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Education & Training (Academy)

BAföG: Attention data synchronization

Line 1 of Form 90 of the BAföG application contains a brief note that declarations that the applicant makes as assets are otherwise checked via a data comparison with the Federal Office of Finance. It is taken up again in the explanations for the form and even with an “Attention!” Mistake. But it will not be explained further. But what does that mean in plain text? Read more
Education & Training (Academy)

BAföG: Repayment of the loan

With BAföG reimbursement, you only have to start five years after the end of the training period and in the case of an academy training five years after the end of the training period provided for in the training and examination regulations. Read more
Education & Training (Academy)

BAföG: Grant period and update request

Grant period is the period in which you receive BAföG. Because the BAföG is granted only for a limited period - just the approval period. Two months before the expiry of the period of authorization, a follow-up application must be made if interruption of payments is to be prevented. Read more
Education & Training (Academy)

BAföG: What are the benefits of a preliminary ruling?

The demand rates apply as a measure of how much BAföG you get. These are the maximum amounts you can get. Deciding how much the BAföG actually is, however, is how much of your income from holiday or secondary jobs is deducted from these needs. And in turn, it is crucial how much the freedoms are. Read more

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