BIO | From political scientist to social web enthusiast: what to do if you can't find your dream job right away?

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"When I grow up, I become a footballer," I thought as a child. Now I'm big and I'm trying to show my enthusiasm for the social web and the opportunities it offers to other people.

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Here writes for you:


Johannes Lenz Johann-lenzAccording to t3n, Johannes Lenz is one of 5's most important people on the German Internet.


Studied in Halle and Poland

After that, it did not take long. During my studies of Political Science and Management, I had as much to do with the Internet as the mean Werder fan with that of Bayern Munich: Nischt.

I first started my studies in Halle / Saale and graduated from Leipzig at the beginning of 2007 after spending almost one year in Poland. A wonderful time, in which I not only found many friends, but also learned and discussed a lot, whether through international politics or our neighboring country Poland, which has earned much more attention and interest on the part of the German citizens than it has been the case for years , But only marginally.

After graduation, the hour of truth struck. In football they say: the next game is always the hardest. Right. So also in my case in the job search.

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I actually wanted to get into political advice ...

My intention to enter the scientific policy advice, such as via further research at the university incl. Dissertation I would have pulled through. That was the first choice. But when exploring the terrain, talk with Professoren, lecturers and contacts gained via internships turned out to be out of the question.

I was amazed, I thought, with four internships - from embassy to think tank, from EU to Poland - to have done the right practical work including a diploma thesis and later double diploma with each 1,7.


What to do? Clear case on a small budget: Back home, lick wounds and write applications. For what? Public relations work in the non-profit sector, focus on EU, Eastern Europe, etc. After all, I had gained experience in this area.

Armed with Wila, a magazine for career starters and graduates of the science store in Bonn, sophisticated internet research, countless registrations at jobbanks, etc., I was looking for my luck.

To abbreviate it: As a freshly bachelor graduate with me sobering at the beginning of the year 2007 wide. And the disappointment that no one gave me a chance was on me like a fresh gum on the floor, which connects itself too fast with the strolling shoe.

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Way into the economy

I started an internship at the headquarter of the BMW Group on 150 applications later, some talks in which I was attested that I was still too close to the university. The alternative would have been an 400 Eurojob in India. Admittedly, at first glance, more appealing, but in the long run, BMW seemed to me more meaningful, even in the hope of possibly getting there after good work there.

That was not the case. But I did a good job, got to know many people, gained valuable hands-on experience in issues management in a global corporation, and developed my enthusiasm for the social web.

The car crisis came, external employees were dismissed and after an extension to eight months I finished my internship. It had not only been a lot of fun to me, but I was catapulted a huge leap forward, both professionally and personally.

PR traineeship

And now? Ab, write applications. This time, however, I did not go back to the parental home, but to the brother on the balcony. The infrastructure with Internet, sporting activities and a new city soon became quite productive.

Only a month later, I had the commitment of alma mater, a recruitment agency and career counseling, to start an eighteen-month internship for company communication and online marketing.

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And once again a crisis, but this time it was fundamental because business and finance were hit globally. However, she did not abort my creative drive and my growing enthusiasm for the social web.

Fight and develop your own ways

Fighting, opening up paths, finding solutions, all this brings with it the curiosity for something new, and so I convinced mine Managerwho made me work almost independently and on my own responsibility to represent alma mater in public and especially on the internet. This involved the integration of the social web, in particular the development of social media (Twitter and Co.) for corporate communications.

The scope of duties was wide ranging, from the creation of newsletters to marketing messages, press releases, website maintenance, contact initiation and support, to trade fair and conference visits - everything was there.

New tasks in the Social Web are waiting

Now, a year and a half later, I decided to pursue my enthusiasm for the social web to bring in and develop the hands-on experience of social media.

In doing so, I am receiving a lot of positive feedback and I am looking forward to job hunting again. If someone asked me if it was the right decision to hang football, I would say: Yes, I would never be with the Verve on the ball, as in the Social Web.

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It is a life setting that is characterized by openness, fairness and willingness to help. Actually, of course, you think, but perhaps this self-evidentness in the net has arrived more quickly than in real life.

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