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More courage to make personnel decisions against the résumé & for people: The limits of objectivity

Personnel responsible for the decision often lack courage. These are qualitative approaches that make personnel decisions successful.

great jobs

Unsuccessful recruitment

Wer in der Personalarbeit bei der Gewinnung und Auswahl des „richtigen Kandidaten allein auf sachliche und fachliche Kriterien setzt und die Person und all ihre Persönlichkeitsmerkmale und Wertvorstellungen vernachlässigt, rekrutiert langfristig erfolglos.

Ebenso wie eine Wohngemeinschaft ihr freies Zimmer nicht beliebig vermietet, führt auch in „Arbeitsgemeinschaften“ die rationale und objektive Personalentscheidung nicht allein zum Erfolg. Der neue „Mitbewohner“ muss ins Team passen und auf „Herz und Nieren“ geprüft werden, damit alle langfristig davon profitieren.

Something does not fit

When Company After a long unsuccessful search, approaching HR consultants, they often know that something is not right, they just can not formulate the problem and are a long way from the solution.

Objective criteria such as those revealed to one of the CVs reach their limits in practice. Subjective categories such as personality and talent are equally important for the selection process.

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The appearance and the solid Handshake of an applicant seem to convey more about their attitudes in practice than the best academic record.

Technical and human aspects

Entrepreneurs know this and have the courage to make decisions that take into account aspects as well as interpersonal aspects.

Managers evaluate these subjective personality characteristics as arbitrary and neglect mostly their effectiveness, due to lack of measurability and comparability, or have not the courage to recognize these criteria as equal.

Quantitative criteria for hedging

Man muss sich ja „absichern“. Abschlussnoten lassen sich in Relation setzten, persönliche Eindrücke oft nicht einmal in Worte fassen, geschweige denn argumentativ vermitteln.

The orientation towards quantitative criteria in the selection process even increases with the increasing size of the company and decentralization of the personnel work.

However, the relevance of the person and his values ​​becomes more important when one realizes that candidates are increasingly not choosing companies for brands, salary packages and titles.

Decisions are subjective

Their decisions are subjective, that is, inward-oriented and based on their individual needs, values ​​and lifestyle. General social changes, which place the subject at the center, have long since reached the working world.

Qualitative personnel consulting puts people, both candidates and entrepreneurs, department heads and their team in the focus of the search and reacts, especially against the background of dwindling professionals, to this inevitable paradigm shift.

Even if it seems trivial: Good recruiting means more than just matching requirements and occupying vacant positions somehow: It always depends on the people and their values.

Courage for re-personalization

Diese Aussage scheint banal in der Vermittlung von „Personen“, doch in der Praxis stehen wir oft genug vor der Herausforderung, dass wir Manager auf die Bedeutung qualitativer Kriterien für die Auswahl des „passenden“ Mitarbeiters sensibilisieren müssen.“ Personalarbeit braucht mehr Mut zur Re-Personalisierung.

With expert and specialist moves in advisors, departments and decentralization of decisions, we are increasingly facing department heads and business leaders who are trying to recruit the right people.

quality not quantity

Leider wird es ihnen häufig durch interne Strukturen unmöglich gemacht. Denn externe Personalgewinnung erhöht oft nur die Menge an Bewerbern, aber führt nicht zum qualitativ „Passenden“.

The idea of ​​looking at working life apart from life is a hindrance, but both are approaching more and more and are increasingly subject to internal assessments in our society.

Work = life

Sicherlich sucht der neue Abteilungsleiter ein Unternehmen, das ihm neue berufliche Herausforderungen bietet. Aber sein Augenmerk gilt auch einem Team, in dem er sich am „wohlsten“ fühlt.

For the candidate qualitative criteria have long played a role in decision-making. Work is no longer just the place of livelihood, but also the space of individual interests and self-realization.

Qualitative procedures as a basis for personnel decisions

How are these subjective requirements for the new company to be determined and evaluated?

Qualitative procedures involving the understanding of the objectives Focus on the company and the applicant, uncover individual motivations and needs and form the basis for making the right personnel decision.

Advantages of qualitative personnel selection

The qualitative, understanding approach of employee recruitment offers long-term advantages for the company:

  1. Reduction of turnover
  2. Increase employee identification
  3. Building teams for tomorrow

What should managers do?

These results call for managers to engage in the recruitment process:

  1. Personal recording of the status quo; How does your company tick?
  2. Formulation, who suits you?
  3. Record the technical target / optional criteria.
  4. Concreting the requirements in relation to the candidates on the market.
  5. Make compromises to make decisions.

From life to man

Der CV, als Kurzfassung des beruflichen Werdegangs des Bewerbers, ist nicht mehr oder weniger als ein Abstract, hinter dem sich der konkrete „richtige“ Kandidat verbirgt.

Qualitative HR consulting goes into depth and reveals the potential for companies. As in life, it also applies to personnel recruitment: people choose people.

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  1. Arwed Röhrdanz says:

    Who or what should be pointed out? It is courage to cross your own courage.
    Unfortunately, not everyone feels called to stand up against Goliath as David, forcing him to hold on to the prescribed limits. Too bad.
    It really takes courage to also confirm his decision with a smile.

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Mr. Röhrdanz, that pleases me: courage also confirm its decisions with a smile. Thanks for this comment.

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    RT @upo_recruiting: Recruiting competence ??? Managers rate personality traits as arbitrary & negligible
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    RT @upo_recruiting: Recruiting competence ??? Managers rate personality traits as arbitrary & negligible
    - Exciting contributionXPfq7tXB ...

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    Recruiting competence ??? Managers rate personality traits as arbitrary & negligible
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    More courage for good personnel decisions - that is what Dirk Ohlmeier urges @Berufebilder:

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    RT @SimoneJanson: Good personnel decisions need courage - 1/2: The limits of objectivity -

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    ": Good personnel decisions need courage - 1/2: The limits of objectivity - - Exciting contributionSE71iYJ44g "It takes courage!

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    Good personnel decisions need courage - 1/2: The limits of objectivity: HR manager… #profession #education

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