Find the perfect recruiter: 7 tips for recruiters [+ checklist]

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Many Company spend weeks looking for new employees until they find a suitable candidate for their open position. The high expenditure of time costs entrepreneurs a lot of money. A Personnel Service Provider Can Save Time and Money - 5 tips on how to find the best.

Find the perfect personnel service provider: 7 tips for recruiters [+ checklist] recruiting-personnel service providers

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Mario Hahn is a freelance editor.


What qualities must a service provider fulfill?

Four months - looking so long Company in Thuringia, until they find a suitable employee for an open position (source: Landesarbeitsagentur). The shortage of skilled workers affects not only Thuringia, but every German state.

Companies need a solution to make their job search more efficient and employ experienced personnel service providers who have been active in the industry for years. What qualities must such a personnel service provider possess?

1. Years of experience

The current market situation requires personnel service providers with great experience. Never before has it been more difficult to find skilled workers that suit the client. In the 1990 years, recruitment agencies had to select the best specialist from countless candidates, and today their task begins with the search for suitable employees.

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For the search for candidates, personnel service providers need a large network of partners and memberships to help them with this task. Also, the company must have trained staff, which can use the company network to find skilled workers in the required time. In this way, appropriate personnel service providers targeted the exact matching candidates.

2. certification

Many personnel service providers facilitate the search for specialists by offering qualified employees on their website the opportunity to present their interest in job search. Others are not only active online, but also have locations all over Germany, where employees face-to-face advice.

There are suppliers who are members of the Bundesarbeitsverband der Personaldienstleister and work according to a defined quality standard. A great plus in finding a service provider is certified according to the quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001.

3. Needs of the company

A large portfolio of specialists is an important quality criterion for personnel service providers. Good intermediaries are also able to analyze the needs of a company. The following criteria are important:

  • For which position is the company looking for a specialist?
  • When must the position be occupied at the latest?
  • What is the experience of a specialist?

Most recruitment agencies focus on specific occupational fields. As experts in these areas, they know what companies in the industry are looking for and can fulfill their wishes with the utmost precision.

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4. Understand candidates

Even if companies need new employees as quickly as possible, personnel service providers must not neglect the wishes of the candidates. They have fulfilled their task only if both sides are satisfied with the new employment relationship.

The demands of skilled workers are many and varied: many of them want an employer to provide career advancement opportunities, flexible working hours, or an insight into the fact that the employee would not be available after the end of his or her working day. Here is the change of the working world Companies are increasingly faced with challenges, The task of the recruiter is to act as a link between employers and employees and to oversee the entire recruitment process up to the conclusion of the employment contract.

Open questions are usually clarified by the personnel mediators. Therefore, he must know all the details about the vacancy, but also about the employer and can answer questions.

5. Good customer service

Good service providers also provide optimal customer service and communicate all important information in advance on your website.

Exemplary is here for example Hofmann Personalwho not only refer to your website's qualifications, references and business areas, but also offer potential customers a callback service.

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6. Openly communicate what works and what does not

A good service provider only accepts orders which he can fulfill with good conscience under the conditions agreed by both parties. Professional recruiters take the time to interview candidates, do not neglect the timeframe set by the client, but do not overshoot the position.

But they also make it clear that there are vacancies that can not be filled at the current time or not in the required time. A good service provider communicates this problem to his client.

7. Active sourcing and data mining

Professional personnel service providers do not rely on their many years of experience, but learn new skills through seminars and further training courses. They are registered in well-known networks such as Xing and Linkedin, active in forums where skilled workers look for jobs and are not afraid to write employees spontaneously and to propose a change to a new company.

Thanks to the professional use of the latest web technologies, a modern recruiter can find suitable candidates in record time - that is what makes him efficient. Wollmilchsau GmbH is without a doubt one of the best-known personnel service providers in this area.

The first selection process takes place online today and saves the service provider a lot of time. Whether on Facebook, Xing or Twitter - many professionals leave traces on the world wide web, which reveal a lot of information about their personality and professional career. Good personnel service providers analyze the data and decide whether the candidate suits his client.

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Due to the advancing digitalisation, professional agents are able to find candidates not only online, but also to learn more about them on the Internet - before the first interview.

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