The 110% Lie: How to Achieve More with Less Perfection [Bestsellers]

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The FAZ on the 110% lie: "The author gives tips on how to get there with less effort and make life easier." The book is on Bestseller; including top 10 titles in the business magazine Impulse and a Top 10: im Business Journal, It appeared in several languages.

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Perfectionists are coming to heaven - others have success!


We should be perfect, well-organized and flawless. At least so wish Company your Coworkers. But perfectionists are not automatically the most successful.

Because whoever wants to be perfect often gets in the way of too high demands, can not handle pressure and criticism badly, does not keep deadlines, because the project is not yet perfect or avoids decisions for fear of mistakes and tends to white thinking. The book shows how people, even without compulsion to perfection, can enjoy work again and even work more productively.

Praise from the FAZ


On the 10. April 2009 appeared in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung this positive review of my book "The 110% Lie". In particular, it praises the good practicability of my exercises, and my main thesis is that doing too much does not lead to more performance, but often leads to more mistakes.

"The author provides well-done tips on how to reach the goal with less effort, makes life easier and keeps your sharpest critic silent."

Top 300 on Amazon


The review promoted the book to the top 300 sales at You can find the full review here: You as search term "Simone Janson", then you can get the review "Less work, achieve more" for 2 Euro.

Because: Unfortunately, the Frankfurt General did not allow me to publish the text on my site, unless I am willing to acquire the temporary usage rights for expensive money. To put it plainly, we are talking about a very short text of almost 70 words for which you would like 65 Euro for one month, 115 Euro for a half year, and 235 Euro for three years.

Free review copy for the newspaper


My book did not buy the Frankfurter Allgemeine by the way, but got it as a review copy for free.

Of course, she has not shared it publicly, but in my opinion there is just a strong discrepancy between a detailed text and a short, consisting of a few lines review. But as far as the length of the texts is concerned, there is no difference in the otherwise very detailed pricing of the FAZ. Somehow strange.

Press comments on the book:


Here is a selection of press reviews and interviews for this book. You will find further press releases on the book at / press reviews-110-luege /

  • "The 110-related fulfillment of all tasks is in the way of career success rather than serving it. That's what journalist and author Simone Janson recognized ... ", 08. March 2010
  • getAbstract founder Rolf-Dobelli "... recommends the book to all managers, employees and the self-employed who still have enough sense to realize that they are threatening to lose it."
  • Wirtschaftsblatt: "A new guidebook reveals why perfectionists are far more likely to suffer from burnout and frustration than fun at work and a great career."
  • The Neue Züricher Zeitung recommended on the 8. September 2009 my book "The 110% lie" to all managers, employees and the self-employed, who still have enough sense to realize that they threaten to lose it.
  • Professor Gerald Lembke has made a short contribution to my book "The 110% lie" in his SME blog.
  • The courier has published an article on 11.01.2009 worth reading about the 2009 career books. I am glad that my book is also mentioned in the list of these 10 really readable works. The post was also from, the largest Austrian career portal, was adopted: "Guidebooks abound. Which of them are really good, you can see here. Due to their high standards, perfectionists often stand in their own way, do not keep appointments and can not admit mistakes. Journalist and ex-perfectionist Simone Janson helps obsessive-minded workers set the right priorities and have more fun and success in their jobs. "
  • In the weekend edition of the courier, Vienna, appeared to the 6. April 2009 to my book "The 110% lie" a detailed article with examples from the workday and tips, what perfectionists can do better.
  • In the Schwäbische Zeitung, an article on pathological perfectionism appeared on the 15.06.2011, referring to my book "The 110% Lie. How to achieve more with less perfection "referred:" Whether top athletes or virtuoso musicians: some of them have probably only come this far because they are perfectionists. To want to get better and better, is completely fine. But only a thin line separates healthy from morbid perfectionism - it inhibits, rather than promote. "
  • Rather limited to the formal aspects of my book is the review by Knut OE Pankrath in the common room of business blogs. Unfortunately, the name of the author, who by the way has explicitly asked me for an opinion, is not included. Apart from some contradictions (for example, the exercise is too short, then again too long), the content aspects unfortunately more suspected and felt as professional criticized. Therefore, I am not really surprised that the author does not open the context of the title graphic, which in my opinion illustrates very well the power error associated with perfectionism. After all, I'm glad that my argument was consistently recognized as good. I find it amusing, however, that someone counts the existing icons in the book, it seems a bit like you have not found anything to criticize :-)
  • After all the praise and positive voices, I find the somewhat critical review of my book on quite refreshing. I am especially pleased that the author, despite all the criticisms, then comes to the conclusion that the book is courage and help. It is precisely this altered view of perfectionism, which in our society is regarded as a Cardinalship, that I want to reach with my book. Therefore a total successful review.
  •, one of the leading German business portals, contributed an article about my book "The 110% lie" and my theses on perfectionism and perfection.
  • The Alumniportal Deutschland is jointly published by the Goethe-Institut, the DAAD, BMBF, KfW and several other official bodies. 2010 was interviewed about time management and talked about the relationship with time and punctuality as well as about perfectionism national and international.
  • Staying healthy in the job is now a contribution to my perfectionism book has appeared: Just in the short term, the pressure is great to work perfectly in his job. Many fear that the next wave of dismissals will also be on the shooting list if they allow only the slightest missing. But that can not work, because no one is faultless. On the contrary, often the desire to make everything perfect, only the opposite effect.
  • Hardworking, diligent, dutiful and yet perfectionists are often not promoted. This is because they are not able to criticize, they just roll the problems instead of tackling them. Petra Oberhofer wrote in the Financial Times Deutschland a contribution to the subject of perfectionism based on my book "The 110% lie".
  • Also the Swiss television got my book "The 110% lie. How to achieve more with less perfection ". On the website of "ECO - The Economy Magazine", which airs on SF1, my book is presented as one of the best business books as book tip: The book is recommended to all managers, employees and self-employed who have enough eye size to recognize that they threaten to lose it.

Interviews with me as a writer


  • "Perfectionists work hard, are promoted less often, says career expert Simone Janson in her book" The 110% Lie "and explains how to counter ..." My colleague Tina Groll has an on ZEIT ONLINE An interesting interview with me about my book "The 110% lie" titled "The perfectionist is the perfect workhorse".
  • Just in time for the start of the new working week, the SWR1 interviewed me on perfectionism last Monday. In the three-minute talk, I explain why perfectionism is not necessarily career-enhancing and what can be done about it.
  • Anyone who always gives 110 percent in the job will not be promoted. Julia Bönisch has in the Süddeutschen an interview with me about my new book "The 110% lie. How you can do more with less perfection ", which has boosted sales. The result is a worth reading conversation about perfectionism, burnout and what self-proponents have the perfectionists ahead of them.
  • I also gave an interview to the online presence of the most famous German women's magazine Brigitte. Brigitte editor Swantje Wallbraun asked about the biggest perfectionism mistakes in the job, how to deal with perfectionism - and my personal experiences. In addition, I acted as counselor for the psycho-test on the topic.
  • In his blog Jochen Mai asked me some critical questions about the theses of my new book "The 110% lie". Among other things, he wants to know if I have written a plea for chaos, what I have against the Simplify wave. Or whether it would not be a bit much to expect bosses and customers to accept bad work. I cleaned up a bit in the interview with a few prejudices that one could have against an anti-perfectionism book, including making clear why 80 percent of performance is often better than 100 percent and why perfectionism is not good for careers , The result is a readable interview.
  • Pursuit of high performance is rather counterproductive for success, less is more, the lazy gets even more on the line? My theses on the 110% lie have provided some ground for discussion over the past few weeks. In an interview on Arbeits-ABC I was able to present my theses clearly and clearly. You can find the whole interview here:

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  4. Kseniya Bogomolova

    Human beings life. Who we are ... it's still A QUESTION: Do you think that you can easily pedantism from perfectionism? Maybe ... sometimes you mix them?

  5. Simone Janson

    Hi Kesniya, thanks for that comment. It's interesting, I'm glad to see you. I do not say, that is perfectionism is allways bad, but sometimes it's too much and some people hinder themeselves whith it. That's what my book is about.

    • Kseniya Bogomolova

      Thank you for your interest in me

      • Simone Janson

        I allways like discussing about things. Just sometimes it's the paint of time.

  6. Kseniya Bogomolova

    For some people, this quality-perfectionism is as a part of their personality, natural personality, style of life (at work and at home).
    Some people have this quality as one of the masques. People who have made a lot of progress in science, were and are perfectionists, they are moving our culture, science, and finally technical progress with people, working "so-so". So, your book is very arguable one.

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  19. Irmela

    Dear Mrs. Janson, I would like to thank you for the book "The 110% Lüge" - it is an instructor and has opened my eyes in many areas.
    I write a thesis in sociology of work and include perfectionism. So far, I have only found a scientific source for dealing with corporate failures, but no studies on the nonproductive workings of perfectionists. In their book, you mention that many work psychologists have found that perfectionist workers harm the company. Which researchers have done research in this area? I would be very happy to receive an answer.

  20. Irmela

    Dear Mrs. Janson, I congratulate you on the book "The 110% Lie" - it is extremely instructive and has opened my eyes in many areas.

    I write a thesis in sociology of work and include perfectionism. So far, I have only found a scientific source for dealing with corporate failures, but no studies on the nonproductive workings of perfectionists. In their book, you mention that many work psychologists have found that perfectionist workers harm the company. Which researchers have done research in this area? I would be very happy to receive an answer.

    Best Regards

  21. Simone Janson

    that pleases me when the book pleases. Yes unfortunately, the publisher did not want footnotes - that is also popular publishers have yet to learn, the reader likes to read what.
    Look at the list of books on S. 201 for the book by Poppelreuter - who gives an overview of the state of research with a host of other studies and sources!
    Will your work be published somewhere? Would interest me!

  22. Rebecca Reuss

    Good day,

    I am interested in the book "the 110% lie". In the book trade I was told that it was out of print. How can I get the book.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Rebecca Reuss

  23. Simone Janson

    Dear Mrs. Reuss,
    since you are the second week with this request.
    The book is to be reprinted 2012 and is unfortunately currently only available as an e-book: /
    I will report it to the blog once the book is available again.
    Thank you for your patience!

  24. Oelze Consult

    #For the 110% L uge: Where is your book still?

  25. Florence Demmer

    Please let me know where I can get the above named book!
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Florence Demmer
    Kirchmayergasse 11
    3400 Klosterneuburg

  26. Simone Janson

    Dear Mrs. Demmer,
    Thank you for your concern. The book is unfortunately only available as an e-book.
    I try to persuade my publisher to a reprint ...

  27. Holger Froese

    the 110% L uge: Where is your book still? #Business

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