The bad situation of the teachers of honor in Germany: why some academics earn below the poverty limit

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On a normal Tuesday morning the alarm clock of Susanne Hausner rings around 6.45 clock. But she comes home against 21 clock. Nevertheless, it has barely more than 882,50 Euro per month for rent and food. And this, although she has finished her studies of political and English with excellent marks.

The bad situation of the teachers of honor in Germany: why some academics earn below the poverty limit

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Despite political importance, only minimum wages

Susanne Hausner teaches German as a foreign language in an integration course at a continuing education institution in North Rhine Westphalia. The name is a pseudonym, because Hausner risks her job with this interview. And he's paid more than badly:

Although for the state the integration of foreigners is an important task, he only provides a minimum tariff of 15 Euro per teaching hour for their teachers. Teachers, who usually have a completed university degree as well as an additional qualification for German as a foreign language. For comparison, the statutory minimum wage for construction workers is about 1565 Euro; Wages under 1440 Euro are considered as poverty wages.

From the Kargen wage goes also the social insurance

But the 15 Euro in the hour Susanne Hausner can not keep it: Since she is not employed, but freelance work, she has to pay herself from her scanty fee also her health and long-term care insurance completely, which is once again 15,1 per cent less a month ,

In addition, apprentices are self-employed, who are also legally obliged to pay 19,9 percent of their income into the statutory pension fund every month. The fact that many teachers are pushing for this duty and prefer to live with the constant fear of discoveries and extra payments is an open secret.

Travel expenses must be borne by them themselves

For Susanne Hausner, after the high deductions, 1051,50 euros are left over monthly. She also needs a monthly ticket for public transport, which costs another 169 euros, because a car can not afford them. At the community college, there are cheaper Jobtickets - but only for the employees, not for the freelance staff.

All taxes and costs are of course monthly. However, the money from the adult education center only comes in every eight to ten weeks - "if the administration pays on time," as Hausner limits. Because: "I get the money only when a language course is over and I have fully fulfilled my contract."

Loss of income makes the income incalculable

However, Susanne Hausner can never really be sure that she will actually have 882,50 Euro available for the month: "If less than ten students enroll for one of my courses, they will not be accepted and I will not get any money," she explains. Even if she gets sick this is her personal bad luck, because "for a sick leave of hours I will not be paid."

For this fee Susanne Hausner teaches about 26 to 30 hours a week in three different courses. She can not choose to work many hours a day, because that depends on the lesson plan she has no control over: "That's why I work ten hours a day, and only four the next," Hausner reports, every day not only have to teach but also prepare and follow up.

Student support and social work

In addition, in practice, many other tasks come up, for which Hausner actually is not paid: "Maybe brings me in the break Fatima from Turkey their application for social assistance or Antonella from the Congo their application for housing subsidy."

Even if the teacher has no idea about it, she likes to help and translates the questions into English or French, because: "They know no one else who can speak German."

Administrative work & utilization

Susanne Hausner, however, finds the worst of all that she has to take on administrative work for the small pay even though she is neither employed nor has an office:

"So I am constantly behind phone calls to missing students, nachzuschicken their certificates or register them at other institutions, if they are unsuitable for my course," annoys Hausner, who feels exploited by such extra tasks: "how little we earn teachers is known to the whole administration. But I know that the administration sits on the longer lever and can not just give me a new contract if I show myself uncooperative. "

Idealism in the job

Why is she doing the job anyway? "It's actually fun too. Because I think that I can shape the image of Germany our immigrants with. "Hausner calls the positive aspects of her work.

"If they find themselves in my class and can take something positive with them, they may also find their way around Germany better and identify with democracy and the rule of law."

No single case

That the case of Susanne Hausner is not an individual case can also be found on the website of the action Butterbrot http://www.aktionbutterbrot.de , a representation of interests, which fights nationwide for better working conditions of fee teachers.

Susanne Hausner also wants to do her part, so that the situation changes something: From now on, she regularly blogs about her experiences on / author / susanne-hausner / "> Best of HR - Berufebilder.de

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