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Preliminary report on the current Edenred study: Digitization of the working world

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Today the results of the Edenred-Ipsos barometer 2015 are published. We present the most important results in advance. The focus is on the question of how workers are affected by increasing digitalization.


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christian-aubryChristian Aubry is Managing Director of Edenred Deutschland.


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What is the Edenred-Ipsos barometer

Since 2008, the market and opinion research institute Ipsos has been carrying out the online survey among employees on well-being and motivation at the workplace on behalf of Edenred. For 2015, 13.600 employees were interviewed in 14 countries, including 800 in Germany. The study clarifies the following questions:

  1. How do employees in Germany feel with the increasing digitization of their jobs?
  2. Do they feel this is helpful?
  3. Do they feel impaired by the blurring of the borders between work and leisure?

Advanced employers

We found that digitization has taken hold in almost all areas of the company. We wanted to know for how advanced workers look like Company with more than 100 employees keep their employers.

Overall, 51 percent of respondents think the company is well positioned in terms of digital progress. With a European average of 54 percent, the result for Germany can keep up well.

Which instruments are used?

And what digitization measures are involved? 34 percent of respondents stated that an electronic system for personnel management had been introduced in recent years.

With 28 percent, space two takes up the virtualization of the workstations - for example through virtual desktops or equipment for telephone conferences. The third place is the creation of a social company network as well as the offer of e-learning (each 25 per cent).


Often no influence can be detected

In addition, we wanted to know how German employees evaluate the digitization at the workplace. The result: they are open to it and the corresponding impact.

Almost half (47 per cent) of the interviewees indicate that self-employment is improved. 45 percent believe that collaboration between the teams within a company is profitable, closely followed by the quality of life at work (43 percent).

From the results, however, we can also see that many employees have not yet had any influence - neither positive nor negative. Only for 16 percent of the survey participants does the progressive digitization have a negative impact on their professional life.

Leisure and work are blurring more and more

In addition to the attitude towards digitization, this year also asked for the so-called blurring effect. Compared to 2014, the study participants have the feeling that they are being challenged outside the working hours by the job. Last year, 71 percent of the respondents (74 percent) used to work in their free time.

In management positions this is the order of the day with 90 percent. This inevitably leads to stress. As a result, the stress factor has also risen with 2015 beyond 6,3's working load: from 6,6 to 1 - on a scale from 10 to XNUMX.


Conclusion: Digitization should be done with caution

As far as digitization in the workplace is concerned, the following quintessence can be drawn: There seems to be a lot of potential for the provision of jobs - both in Germany and across Europe. Above all, after a large part of the workers are open-minded towards increasing digitalization.

However, many workers also complain about stress - the effect of digital progress does not necessarily have to be countered. For companies, the question arises, therefore, of how to limit the blurring of the boundaries between work and leisure with a view to the health of employees.

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