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Success & Management (Academy)

Organize meetings perfectly in 6 steps: Team meetings without stress

Help a meeting, so moans many employees. But even more moan the people who organize it and ensure that something meaningful comes out of it. So long preparation times and a lot of stress? Not at all! Efficient meetings can also be organized spontaneously - the participants only have to share a common goal and see that something comes out of it. Read more
Success & Management (Academy)

Write log in 9 steps: history and result

Often it goes like this: It is meeting and one is looked out, who grudgingly takes on the thankless task of writing a protocol - which nobody reads afterwards. Protocol are very important. But important: It has to be a good protocol. Read more
Style & effect (Academy)

Organize meetings efficiently: 7 + 1 golden rules for efficient meetings

Hardly a day goes by without meetings in companies: Meetings shape the day-to-day work of executives and employees at all levels. But all too often they go chaotic for lack of meaningful planning and finally end without tangible results. That does not have to be! If you follow a few simple rules, your next sessions are guaranteed to be a complete success. Read more
Success & Management (Academy)

To solve problems with creativity techniques: 8 tips for better ideas

In the meantime, creativity is no longer just important in so-called creative professions, but affects all sectors and areas of work. Everywhere, good ideas are needed to solve problems, to optimize products and services, or to carry on the business in any other way. But how do you find that? Read more

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Our books: sales figures, libraries and bookstores

Our books are read worldwide in bookstores and libraries - including the German National Library, Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Google Play, Weltbild, Hugendubel, Barnes and Nobel - and many others. Below is a detailed overview: Read more

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