The perfect job: 12 tips for the formulation

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A personal ad today works more like a business card than a business card. Moreover, it is similar to one Application to see. Yesterday's standards are usually not convincing anymore. job offer

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What is important?

It is necessary to stand out from the crowd and to communicate unmistakably in order to leave an impression. Above all, it is about the first impression that counts. A well-thought-out form of personalization remains with the applicants in the head and leads in the best case also to good applications.

The most important are clearly understandable statements, free from general descriptions. The following criteria must be fulfilled:

  • a clear, self-explanatory job title
  • a clear description of the tasks, which gives an accurate picture of the future workplace - always with the aim of getting the applicant in the forefront of the Application in the head to pick up (keyword: Involvement)
  • a realistic profile that makes it clear what the criteria and the requirements are "nice to have" - ​​it is precisely in this context that companies or the recruiters are self-aware that the choice of words is crucial. There is a clear difference between "desirable" and "desired".

12 Tips for the perfect formulation of a job advertisement

Texts are craftsmanship and headache, so there is always a certain technical requirement. Therefore, for all formulations:

  1. The perfect position display is as short as possible and as long as necessary - depending on the medium
  2. Companies have to stand out from each other and avoid randomness
  3. The following triad has proved its worth so far, whereby the second and third point should complement each other: Who am I (as a company)? What do I offer (as a job)? Why should you decide (as an individual) for this job?
  4. What does the applicant have to work at XY? The offer to the applicant must be convincing and uniquely formulated.
  5. In order to stand out, creativity and language skills are required. Which company does not claim to be able to offer "an innovation-strong company with a pleasant working atmosphere"? Particularly on the linguistic level, there is much to be done here, as well as the opportunity to stand out.
  6. (Eg unnecessary soft skills in the profile - better if at all necessary in the task description)
  7. The content of the text must be appropriate to the medium
  8. The medium and the way in which the content is consumed determine the form (for example, print vs desktop vs. mobile - the SEO factor is always added to digital content)
  9. A good text that inspires the target group is not a matter of course. Too often the subject areas, which pretend the content, lack the view through the spectacles of the candidates (keyword: Candidate Experience)
  10. Even if the job advertisement is an "old" means, one must remain with the formulations at the pulse of the time
  11. Anyone who is able to arouse honest interest with a job advertisement and to get the applicant to keep himself informed, for example through the company's career website, comes closer to his desired candidate.
  12. The aim is to meet the target groups and their needs. Choice of words, expression and style must fit. You have to deliver content that interests and inspires you.

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