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Success & Management (Academy)

Resilience and self-efficacy: Yes, We Can!

The self-efficacy conviction is one of the best studied human characteristics in psychology. Does the person who opposes us hold her own destiny, and that through her own behavior she can change herself and the things surrounding her for the better? If so, the self-efficacy is. Read more
Success & Management (Academy)

Resilience factor Realistic optimism

If, like us, you enter into a business relationship with an American company in whose concepts the term optimism plays a truly important role, then care is to be taken for people from European culture such as myself. Why? Because there is unlikely to be a country in the world where optimism as a personality trait is as important as in the US. Read more
Success & Management (Academy)

Resilience factors: Achieve goals with impulse control

You may remember the finals of the football World Cup, France vs. Italy, in Berlin. Zinédine Zidane gets insulted by his opponent Materazzi, goes back to him and gives him a brutal head butt to the chest. In this situation he had neither his emotions nor his impulses under control. And what do we learn from this? Read more

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