IT-Recruiter study: That's the way people think about the German developer scene

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Germany is on a treasure hunt. There is talk of the experts in IT and tech who, thanks to their coding arts, websites, apps and computer programs, streaming services and applications for Company program and maintain. There is a lack of companies in every corner and end, the professionals who implement visions and products. But what do recruiters say? Best of HR –®

Here writes for you:

Stefan Schwarzgruber Stefan SchwarzgruberStefan Schwarzgruber has been responsible for the business development of Stackoverflow in the DACH market since 2015.


New study on IT refiners in Germany

The battle for developers is in full swing and in no industry are the Company more on headhunters and recruiters who want to woo and communicate the best of the best.

Stack Overflow has found out in a study how recruiters and recruiters do what they want and what their job really looks like. Interviewed were IT recruiters, HR professionals, general recruiters and Employer Branding staff.

Where are the candidates?

The biggest challenge facing IT recruiters is the sheer lack of candidates, as countless studies have since proven and we also found clear evidence in our recent IT recruitment study. Nearly 41 percent of respondents say they do not find enough developers for the vacancies. More than half of the recruiters would like more software developers to have at least one choice. With many positions unoccupied, projects and companies lag behind their sales and growth goals. Respondents said that their project workload is high and that they would like to hire a lot more - if there were enough candidates.

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Incidentally, the most commonly searched for are full-stack developers with Java knowledge. That's what about 47 percent of the participants said. Number two and three are web developers backend with 44 percent and frontend web developers with around 37 percent.

Addressing and wooing candidates: a promising option

Typically, the search for employees is like this: the company publishes one or more ads and gets applications from candidates who think they suit them. Unfortunately, when you're looking for developers, this does not work if you're not working for a world-renowned tech company with an excellent reputation among developers.

In fact, the reverse is true: Companies have a job vacancy and are looking for candidates who could fit in order to woo them with additional services and, last but not least, appropriate salary offers. Thus, IT specialists have a completely new negotiating position.

More and more IT recruiter

More and more IT recruiting companies specialize in exactly this approach, and companies are also focusing their sourcing processes on them. It is all about building a highly qualified talent pool. For about 39% of the participants, active sourcing measures account for more than half of the recruiting measures.

When you differentiate by company size, you see smaller companies seem to be more dependent on it. For 48% of smaller companies - companies with fewer than 250 employees - active sourcing measures account for more than half of the recruiting measures, while only 28% of companies with 250 employees active sourcing account for half of the IT Recruiting measures. Harnessing the radiance of corporate culture and innovations: Good employer branding attracts international candidates

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In Focus: Employer Branding

Basically all companies should pay special attention to their employer branding. Anyone who is a fair employer, an innovative, exciting company with good pay, is more likely to attract the experts and prevail in the competition.

The study shows: Asked about the importance of employer branding for the target group of developers, 96% of the interviewed recruiters described the topic as important, of which even 76% was very important. Above all, the focus is on one's own corporate culture and the individual benefits that a worker receives. Transparency and an open team are characteristics that are always highly regarded and that belong to a modern company.

It remains international in German development teams

Simple copying of competitors in terms of peculiarities and advantages usually results in frowning and only shows that there are no own ideas. Another tip for good employer branding: Introducing the team and taking every opportunity to let them talk about work and everyday life in a company. Suitable for this purpose are events and trade fairs, but also workshops, which can be organized, for example, in their own premises or even venues or Zugast in co-working spaces on relevant topics.

Furthermore, the study shows that the current talent pool, from which recruiters draw promising candidates, is very international. In terms of origin, 14 percent of companies in the EU and only 24 percent use the international talent pool when it comes to recruiting developers.

Which language do the companies speak?

Looking back at the difference between companies in terms of employee numbers, companies with 250 employees are recruiting at 36 percent worldwide, while companies with 250 and more employees are only sourcing 20 percent from the global pool.

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With these international teams, the question naturally arises: how do they actually speak to each other? Regarding the spoken team language. 26 percent of the larger companies have English as their team language. In contrast, 44 percent of smaller companies say “We speak English”.

Conclusion: Higher, faster, think ahead

Ultimately, this study shows a snapshot of a development that affects virtually all areas and that recruiters have long recognized. The German IT sector is making big leaps, but still has potential for higher, further, faster.

This would be made possible by more candidates, more enthusiasm for the subject of computer science and the love of coding. But until this gap is closed, the treasure hunt for the best talents will continue to require special skill.

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