Picard Shopper Santanyi: The perfect handbag?

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The perfect handbag, which is also suitable for the business, is such a topic, where you can bite your teeth as real. It must not be too big or too small and must be worn perfectly. A test.

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What does the perfect handbag look like?

For me the perfect handbag has a size of approx. 30 cm. This is wide enough, so that my mobile office, consisting of Smarphone and keyboard fit in as well as if necessary a small water bottle.

My perfect handbag can not be too big either, because you run the risk of filling them unnecessarily. In addition, you have to dig in a large bag for much longer after your belongings. Many subjects are usually not help, on the contrary, one can remember all the more heavily where one has put his things under.

Ideal for daytime and evening

Therefore 30-35 cm is the ideal size for me. Unfortunately, there are not many bags in this size, most of them are larger or smaller. Another trick is the handle: I should be able to carry the handbag on my shoulder.

For all these reasons, I decided to buy the Picard Shopper Santanyi. It consists of black, shiny calfskin and has a size of 33 x 24 x 14 cm. A bag, which is quite practical in everyday use, but can also be used as an evening bag.

inner space

The bag is closed with a zipper. The inside of the bag is well thought-out: there are practically no divisions, but a large inner compartment that offers more storage space, as well as two slots and another zipper compartment, which offers enough space even for larger purses and keys.

Also on the outside, on the inside back pocket, there is a larger zipper compartment. The 14cm wide floor has been reinforced with metal feet, so that the bag can also be placed well. It is less practical that the bag takes the form of a triangle and is thus less easily worn, for example, on the shoulder and pinched by the arm. A flat pocket without a floor would be much more comfortable here.

Almost perfect with functional limitations

Also unpractical to wear are the handles: With 22 cm length, they are just short enough to carry the bag really comfortably on the shoulder. The Santanyi shopper has two eyelets on both sides to attach an included, adjustable shoulder strap.

A cool idea for the flexible use of the bag, which I missed on a lot of handbags. Actually. Because the result is that I carry the bag now always with the carrying strap with me: This looks not only substantially more ineffective, but the carrying strap is also much fragile than the handle. Moreover, it is difficult to move.

If the carrying handles were just a little longer so that you could carry them on your shoulder, while you could attach the handbag comfortably and theft-proof over the chest - the Picard Shopper Santanyi would be the perfect bag. Unfortunately, it is this small flaw that limits the elegant and practical bag functionally a little bit.

More information about the handbag can be found on the Website of Picard.

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