, after the first joy, "Juhuu, finally boss" comes the disillusionment. This is exactly where this book comes in and shows what you can do to grow into the new leadership role, piece by piece, after the initial euphoria. Since I am currently in this phase myself, the book came just in time and I actually read it in one. However, the different perspectives are also suitable for targeted reading on individual topics or problem areas. So for those who are on the way from the employee to the manager, in daily practice very exciting and helpful!

 Amazon customer “First boss! From employee to manager ”, 5 stars

A good book for beginners. The e-book covers many different topics from the perspectives of different authors. In most cases, these are not dealt with very in-depth and provide a rough insight. As a reader, you have the opportunity to get to know interesting areas of the team concept in order to find out which one would like to deepen. This book is very helpful for someone who wants to orientate himself fundamentally in relation to the concept of team. For everyone who is looking for something specific and a corresponding depth, however, it is nothing.

Andrej Freeze on “Successful together in a team”, 5 stars

The end of the Protestant work ethic: work, be diligent, create, then you will also be rewarded - this is the kit that holds our society together. But it's actually not that easy anymore, and that's why I found the title of this book to be extremely successful - and the content even more: It shows above all that hectic productivity often does not lead to the goal at all and that one even lazily achieves better performance can, even if for many people that may be an affront to their own way of thinking. Therefore, this book is definitely worth reading as food for thought.

Amazon customer to be lazy anyway get & stay rich, 5 stars

Nice summary of financial tips The book is a nice summary for all those who are new to the topic of money and finance. Each chapter is written by renowned experts, and is easy to understand without much knowledge of Bwl or math, so that everyone can learn something regardless of their level of education.

Alexander Jung on “Finances firmly under control”, 5 stars

Even today it is still difficult to gain a foothold as a woman and, in particular, to take on management positions in companies. Possible pregnancies are just one of many well-tried clichés that supposedly prevent women. Simone Jason has been blogging successfully for women on the subject of women at work and creates with her portal “Best of HR -”Facts and a pool of information that is impressive. Since the beginning of the year, the book “Women! This is how success works, tips for career & business from two heads of state to a manager with six children: checklists examples templates “create a really good basis for future professional success. The book impressed me so much with its complexity and its structure that, to be honest, I missed the words after the first time and I had to read it a second time straight away. Normally a book will follow a straight line, but here we go deep into the problems of women in the workplace in the 21st century. Simone Janson skilfully manages to depict not just one perspective on the basis of multi-layered examples. The quality of this book is not only made up of examples, but also specific and concise tips that can be implemented directly. In my opinion, this book is an absolute must for every woman and also for every man who wants to get started professionally, because the book contains numerous checklists and questions that you should ask yourself in order to be able to work self-reflective and efficient. At the right time, I read this book several times when I was doing an internship in a young company, managed by a woman, and commuting to Hamburg for two hours. It really helped me to get in the mood for the workday in the morning and to ask myself important questions that might not have come up on their own

Bettina Viola Barth on “Women! This is how success works ”, 5 stars

helpful advisor. This book is a helpful guide for people in management positions. Using many examples, it is easy to understand how one can cope well with the tasks as a manager and the stress in the sandwich position.

Kristin Mund on “Leading in the sandwich position”, 5 stars

Good collection of interesting articles for working in networked teams I bought the book because I found the title quite exciting. It is not a classic book that you read or have to read through from cover to cover. Rather, it is a collection of various contributions in the field of virtual teams, swarm intelligence, leadership in the network, etc. The contributions are in a nutshell, with useful tips for thinking about and trying out the respective topic. Personally, I found the articles on efficient virtual leadership and workstations for spatially separated teams to be particularly interesting in relation to my own current situation.

Marcus82 on “Successful together in the network”, 5 stars

InformativeSuper informative book. You learn new things quickly and condensed, and you are also in good hands with explanations and suggestions. Really great for people who want to deal with finances.

Daniela Gessler on “Finances firmly under control”, 5 stars

Good help for a stress-free life Another book that improves my everyday life. Stress ruined my health. This book outlines the basic steps to a stress-free life. I have learned to say “no”, to hand over tasks and not to feel bad about it. Very good suggestions and tips are given to improve everyday life. The book helps me with that.

Bibidiemaus to “Hand in the work! Delegating as anti-stress method No. 1 ”, 5 stars

A very successful book ...... which shows that managers often fail because of seemingly succinct things, such as the right gesture, and that it is incredibly valuable to receive suggestions to train one's own behavior. I found the chapter about Obama and Putin and the different effects of the heads of state particularly interesting, so that I read the book through in one go.

Raspa “Body language for executives”, 5 stars

I learned a lot and was able to see things from different perspectives. The book is really awesome. Reads quickly and is not boring. I can only recommend.

Daniela Gessler on “Overcoming crises - when life suddenly changes!”, 5 stars

Very helpful: I haven't read the book completely, just marked and read the most important pages for myself. Very helpful. Good tips and descriptions that I would otherwise never have come across. Fully the psychological way. I hope that I can memorize one or the other well and that I get more appreciation as a result.

Ute Heine and Hans-Jürgen Scheuerpflug on “Like a Boss - This is how you become important”, 5 stars

Translated review of the English edition: Good book for my free time I have to say that I really enjoyed reading this. I am very picky about what I like. This is a pretty good book to read in my spare time and probably recommend to my family as well.

Stephanie Rodriguez on “Power & Effect”, 5 stars

I find it exciting to read very different aspects and sometimes even controversial opinions on a topic. The book by Simone Jansen offers such a variety. After reading her career and HR blog I've been following for a long time, I think eBooks a valuable summary of individual areas, as for example with the focus on employee appraisals. From applicant interviews to difficult leadership situations, there is comprehensive information, checklists, best practice and even work materials in the form of eCourseCourses. Diversity in every respect. Recommended!

Kathrin Kapellner on “Conducting employee and job interviews”, 5 stars

A wide range of information on employee motivation! The book informs both bosses and employees about the basics of leadership, team building and ideal relationship management in the company. It shows bosses their core competencies and impressively describes that it should not be about leading people, but about running a company. In principle, people can lead themselves alone. Of all the tips, I like this key statement best.

Ina Doering on “Motivational learning to delegate for executives”, 5 stars

Helpful! I just had an important negotiation so I read the book through in one go to prepare. It helped, the negotiation turned out brilliantly for me. Great thank you.

Sylvia Flick on “Saying no without feeling guilty but still negotiating successfully”, 5 stars

Nice book! I can take a lot of exciting things from the book. It also helped me find a job. Really a nice book.

Ben Dietrich on “Just courage! Career Planning & Resume Sample ”, 5 stars

Super great bookWe don't know that? You plan a project and then you get bogged down. Much we overlook and you can start all over again. Here you really have very good step-by-step instructions.

Dietmar Fitsch on “Planning & Implementing Projects Successfully”, 5 stars

Contains a lot of useful basic knowledge This book prepares you very well for the application process and can help you avoid one or the other possible misstep. It is particularly suitable for young professionals and contains a lot of basic knowledge and tips.

Klaus on “Recruiting knowledge for job seekers”, 5 stars

Should Introverts Be Loud? Can Introverts Be Loud? Are they even supposed to? These are important questions in a world where the noisy macho guys seem to be getting stronger. The title of the book “Rede Laut” already gives an answer: It makes sense for introverts to present themselves consciously. But that's only one aspect. At the same time, the articles work out what introversion is and which special qualities go hand in hand with it. “Introversion is more than the absence of extroversion”, I can only fully agree with this sentence by Sophia Dembling in this book at this point. Worth reading

Ehrenfried Conta Gromberg on “Rede Laut”, 5 stars

Easily understandable tips Finally an application guide that is easy to understand with good tips and gets to the point. Definitely will implement some of the advice. Clear buy recommendations

uschiontour on “Selling yourself really well instead of just applying - Secret tricks for the job search”, 5 stars

I am currently looking for opportunities to develop myself professionally, so this application guide came in handy for me. I follow the work of the blog and publisher Best of HR - for years and am enthusiastic about the concept, exciting articles as eBook to summarize and thus prepare for the reader practically. I also think it's great that the purchase of the book supports climate protection projects. Hence 5 stars for this book.

Diana Bridde on “Selling yourself really well instead of just applying - Secret tricks for the job search”, 5 stars

Especially in the Corona time, it is particularly difficult for me to escape this hamster wheel with home office, home schooling of the children, care, household, but also worries about family and friends ... You work and hope that everything will work out somehow. This great book gives you beautifully written tools and methods to do better. I've found myself in many places and am trying to implement the points. And by the way, this Kindle version protects the environment and supports afforestation projects. 5 stars from me.

Fanny_E on “Get out of the hamster wheel”. 5 Stars

I'm excited! Not being able to say “No” has been a problem for me for years, so I bought the book. While reading, I was amazed to see how much the title actually hits the nail on the head. I realized why it is often so difficult for me to stand by my opinion and where I have to start to change that. I am really excited!

Amazon customer to “Say no without feeling guilty but negotiate successfully, 5 stars
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