Podcasts and streaming services as a mobile learning tool: equipment, mobile tariffs, technology

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Mobile learning is becoming increasingly popular. Especially podcasts and streaming services play an important role. Which equipment and which technology is necessary here and what should be considered when choosing the right mobile phone tariff?

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Mobile Further education with podcasts


For podcast mobile training, podcast apps such as Pocket Casts or Beyond Podcast, which podcasts subscribe to and download to the smartphone. Depending on the version, they cost a few euros.

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In this way, the latest episode of an app can be listened to on the phone at any time or download one of the past episodes from the archive. In addition, the playback speed can also be controlled.

Streaming vs. podcasts


However, many podcasts can also be accessed directly via the website: they can be called up via a hyperlink and downloaded via a browser, for example. Then you can download it to a mobile phone and play it there with the player of the smartphone.

However, streaming services, where the podcast episodes are played directly on the phone without downloading, are also becoming increasingly important. This happens eg via streaming media portals like podcast.de or podbay.fm, The play button is then directly on the website. But pure streaming offerings like Netflix can be used by their many documentations as entertaining education offer, like Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®-author Dr. Anja C. Wagner Explained in detail in the video above.

Learning via multiroom function


If you want to study at home and stay in different rooms, multiroom technology can be helpful. Because you do not necessarily need a large stereo for streaming music or podcasting today, sometimes several small speakers are sufficient to allow you to hear music and sound in every corner of the apartment, and you can easily do so via WLAN or Bluetooth with your mobile phone and PC control - all of course wirelessly. In my setting can even access via Wi-Fi on a connected to the router NAS storage media.

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Unfortunately, the multiroom method does not work as easy as you would imagine: The technology is not yet at the point, as the advertising wants us to believe: Music on and off by finger snap or soft tap on the device - so Unfortunately that's not all. The main problem in my opinion is the connectivity between the individual devices as well as between devices and app.

Learning only by app?


One is so used to wired devices that you can simply connect the speakers of different manufacturers together or connect to any amplifier: The wireless technology does not work: To control the devices wirelessly, you need the app of the manufacturer, with which the music can be played via Bluetooh or WLAN. The volume is usually controlled via the smartphone or with the physical buttons attached to the devices.

Only with the app Multiroom is possible, ie the music and podcasts can be played on speakers in different rooms. But the multi-group configuration usually also allows the simultaneous playback of different audio to different speakers. Conversely, this unfortunately means for many devices that via the AUX input no stereo or multi-room function is possible: One can then connect via AUX cable exactly one device to the PC.

Mobile learning in your own home


It may be handy for music lovers that the app can also be operated via services such as Spotify. However, for podcasts, it would be better to be able to simply use the music player of the mobile phone or the podcast app to play local audio files. Difficult in my view is that you can barely separate such devices actually from the current:

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Once the speakers have been disconnected from the power, the set-up process will start again every time - and that means further cumbersome chattering on the devices. After all, many of these devices are available as standard or optional lithium-ion battery, so that can bring back the already very light speakers anyway. A battery charge can supply the device with energy for one day, thus simplifying mobile learning - and, by the way, also making it possible outside of your own four walls via Bluetooth.

What options are there for a mobile phone contract?


If you want to use such features, you need at least a good Wi-Fi connection to stream podcasts at home or download them preloaded in the app. Anyone who wants to stream and listen to podcasts on the go, without downloading them in advance, needs a corresponding mobile phone contract with a data flatrate.

Key options include data volume, free minutes, and freeMS. The data volume is required for uploading and downloading data or surfing the internet. With free minutes and free SMS, the number is limited, with a so-called "Allnet Flat", can be phoned for free in all German networks.

Criteria for choosing the right mobile phone contract


Besides these three key points, there are Providers of mobile phone contracts such as 1 and 1 many more choices like the data transfer rate, which indicates the Internet speed. LTE is currently the fastest mobile Internet. Another criterion may be, for example, when roaming abroad, the roaming fee, which sets the rates for internet rates abroad.

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In addition, an exciting alternative can be pure data plans, such as those at Mobilcom Debitel finds: With these Simcards one can not telephone but only use the Internet. But these data tariffs are much cheaper. To solve this technically, you either need a smartphone with Dualsimversion, multiple mobile phones - or a mobile modem to which conveniently also connect multiple devices.

6 tips for choosing the right mobile phone tariff


  1. One problem is contracting. With the conclusion of the mobile phone contract you are usually bound to 2 years to him. A few months before the end of the contract you can complete a new one with many mobile operators and then get the new device. The new contract is paid only after the old one.
  2. Very quickly you have completed an unwanted subscription. To prevent this from happening, you should have a third-party block set up by the provider at the beginning of the contract.
  3. The contract will automatically renew after expiration. A note reminds you of the timely notice before the notice period has expired.
  4. There are numerous providers of mobile phone contracts. One of the most well-known mobile service providers is 1 and 1, which among other things offers mobile phone contracts. On the website of the provider can be found current offers and mobile phone contracts.
  5. If you do not want to pay a high monthly fee, you should pay a higher one-off device price. If you prefer to pay a lower device price at the beginning, you must increase the monthly fee.
  6. In most cases it is worth canceling the contract and concluding a new one. The new mobile phone contract often offers better conditions.

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