Practical case for short business trips: The TITAN Xenon Deluxe S

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If you are often traveling on shorter business trips, you need a small, sturdy suitcase for hand luggage. The Xenon Deluxe S is an almost perfect travel companion for such business trips.

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S-Class for hand luggage

For a long time it was important for me to fit as much into my suitcase as possible. However, disturbed me with shorter lecture journeys with the airplane always had to check in. So we had a small suitcase for hand luggage. My choice fell on the Xenon Deluxe S from the luggage manufacturer TITAN, a small four-wheel trolley of 55 cm size.

The Xenon Delux is available in the colors brown and silver and in three different sizes: 55 cm, 67 cm and 74 cm. I have chosen the variant in silver and in the smallest size 55 cm.

Lightweight material

The matt surface of the honeycomb is made of Makrolon® polycarbonate from Bayer and is quite resistant. The polycarbonate is said to be particularly robust and can withstand large temperature fluctuations.

The low weight of the suitcase convinced me: It weighs only 2,5 Kg, which is especially noticeable when you have to climb up and down stairs.

It depends on the details

Stable as the shell are the water-repellent zipper closure, the push-release pushrod and the 360-grade rotatable twin rollers with rubberized tread. These details show the differences to many cheaper models, in which the rod, the rollers or the zipper are worn very quickly.

The roles of the Xenon Delux are even suitable for field paths, according to the manufacturer. A long-term I have not the case, of course, not subjected, the rollers run thanks to special storage but quite quiet. Somewhere the proud price of just 130 Euro must come yes.

The interior: taste

For me, however, the inside of the case is a matter of taste: the two pack walls are not only held by elastic cross-belt, but also contain many additional pockets, which help to sort garments and important documents.

This is simply a bit too small and therefore too impractical, I prefer to put my clothes and documents in their own bags packed in the suitcase. There is, for example, a leader, which can be accessed from above and, if necessary, can be opened completely with just a few hands.

Here, notebooks up to 17 inches and tablets find their place in the separate, padded compartments, as well as space for important utensils, such as a charging cable. Thanks to the solution from the front and main compartment, clothes and documents are kept separate from each other.

The laptop trolley for business

In fact, the trolley with a volume of 38 liters is offered as a laptop trolley. This may be practical for many business travelers and is certainly geared to customer requirements. Since I am however already for a long time only with mobile phone and correspondingly smaller charging cable on the road is, this division is simply superfluous for me, yes it will be wasted only unnecessary space.

In the case of a large number of electronic devices, which are now available on the market, the size specifications are only unnecessarily restricted. It would be ideal if the packing walls were removable, instead of being fixed in the case.

Security lock for travel to the USA

Also the operation of the sunken TSA security lock presented me at first a small puzzle. This was developed especially for TITAN and allows an uncomplicated trip to the USA. By means of a general key, the American transport authority is allowed to open the luggage in the event of suspicion without causing any damage.

On my inquiry with TITAN however one recommended however the following video that again shows the operation of the small suitcase.

My conclusion

Recommended, just for shorter business trips. The manufacturer also provides 3 years warranty.

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