7 Tips for Positive Thinking: Do it like Pippi Longstocking!

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“I make the world for myself… as I like it!” Pippi Longstocking is convinced of that. On September 13th, yesterday was once again a day of positive thinking. But how well do we do that in everyday life? Time for a resume. 7 Tips for Positive Thinking: Do it like Pippi Longstocking!

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Do it like Pippi Longstocking

I think the world is as I like it! While it has not been proven that positive thinking really has a positive effect, it cannot hurt - especially on days when we are in a bad mood or a difficult task is ahead.

Nevertheless, I want to remind you of Pippi Langstrumpf, who knows exactly what she wants and it also brings herself. In business, this can do just as well as generally in life. This is not to say that we should lose any reality and must ALWAYS see everything positively.

7 Tips for Positive Thinking

But how does it work with positive thinking? Does it really mean to tell the world as beautifully as you like it? 7 Tips for a realistic-optimistic assessment at a glance:

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  1. Focus on the positives: The day of positive thinking is meant to remind us not to put our focus on the negative. It does not matter to look at things that are already over or have not yet entered. This is exactly what prevents us from believing, trusting and creating something.
  2. What is luck? Have no problems and always go through life carefree - that must mean luck? Without any worries, many may be happy. But most people often feel a lot greater happiness only when they master the daily tasks and challenges. Positive thoughts can be helpful. Even if we are more inclined to put the negative things in the foreground and continue to tell, to ponder and to see everything black. One thing we always have to keep in mind: Positive thoughts are the prerequisite for positive action.
  3. To help your own happiness: So happy is the one who sees every day as a new opportunity to change, to bring about, to move. Whoever realizes that it is up to them to decide whether we allow anger and fear is happy. We can let ourselves be determined by them, or think and act with a confident eye. "I can not do this!" or "I can't do it anyway!" become “My happiness is in my hands. That's why I can do everything I want! ”.
  4. Success is not equal to wealth: Success is associated with wealth for many people. Wealth of material goods, money and power. But also ALWAYS have control over one's life and its choices. To be truly successful, however, is to create something even in difficult situations, even if you do not feel like it. Badly moody, tired and annoyed at work - how does the life of the beauties and the rich look like at such moments ?!
  5. Have one goal in mind: To get new momentum every day, it is important to have a goal in mind. Can we answer the question "What am I doing this for?" answer, it is easier for us not only to think positively, but also to act consistently positively. If we become aware of our previous successes, the whole thing will be even easier. But beware of a negative environment that whines about you and speaks badly. The mood can be clouded too quickly by these gray clouds.
  6. Fear keeps the success far away: The fear of failures often keeps us from trying something new. The risk seems too great. Pippi Langstrumpf obviously does not know this feeling. Or just give him no attention. She even goes a decisive step as a potential seer: Far from any positive or negative thinking, she creates a world in which everything is always possible.
  7. Successful as Pippi: Pippi Langstumpf is new, self-confident and open-minded. It does not give everyday life a chance. To stop nothing, she tries and studies all the unknowns with curiosity. In a villa - together with a monkey and a horse - Pippi leads her colorful and, honestly, truly successful life.

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