Postgraduate studies: The end of the BaföG and alternatives for masters

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However, the regulations for the promotion of non-consecutive and further-reaching master's and MBA courses are much more complex than in consecutiveCourses, since the exact differentiation of the individual training sections is very important. Whether or not you have worked through it, apart from the rules for the highest age, is not important.

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Vocational training

BAföG according to § 7,1, as a grant and a loan, you only receive a first professional qualification, for example at a university. With the attainment of a vocational qualification, the grant claim is then exhausted.

It is unimportant whether you have received BAföG during this time or not. Vocational education and training is an education that provides basic vocational training or professional skills and, as a rule, a vocational qualification beyond the continuing general education system.

Basic studies

Such a qualification is, for example, a first, basic degree to a master's degree, a bachelor's degree or a master's degree (see this important distinction above). If you start a non-consecutive or further education master, you are already a student, behind you and you are no longer eligible for funding according to § 7,1.

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However, if you complete this first vocational training in less than three years, you will be eligible for further training according to BAföG § 7,1 - even if the three-year period is considerably exceeded. Only the promotion of a third training would then take place according to § 7,2 BAföG.

Basic education

But there are also trainings which do not exhaust the basic claim on BAföG according to § 7,1. Operational training, for example, which is not carried out at a training center under which BAföG can be funded, does not consume the basic promotion entitlement according to BAföG § 7,1.

General educational training, which according to BAföG § 7,1 is eligible for funding indefinitely until reaching university entrance qualification, without this affecting the basic funding entitlement. General educational training is therefore not "further training" within the meaning of BAföG § 7,2, even if a professional qualification has already been obtained. Conclusion: If you have completed an in-company or general education school education, but no studies or any other type of education, you are still entitled to BAföG according to § 7,1.

Attention - exhausting the BAföG claim also abroad

A vocational qualification is a qualification even if it has been acquired abroad and enables it to work there. With the exception of a company or general education, the entitlement to BAföG according to § 7,1 is also used here. An international study is therefore also a qualification qualifying as a professional qualification.

And anyone who has acquired a vocational qualification abroad, then starts at home earlier and then resumes interrupted education abroad, is not entitled to basic education, but to the promotion of a second education.

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Education voucher master

If you want to do a master’s degree, you have a few alternatives: The employment agency issues training vouchers for all further education (but not for the training measures!), Which you can only get after detailed advice from the employment advisor - if you meet the conditions and the advisor agrees.

In the context of an educational voucher, the Arbeitsagentur takes over the costs of the course. This includes learning materials and workwear as well as examination pieces and examination fees. In addition, the travel agency will pay you a flat-rate travel allowance to the school.

What does the employment agency do?

It is therefore advantageous if the Further Training As close as possible to your place of residence, because it costs the BA less money - and your promotion is likely. If there is no appropriate action in the vicinity, you will be reimbursed for the costs of accommodation and meals. It is unimportant whether the measure takes place in another federal state; In some cases, this is not possible any other way, because certain measures are carried out in Germany only in a few places.

If you receive unemployment benefits, you will be paid for this during the training period. If you work alongside the training, the requirements will be reduced accordingly. During the training period, you are automatically insured under statutory health and long-term care insurance. If you were pension insured in the last year before the start of the advanced training, you will continue to do so, if you can not submit a corresponding application. The BA assumes all insurance. During the training and the journey you are in any case also accident-insured. If the training is carried out during an existing employment relationship, your employer can receive a grant for your salary.

You are looking for, the work agency pays!

In the meantime, the Employment Agency leaves you with the agony of choosing the right training - of course within certain limits, because the education voucher specifies the educational goal of the measure exactly.

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You will be able to find an education that is exactly tailored to your needs and is not easily overpowered. However, you are on the search for a suitable further education on your own. On the vouchers, in order to prevent you from choosing the wrong, the duration and learning goal are precisely defined.

SomeCourses just do not take place?

Although the vouchers offer a certain freedom in the selection, but this system has a major disadvantage: were formerly courses booked and staffed by the employment office, which of course led to the fact that sometimes was put inappropriate measures, the training providers now have little opportunity to plan properly. Since it may happen then that courses are canceled due to lack of capacity shortly before the start - and that can cost you dearly, if the education voucher then expires.

An education voucher has only a period of validity of a maximum of three months. If during this time he is not taken over by a suitable training provider (for whatever reason), he declines. So take the time to ask for alternatives, if a further training fails.

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  2. Ulf

    A very interesting article, Simone!

    I completed my undergraduate degree while working with a “Bachelor of Business Administration” at a university in the Netherlands. According to “anabin”, this university is a private university of applied sciences with the status H +. This class is described as follows: “Institutions of this type are recognized as universities in the respective country of origin in a decisive manner (accredited, certified, etc.) and, based on this, are to be regarded as universities in Germany."

    Since this was an 8-semester extra-occupational study course, the application for BAFöG was of course no longer necessary (my regular income excluded a grant). I can not judge a general eligibility.

    Building on a commercial apprenticeship (IHK degree), I also worked for a few years before I started my full-time MBA course at a private - state-recognized - German university.
    I cannot apply for BAFöG independent of parents because I have lived at home until now. Due to my age (<30 years) and my status as a full-time student (without income), I am entitled to apply for BAFöG.

    But now I'm in doubt because I already have a IHK degree, first degree and professional experience.

    Do I only get BAföG for a master’s degree if it is based on a bachelor’s degree? In my case you could still argue this way, since the BBA is followed by an MBA (whereby the MBA is not a consecutive, but a continuing education - also accessible to other subject areas - Masters course!).
    Since I already have another university degree (see anabin classification) in my pocket, is a master's program only in a special case (consecutive?) Promoted as a second education.

    Dear forum members, please let me know how you rate my chances of receiving a BAFöG grant for the MBA program.

    Thanks in advance for your answers and assessments!

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Ulf,
      these are again these decided legal questions in a particular case, which I am not allowed to answer! mE answers your question, however, also with the second section of the blog article, since you have already done an initial job-qualifying degree. In addition, EU countries are treated at BAföG like Germany a few years ago. If in doubt, I would simply ask your BAföG office. Perhaps, however, has another reader also had other experiences?
      Another tip: The blog post belongs to a whole series on construction studies and funding. Perhaps you can still find financing alternatives?
      Simone Janson

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