As a political scientist in business: continuing education, MBA and postgraduate studies

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Dr. Oliver Krone studied politics, pedagogy and law, with the objective of adult education. However, the career prospects in this area deteriorated even during his studies, so he decided to attach a one-year Master of Business Administration (MBA).

As a political scientist in business: Further education, MBA and postgraduate studies As a political scientist in business: continuing education, MBA and postgraduate studies

Here writes for you: Dr. Oliver Krone, MBA in International Business Management, is an international expert in knowledge integration. Profile

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What is the MBA and what is it good for?

The MBA is, in principle, nothing other than the classical Anglo-Saxon master's degree in business administration and is intended to help graduates of non-economic disciplines to acquire the necessary specialist knowledge.

Acceptance on the labor market

He enjoys a high level of acceptance on the labor market. Also for Oliver Krone, who is now Senior Consultant at PROMATIS software GmbH, this additional knowledge was the reason for making an MBA:

No philosopher of the world

"I did not want to stand on the labor market as a philosopher, but I also show that I have a basic knowledge of strategic management and marketing - also so that I have been taken seriously by potential employers."

Why a construction study?

A postgraduate study provides a great opportunity for spiritual scientists to deepen existing knowledge or to acquire additional knowledge. Corresponding further study courses are offered both at home and abroad not only for business, but also for numerous other directions and special areas.


However, since a postgraduate degree can be very expensive - an MBA, for example, costs up to 90.000 euros, but other postgraduate studies are far more favorable - it is advisable to choose carefully. Financing is not the main problem here, since scholarships, loans and government grants exist. It is much more difficult to find the right content and conclusion in the offer jungle.


In addition to numerous internationally recognized offers such as the MBA, there are also certificates from individual institutes which are completely unknown in the labor market.

However, whoever has time and money in one Further education should pay close attention to whether potential employers also recognize the degree. This is ensured, for example, if a degree program (usually a master's degree) has been awarded an accreditation agency with special quality seals (accreditation) and appears in relevant rankings or if vocational training is terminated with an IHK degree.

Practical counts

In addition, the content of the training program is only useful if it is also prepared in a concrete and practical manner for a specific professional activity, eg by means of practical units within the course.

Is a postgraduate study essential?

However, a postgraduate course or further education is not absolutely necessary in order to acquire additional knowledge. Scientists can also learn these skills independently.

Basic economics

However, they should deal with economic questions during the course of their studies, for example, by also attending basic events in marketing and management - as Oliver Krone recommends from his own experience:

"The basic prerequisite for an optimal career entry is to present yourself well. It is, however, important to be familiar with the economic issues and to familiarize them with relevant technical terms. The MBA was for me only the vehicle, so that people see that I had a clue from the subject. This was also good for one's self-esteem. "

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