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Personal development in balance: dealing with pressure and stress properly

Finding the right balance is like breathing: Have you ever tried to inhale again and again without exhaling? That does not last long, then you have the feeling of bursting.


Letting go is fear

The release of things, as well as that of foreign expectations, is strongly associated with fears. What happens if I no longer meet the requirements that are placed on me? Am I losing my job, my security?

Releasing, clearing out, reducing does not mean here:

  • We've always done this way, it's going to stay that way.
  • My knowledge has always been, why should I change something.
  • That brings nothing.

Further training: Class instead of mass

I keep meeting people who have accumulated such an unbelievable amount of training and further education that I turn pale. “I don't have a car, I don't buy clothes or jewelry, I invest everything in mine Further Training“A listener recently revealed to me on the sidelines of my lecture. And yet he was unemployed and couldn't find a job.

The amount of further training alone does not seem to be enough. Possibly an investment in appearance and impact, in social competence or psychological know-how would have been more appropriate instead of the accumulation of more and more expert knowledge.

Change yes - but please the right!

More and more knowledge in less and less time - From the G9 to the G8 and back again. Clearly you have to try a lot - and if you fail, turn the wheel back or change the direction again.

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How much Ritalin still has to be told how many teachers still suffer a burn out or something like this until you realize that although change is necessary, the wrong way has been taken.

The right balance is important

In the long term, inhaling and exhaling must alternate in a balanced rhythm, even if this rhythm can be temporarily overridden. Final sprint. While running as well as before an exam. After that, times are needed again when things run “normally”.

What have you missed so far? What have you always wanted to make up for? Then nothing like ran, then it is synonymous again good. Do not go for the next qualification. The demands on your profession have changed dramatically?

People also need a composting phase

Open it up, do an update - and then it's time to take a break again. Just as a garden needs rest and regeneration in winter, people also need a “compost phase”. Digesting, transforming, so that everything can become fertile.

Does that sound too much like agriculture to you? Then call it the “composing phase”: calmly incorporate individual tones and pieces of the mosaic into the overall orchestration, listen to it and find out whether this is okay and where it may need to be readjusted.

The luxury of inaccessibility

No motor runs continuously without increased wear, even the parliament pays for a summer break. Whereas it was formerly a luxury and success criterion to be attainable, today the opposite is true: one must be able to afford (and want!) Not to be attainable. An interesting training field. How long do you think of doing nothing, thinking nothing, keeping silent, without watch, no mails? Check yourself:

  • What are your expectations and expectations?
  • How do you deal with such expectations?
  • What is actually the price for it if you withdraw from them?
  • What do you expect from yourself?

Over-fulfilled demands from the outside

The external demands put us under pressure especially when we ourselves expect to fulfill them or even to over-fulfill them. So ask yourself:

  • I can set my own expectations and objectives screw it down, focus me?
  • Do I have to be constantly accessible by mobile phone, for example?

True compulsive situations are rare

Ursula von der Leyen, the Minister of Labor, also wants to limit her constant accessibility. Enjoy your time out.

You can not do that? But! Real real-world situations are much rarer than we think. And forced changes are often quite unhappy and much faster than we can imagine and want.

Changes are often unhappy

This is the serious accident that requires rethinking, the death of a child, there is the divorce that eludes the emotional and material foundation, there is the sudden loss of the workplace, the collapse: from now on equal is nothing more as it was ,

Many people manage to change and change many things in life. Is it always necessary to have such incisive experiences that force us to rethink, revaluate and radically change?

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    It's all about balance RT @CorneliaTopf: Further development - but right! #Change # change

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    Exhale! Do not forget! Mrs Dr. Topf puts one of my favorite secrets of success in words….

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    Series Change Management at the Limit - 3 / 3: Further development - but right!

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