[Live] Life coach Martin Geiger on the perspectives and training of coaches: "Coaching is a growth market"

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Martin Geiger is a productivity expert, keynote speaker, lecturer and coach. In an interview, he talks about why coaches will be in demand in the future, and why telephone coaching is the ideal second job.[Live] Life coach Martin Geiger on the perspectives and training of coaches:

2003 founded Geiger with the training to "Life Coach after Martin Geiger" a licensing system for coaching by phone. 2007 voted him the European Coaching Alliance's Coach of the Year. Today, the sought-after speaker is considered a proven expert for increasing the personal and entrepreneurial productivity and strategies of time management 3.0.

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Mr. Geiger, today there are coaches like sand at the sea. Do we need any more?


The coaching market is a growth market. In America, the long-standing trend of the train no. 1, coaching is also increasingly in demand in Germany. It is not so much the advice of an expert as the support to use existing knowledge.

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Is not the positive development of the market rather a dream?


No. Whether in private or professional life, the basic conditions in our society are changing as fast as never before, demands are constantly increasing. Cooperation with a suitable coach is often an enormous support.

Above all, telephone coaching is an excellent service here, as it is ideally suited to this development thanks to its temporal and spatial flexibility. As a result, the industry will continue to grow strongly in the coming months.

Practically, you offer such a telephone coaching right away as a franchise idea ...


Our telephone coaching as a licenseConcept is unique in Germany. According to experience, start-up entrepreneurs are particularly interested in our system because it offers ideal conditions for second-time start and fulfills almost all desired criteria for self-employment:

Free time division, attractive earning capacity, long-term support from the licensor, low investment, work from home and - as mentioned at the beginning - an enormous growth market.

Sounds great. But why do you think your business idea works better than your competitors?


The coaching trainings available on the market all neglect a decisive criterion: the client generation. This is the focus of our cooperation.

For someone who wants to become self-employed in this area and do not want to complete an expensive and protracted theoretical training as a coach, we are the right contact, since our training is immediately practical and demonstrably successful.

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This sounds a bit like everyone who wanted to be able to get started immediately as Telefoncoach. Do you have any selection criteria?


By means of a self-test, we post-registration on our website http://www.erfolg-als-coach.de In a first step, any interested party can decide for themselves whether they have the necessary aptitude as a coach. As a result, in the next step, we always conduct an intensive, personal telephone conversation in order to form our own image.

In particular the personality of the applicant plays a decisive role for us: enthusiasm for personal training, the ability to be a good listener or the sincere interest in the conversation partner, for example, are indispensable prerequisites for success as a coach.

What do interested parties generally recognize as a serious supplier in the market?


There are different characteristics of a well-founded coaching education, one should pay attention. For example, corresponding references should be provided by clients, the training costs are clearly below 5.000 Euro, the coach in spe is also supervised beyond the course, eg actively in the acquisition of clients.

Do not forget the practice of the trainer.

The conditions for the start-up grant have just been significantly worsened, which makes it increasingly difficult to fund a business start-up. How does your system center help with financing?


The question of financing is of little importance when it comes to choosing a life coach. At the beginning of the activity only the costs for an introductory course are incurred. As a result, only double-digit monthly license fees and a relatively low revenue share of 7 percent are incurred.

This is also limited in the first years to the amount of a maximum of 100 Euro. For this reason, it is possible for almost everyone to finance a business start-up as a life coach. The costs are already amortized with the second client. So a very manageable risk.

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Even if the foundation has grown, the franchisee needs a lot of support during the first months. What does it look like there?


In the initial phase, we are actively supporting our licensees through various marketing campaigns in the field of client acquisition. Workshops, mentoring, telephone conferences, Internet forum, mailings, coaching, print media, marketing manuals and public relations.

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