{Replica} Personnel marketing - if companies want to target women: salad bowls, shoes and true emancipation in the toilet

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Women who make careers - that has been somewhat “in” since the discussion about the women's quota. Thought themselves diverse Company and are now targeting women. But how is that treacherous. {Replica} Personnel marketing - when companies target women (want to): salad bowls, shoes and true emancipation on the toilet

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Here writes for you:

Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Employer branding for women?

The way Company However, campaigning for women's favor shows one thing: the old clichés and the barriers in people's heads are far from over. How emancipation really works is shown in the end in the toilet!

Thanks to Anke Domscheit-Berg, who tweeted the photos, I became aware of two personnel marketing campaigns from Bosch and Accenture. The two companies want to appear attractive especially for female applicants - and not only with the shoe heels but also like this:

Clichés instead of specialist skills

From the basic idea it is certainly well meant to address women. Dear business, as women, we thank you for it! It's only a pity that they are not being promoted with their professional competencies, but with stupid female stereotypes.

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Unfortunately, the company has to be under the impression that it is only superficially advertise women because it looks so politically correct, just good for employer branding is.

Real emancipation shows itself with financial service providers on the toilet!

The reality behind it probably looks like that on the top floor, on the 49th floor of the Commerzbank headquarters in Frankfurt am Main: the men's room offers a magnificent view of Frankfurt, for which Commerzbank is notorious. The ladies' toilet does not offer the same view, even if that would have been possible structurally (and before anyone asks: yes, I was there myself ... but that's another story ...)

On December 21, 2012, according to the Maya calendar, not only should the world go under, but also, at least according to the will of the European Court of Justice and and at least for insurance companies, absolute equality should occur. Accordingly, unisex toilets have now been introduced after unisex toilets. Was the date a coincidence? Attention irony! However, we are still a long way from fair, gender-neutral insurance tariffs.

Women: Still with shoes and salad bowls?

Certainly, the saying of Bosch, looking for women who want higher than 7 cm, ironically funny, I do not want to deny that. I just do not like the thinking behind it: Obviously the women are supposed to be picked up where they are supposed to be - salad bowls and shoes.

Incidentally, I deliberately exaggerate: Of course, the second object is just a glass bowl on which a pink card is stylishly emblazoned. The association with a salad bowl, also due to the green contents, could not be more unfortunate and somehow reminds of “kitchen” and “design” but not career.

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What do employers trust women to do?

The two questions that arise for me:

  • What do you trust the women then?
  • And my question to you: How do you see that?

By the way, Spiegel Online titled on June 06, 2011 in line with my heading: “Careers are made when peeing”. Well then we know now.

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  1. Andreas Zimmer

    Exciting discussion on #Diversity & EB - when companies specifically target women: RT @ SimoneJanson

  2. Christopher Funk

    RT @SimoneJanson: True emancipation RT @KEAL_Berlin: "# Careers are made while peeing"

  3. Simone Janson

    Say yes, true emancipation on d.Klo;) RT @ KEAL_Berlin: "careers are made when peeing"

  4. Ruth Conter-Mannweil

    RT @CorneliaTopf: This speech will not be effective in the long run .. ... - Very interesting!4VWw9

  5. Tanja Handl

    Well, for me, high heels are not part of my zest for life ... I have to agree with Mrs. Janson - the cliché speaks from these subjects. How often, for example, in nursing professions for men advertised - with a Porsche or a lightly dressed woman? Not at all? Yes, because it would be wrong. And that's exactly what high heels and pink slacks are ...

  6. Simone Janson

    Dear Mrs. Pot,
    of course the tipping on salad bowls, shoes and the toilet also serves the marketing of the contribution. But you are right: you can of course also sit back and look at the matter, also with the toilet, süffisant-sovereign. Thanks for this advice!

  7. Monika Paitl

    Shoes are important, but not at this point. - Very interesting!4VWUs

  8. Dr. Cornelia Topf

    The view from the men's room of the Commerzbank in Frankfurt - in fact gigantic. The fact that the ladies' room - which I know not personally - is different, I can not recognize the best will as discrimination or misogyny, that falls short.
    Sacrificial roll differently.
    More interesting is the question of the actual background of this difference. Then woman can be 1. amuse and 2. also learn what.
    When the gentlemen stand in front of the urinal, they peed on their former competitor, the Dresdner Bank down - has now done.
    And they were so proud of that, that they showed it to female visitors. That's how it works! Is not that nice?
    From this point of view, I have no problem with high heels and a salad bowl. That is 1. for many women part of their identity and joie de vivre, we treat ourselves to this in addition to our now undisputed competence, and by the way, there is also the same with the quota: Not: “Can you do something or are you quota” or both as also.

    Dr. Cornelia Topf

  9. Monika Paitl

    RT @CorneliaTopf: This speech will not be effective in the long run .. ... - Very interesting!4VWw9

  10. Cornelia Topf

    This speech will not be effective in the long run .. ... - Very interesting!4VWw9

  11. Sandra Rehberger

    True emancipation shows up on the toilet ..? RT @SimoneJanson When companies specifically target (want to) women:

  12. Alma Mater

    RT @SimoneJanson: Personnel marketing - when companies specifically target women:

  13. Holger Froese

    Personal marketing - when companies target women: salad bowls, shoes & true emanzi #business
    Commented on Twitter

  14. Talentory

    RT @ KEAL_Berlin: dear bosch company - I say nothing about it (speaks for itself;)

  15. KEAL

    dear bosch company - I do not say anything (speaks for itself;)

  16. Simone Janson

    @N_newcruiting @war_for_talents @JobAgentin the bad thing is that so far only women are crying

  17. Competencepartner

    Personal marketing - when companies specifically target women: Salad bowls, shoes ...

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