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Best of HR –®

Best of HR –®

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[BEST PRACTICE] Successful management

Review by Raimund

"Best practice: Manage successfully" offers exciting insights into a huge range of well-known personalities. From Reinhold Messner to Elon Musk, this book tells you what makes successful people and managers tick. And the whole thing short, crisp and pleasantly varied. A clear recommendation not only for readers from the management sector.

Review by KiCQ

With Manage (n) this one has eBook to do something only to the extent that well-known companies are highlighted that we all know from the media and in our daily dealings with their products or services. Extraordinary success stories are told. Above all, however, people are shown who have managed to infect other people with an idea, a vision. Personalities who are in the spotlight and seem infallible ... but ultimately they are just people who - despite all the success that we perceive externally - also make mistakes. These very personal perspectives make this book not only technically worth reading, but also a lively reading pleasure far beyond the topic of "Successful Management".

[BEST PRACTICE] Leadership fit for the future

Review by Dennis Schenkel

The image of good managers has changed a lot in recent years and will continue to change massively in the years to come. Numerous framework conditions are changed by digitization and zeitImmediately new generations are pouring into the labor market who share an increasingly anti-authoritarian attitude and represent an entirely new definition of "work". All of these factors mean that the concept of leadership and the tasks of managers are changing significantly. Today it is a matter of course for a manager to set a good example instead of giving instructions from a safe distance. The manager becomes a role model and has to fulfill a multitude of different roles. This change demands a lot from managers. It is important to constantly develop and to be able to react sensitively to developments inside and outside the company. Empathy and self-sacrifice for one's own subordinates become indispensable qualities. This book offers a wonderful insight into the new Welt the leadership. Using numerous examples, it illustrates what it takes for a successful manager who is valued by both management and subordinates. From my point of view, this book is highly recommended for prospective and long-established managers.

Review by Career insights

Who asks, leads .. that is a general belief. And the journalist Simone Janson knows how to interview experts and find answers to pressing questions. Recommendation!

Lead the boss from below

Review by Armine

Good tips for young professionals
An interesting book with good tips that will help you move forward in the professional world. However, you have to take some time and gradually deal with the individual chapters and reflect for yourself.

Review by yassine

Great book for a new perspective
The book gave me a new perspective. I've learned that I first have to be aware of what I want. A nice, brief introduction to the topic, it was researched very well and the 5 golden rules were set up by the author and put on paper. It is exactly what I was always looking for: written easily and clearly without any complicated trappings.

Review by GtheB

Good introductory book for better cooperation with the boss
The book is a good introduction to the subject of boss-employee relationships and helps you to empathize with both roles. In addition, some help is given on the subject of salary negotiations. The chapters are easy to understand.

eLearning - Virtual Independent Learning

Review by Klaus

Good book at the right time
A really good book that really makes sense now in the Corona period and can certainly help many home office workers. It deals with important basic points of independent learning and yet is very detailed.

Finally self-confident

Review by Moritz Hienzsch

Interesting guide with practical relevance
The guide is very well written and the expert opinion is explained conclusively. In addition, a lot can be used in everyday life and you clearly have a sense of achievement when it comes to personal development. In my opinion I can only recommend it.

Review by Karthiga

Interesting book and a lot to learn
A very interesting book with lots of tips and advice that can be used in practice every day. I like the book very much! I also think the expert perspective is well written and helps for my personal development. So I can only recommend the book!

First time boss! From employee to manager

Review by Amazon customer

That's when you finally got him - the coveted job of the supervisor and then everything is different than hoped. The former colleagues avoid one, with the new role and the new tasks you are completely overwhelmed. You would like to undo everything. But that is no longer possible - at least without loss of face. So just keep doing this. For many, after the first joy, "Juhuu, finally boss" comes the disillusionment. This is exactly where this book comes in and shows what you can do to grow into the new leadership role, piece by piece, after the initial euphoria. Since I am currently in this phase myself, the book came just in time and I actually read it in one. However, the different perspectives are also suitable for targeted reading on individual topics or problem areas. So for those who are on the way from the employee to the manager, in daily practice very exciting and helpful!

Review by Sweetlittle

It is OK. The book consists of a collection of small articles by different authors. Unfortunately, the articles are far too short to help a new manager; they seem more like an advertisement for the actual book by the respective author. Even if there are some instructions for action, these seem to be out of context. It didn't help me; it was rather disappointing.

Women! That's how success works

Review by Bettina Viola Barth

Even today Zeit It is still difficult as a woman to gain a foothold professionally and, in particular, to take up management positions in companies. Possible pregnancies are just one of many well-tried clichés that supposedly prevent women. Simone Jason has been blogging successfully on the subject of women at work for a long time and creates with her portal "Best of HR - "Facts and a pool of information that is impressive. Since the beginning of the year, the book" Women! This is how success works, tips for career and business from two heads of state to a manager with six children: checklists examples templates “create a really good basis for future professional success. The book impressed me so much with its complexity and structure that, to be honest, I missed the words after the first time and I had to read it a second time. Normally a book will follow a straight line, but here we go deep into the problems of women in the workplace in the 21st century. Simone Janson skilfully manages to depict not just one perspective on the basis of multi-layered examples. The quality of this book is not only made up of examples, but also specific and concise tips that can be implemented directly. In my opinion, this book is an absolute must for every woman and also for every man who wants to get started professionally, because the book contains numerous checklists and questions that you should ask yourself in order to be able to work self-reflectively and efficiently. ZeitIt was fitting that I read this book several times when I was doing an internship in a young company, managed by a woman, and commuting to Hamburg for two hours. It really helped me to get in the mood for the workday in the morning and to ask myself important questions that might not have come up on their own.

IT recruiting & skills shortage

Review by Petra Handle, magazine personalmanager 04/2019:

"The content is easy to read, HR professionals benefit from the practical examples."

Review by Markus Glassl, Personalmanager magazine 04/2019

"Due to the lively writing style and the numerous examples and interviews with practitioners and experts, the book is very easy to read. The tips are not only applicable in IT and technology companies!"

Body language for executives

Review by Amazon customer

Absolute recommendation
This book made me very sensitive to my own impact as a manager and made it clear to me what I should still work on in terms of expression and impact. Absolute recommendation

Review by RaSpa

A very successful book ...
... which shows that executives often fail because of seemingly succinct things, such as the right gesture, and that it is incredibly valuable to receive suggestions to train one's own behavior. I found the chapter about Obama and Putin and the different effects of the heads of state particularly interesting, so that I read the book through in one go.

Review by KiCQ

Broad overview
Body language is an extremely important topic today, especially as a leader. And she is so much more than a few pompous gestures. So I'm so excited about the broad overview in this book: it's about good manners as well as the fairly current problem of body language in digital media. But also philosophical topics like authentic leadership or the principle of resonance are discussed. Of course you can not expect excessive depth with such a bandwidth, but can download many more information on the website of the publisher free of charge.

Review by Anja

Wow, what insights ... in my opinion, this book is a joke. Unfortunately, nothing more than general statements can be found here. If I could I would give 0 points.

Overcoming crises - when life suddenly changes

Review by Daniela Gessler

I learned a lot and was able to see things from different perspectives. The book is really awesome. Reads quickly and is not boring. I can only recommend.

Power & Effect

Review by Joelly

Translated review of the English edition: Extremely useful!
This book was easy to read and very interesting! I feel like I've learned a lot about the human psyche. It made me want to learn more!

Review by Stephanie Rodriguez

Translated review for the English edition: Good book for my free time
I have to say that I really enjoyed reading this. I am very picky about what I like. This is a pretty good book to read in my spare time and probably recommend to my family as well.

Conduct employee discussions and job interviews

Review by Kathrin Kapellner

I find it exciting to read very different aspects and sometimes even controversial opinions on a topic. The book by Simone Jansen offers such a variety. After reading her career and HR blog have been following for a long time, I think eBooks a valuable summary of individual areas, as for example with the focus on employee appraisals. From applicant interviews to difficult leadership situations, there is comprehensive information, checklists, best practice and even work materials in the form of eCourseCourses. Diversity in every respect. Recommended!

Saying no without feeling guilty but still negotiating successfully

Take courage! Career planning & resume template

Review by Ben Dietrich

Changed my life

Nice book! I can take a lot of exciting things from the book. It also helped me find a job. Really a nice book.

Planning and implementing projects successfully

Review by Dietmar Fitsch

Super Tplles book
We don't know that? You plan a project and then you get bogged down. Much we overlook and you can start all over again. Here you really have very good step-by-step instructions.

Review by Alina22

Helpful book
I can only recommend the book to everyone to buy, everything is described exactly, I would look forward to further books from you.

Review by Y. Ib

A good book
The book is very informative and especially good for project managers. I can recommend the book. Have fun

Recruiting knowledge for job seekers

Review by Klaus

Contains a lot of useful basic knowledge
This book prepares you very well for the application process and can help you avoid one or the other possible misstep. It is particularly suitable for young professionals and contains a lot of basic knowledge and tips.

Review by Cat uncle

Interesting tips, not just for young professionals
The book provides many interesting tips and prepares you well for an application round. Not only young professionals but also old hands can get valuable tips here.

Review by Jen

Perfect for getting started
This book is perfect for beginners in professional life. This gives you a great overview of the recruiting process and allows you to prepare well. For a first impression, highly recommended!

Speech loud

Review by Sylvia Flick

I'm excited!
Since I'm an introvert, public appearances are always very stressful for me, and I'm downright scared of them. That's why I bought this book and I'm thrilled: Not only does it show various rhetorical tricks, the book also specifically addresses the problems of introverts. Very nicely done.

Review by Ehrenfried Conta Gromberg

Should Introverts Be Loud?
Can Introverts Be Loud? Are they even supposed to? These are important questions in a world where the loud macho guys seem to be getting stronger. The title of the book "Rede Laut" already gives an answer: It makes sense for introverts to present themselves consciously. But that's only one aspect. At the same time, the articles work out what introversion is and what special qualities go along with it. "Introversion is more than the absence of extroversion", I can only fully agree with this sentence by Sophia Dembling in this book. Worth reading.

Self-love learning

Review by Hanka Drung

Thank you for this wonderful e-book. It reads like a novel about itself and opens your eyes to yourself. Highly recommended.

Review by Müller

A very interesting book. Written with understanding, therefore, also read with understanding. Personally, I am pleasantly surprised. You can learn a lot from it, I can recommend it.

Review by Verline cordon

everything perfect. recommended seller.

Selling yourself really well instead of just applying - Secret tricks for the job search

Review by uschion tour

Easy to understand tips
Finally an application guide that is easy to understand with good tips and gets to the point. Definitely will implement some of the advice. Clear buy recommendations

Review by Diana Bridde

Great application guide!
I am currently looking for ways to develop my career, because I came to this application guide just right. I follow the work of the blog and publishing Best of HR - for years and I am thrilled by the concept, exciting contributions as eBook to summarize and thus prepare for the reader practically. I also think it's great that the purchase of the book supports climate protection projects. Hence 5 stars for this book.

Review by Armine

First aid for job seekers
Anyone looking for a job must adhere to certain rules for a successful application. With this guide you get helpful tips and suggestions that you can use as a guide.

Review by Dietmar Fitsch

Very inspiring
It is an e-book which I read with great interest. I could while reading. Questioning myself. The book shows how important it is to really only apply for a position that you really want. This also means that you really deal with the company and will have examples to get involved. It is of no use to apply for a position that you actually do not want. This application is doomed to fail from the start. I recommend this book to everyone. At the end of this book you will find a link that enables you to take part in e-learning for free.

Review by AW

Remains very on the surface
The book is more of a series of blogs, certainly not wrong, but those who have already written applications will find little specific inspiration here.

Small Talk - Learn how to network better quickly and effectively through communication

Review by Sylvia F

Small talk - an underrated sales tool
An exciting overview on the subject of small talk that drew my attention to a special aspect: As the author and sales trainer Oliver Schumacher shows, small talk is an important, but often underestimated sales tool that should be used much more often. Chapeau for this useful text.

Review by JOKER

Good book for people with Aspergians
I had a lot of problems trying to have a little conversation with people I knew or didn't know. I had Asperger's, which made it very difficult for me. I didn't have much interest in talking about the time, the weather, or any of the little things that go into small talk just because I didn't know how to participate. But small talk is a part of life and I had to learn how to make small talk regardless of how I felt about it. This book prepared me precisely to have small talk with people and to have a conversation after small talk became conversation. I highly recommend this book.

Review by KiCQ

Master the subtleties of communication
Small talk is not called an art that needs to be thought through for nothing. Because in order to master the subtleties of communication, it is extremely important to deal with the underlying communication theory. I particularly liked this book, because on the one hand it is entertaining to read, but on the other hand it also covers the most diverse aspects of the topic, from personal feelings of shame to rules of propriety to virtual communication. Reading value!

Review by Word

Aspects are missing
The book is ok, but it lacks many aspects that would fit the topic.

Review by Kindle customer

You don't learn how to communicate properly either, only bare theory. It is well prepared and portioned. Still, it's not fun to read. Only for people who have never thought about communication or researched. Good entry-level reading no longer.

Strategies against Bullying

Review by Red rider

According to the current study "Bullying and cyberbullying among adults and the omnipresent danger" by the Alliance against Cyberbullying, every third adult is bullied at least once in their life, 57 percent of cases of bullying take place in the workplace. Companies have various options to curb structural bullying in the workplace through open and transparent communication. The book, published by Simone Janson as editor, shows in her entertaining guide "Strategies against Bullying", how employees can successfully defend themselves with small psychological tricks and quick intervention. Bullying in the workplace harms the whole company Bullying is a no-go for companies. Today more than ever, creative employees are needed who openly address problems and contribute new ideas in order to be innovative. Whether the common whispering among work colleagues, the choleric superior or the one employee who repeatedly puts obstacles in the way of her colleague - bullying destroys the necessary positive atmosphere. This also includes outdated hierarchical structures. Anyone who has to expect to be squeezed together by their line manager because an appointment had to be postponed or the project does not go as planned, is making himself small. "In the ZeitIn industrial society, a climate of fear sometimes led to success, because back then the workers did not have to think, but only had to feel, ”explains Anne M. Schüller, author of several business books. "However, subordinates who unwind their standard program like puppets can hardly be used by companies." In her article, the management consultant explains how fear becomes the greatest performance killer in companies. Psychological tricks and effective techniques against bullying The following are further articles that sensitize the reader to bullying situations in the workplace and offer quick assistance. Markus Hornung highlights the 10 top killer phrases that managers should never use to supposedly support employees. Dr. Matthias Nöllke, on the other hand, presents techniques how employees can effectively defend themselves against malicious attacks. Have you ever tried the hugging technique? If a colleague strikes you as odd or challenges you with a provocative statement, just give them a hug. The effect is amazing. “You step out of the situation with confidence - and make the others look pretty bad,” explains Nöllke. The colleague then safely leaves the next saying in place. Roter Reiter conclusion The guide for bullying in the workplace consists of several entertaining articles that illuminate the topic from different angles: Cyberbullying, bullying by superiors and conflicts with colleagues are topics. However, solutions such as mediation, a positive culture of dispute or the method of transaction analysis are also presented. The guide also includes an eCourse with a worksheet to work through. Recommendable!

Virtually lead

Review by Joelly

Translated review of the English edition: Very helpful!
I really enjoyed reading this and learning from it. The book has great points to learn and grow from.

Review by Purchaser

Translated review of the English edition: Boring with limited content.
There wasn't much in it for me, but there were some learning points. Also a bit dry read (possibly the translation), but not too many pages to work through. I wouldn't say you shouldn't buy it, but I would say you shouldn't rush to buy it. If it's your topic, it may get you to see what others say, but only if you are interested.

Review by Vonisha Logan

Translated review of the English edition: Must read
This book is very insightful and has lots of good advice to handle today's economy.

Fight time thieves efficiently

Review by KiCQ

The inner sorcerer is always on alert
This book shows a particular problem in our society: Many people feel like a firefighter on call, always ready to perform and have simply never learned to simply say "no". Author Cornelia Topf sums that up very nicely. I was particularly enthusiastic about the interview with the sales director at Google, who makes it clear that everyone is responsible for how they divide their resources. So, simply switch off the often self-made permanent alarm and send the inner Leister home more often. Our health will thank us.

Review by RaSpa

Time thieves are everywhere, but how do you avoid them?
I know only too well that someone or something is stealing my time: the boss who wants something quickly ... the grandmother, who of course needs something from the city on Friday during the shopping rush hour Weeks could have gotten) ... Or also the computer, on which I just wanted to have a quick look and then can only tear myself away two hours later. That's why I find this book so incredibly helpful: It shows where such time traps lurk and how to fight them or not to even tap into them. Great suggestions, great examples from practice and as a special treat, a chapter on mindfulness.

Review by Marc

Nothing new...
... if you have already dealt with the topic a little. The praised applicability eludes my perception.

Review by Kis Magyar

Platitudes, nothing new ...
For anyone who has ever dealt a little with time planning and organization, the book offers absolutely nothing new. On the contrary, platitudes are listed and packed into extensive empty phrases. Anyone who has lived from one day to the next without any planning or conception may find one or two helpful tips included. For everyone else, hands off!



  • “Good tips to implement.” (FAZ)
  • "Berufebilder, which is one of the most widely read blogs for work, education and careers in Germany. " (DIE ZEIT)
  • “Simone Janson knows his way around!” (HAMBURGER EVENING SHEET)
  • "Anyone looking for orientation will find it here." (RHEINISCHE POST)
  • “I couldn't put the book down until I was completely through. Highly recommended! ” (AMAZING BYTES)
  • “Simone Janson has put together the most important rules.” (PERSONNEL LEADERSHIP MAGAZINE)
  • “Thanks for your great news service.” (PRESS & INFORMATION OFFICE OF THE GERMAN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT)
  • “Your great best of HRBerufebilderBlog has been with me for years. ” (DR. MARGRIT BIELMEIER, MBHR CONSULTING)


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