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Job Search & Recruiting (Academy)

{Best of HR Live} Podium with Simone Janson - International Conference of YITP: Securing skilled workers through immigration?

An international conference is taking place today in Heidelberg on the subject of securing IT specialists. The organizer is Young IT Professionals (YITP), a company for strategic recruitment and further qualification in the IT area. I will also take part in one of the panel discussions. Read more
Best of HR Berufebilder
Job Search & Recruiting (Academy)

{Best of HR Live} ARD reportage The fairy tale about the shortage of skilled workers: With Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

In March, I got up for discussion on the subject of skills shortages Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® interviewed by the ARD. The result is now broadcast on the ARD. The title of the show: “The story in the first place: the labor market report - the fairy tale about the shortage of skilled workers”. Read more
Best of HR Berufebilder
StartUps & Finance (Academy)

{Replica} Andrea Nahles at the MCC congress “Future market for old-age provision”: “Drive around the system as little as possible”

Federal Minister of Labor Andrea Nahles speaks at the MCC congress “Future market for old-age provision” and answers a few questions from the participants, including many employees from insurance companies. It only gets exciting at the very end. Read more
Best of HR Berufebilder
Digital & New Work (Academy)

{Replica} Changing digital work: Gero Hesse / Bertelsmann discusses with Sarah Wagenknecht

Last week at UDL-Digital was what my personal dream political talk could have been: Gero Hesse, former Senior Vice President Human Resources at Bertelsmann and founder of Careerloft discussed Sarah Wagenknecht, deputy party leader of the left. The topic was “Digital Working - Between Self-Realization and Exploitation”. However, the discussion showed that the social gaps are so huge that the two ... Read more
Job Search & Recruiting (Academy)

Survey on the economic and general living situation of students in Germany: study “Fachkraft 2020”

Until recently - when designing my bachelor thesis - it was questionable for me whether current developments in the higher education sector and the resulting problem areas could be adequately captured with the help of publicly available data. Because against the background of the now becoming effective reforms of recent years, a lighting of the student's life in relatively short intervals would be desirable. Our first time ... Read more
Application Tips (Academy)

Unemployed despite professional deficit: personal or cultural problem?

At Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® We have been discussing the shortage of skilled workers for months and the media have already become aware of it: Statistical evidence that we do not have a broad shortage of skilled workers at all. poor self-marketing on the other hand. Now an experiment shows that often only small things decide whether an applicant is “released” or not. Read more
Job Search & Recruiting (Academy)

Plain text to the shortage of skilled workers: only cheap engineers and ITler asked?

Admittedly, the heading is a bit striking: it shows very nicely what many companies seem to think about their specialists - at least if you follow Karl Brenke from DIW. Because he spoke up again in an interview with the Stuttgarter Zeitung with the steep thesis: "Only cheap skilled workers are rare". Read more
Job Search & Recruiting (Academy)

TALK | Jürgen Schwarz, operations manager of Kissel + Wolf GmbH, about skills shortages, applicant googling and the AGG: “Many applicants break their own job market”

Jürgen Schwarz is plant manager and member of the management of Kissel + Wolf GmbH in Wiesloch near Heidelberg. In the interview, he reports on the shortage of skilled workers in his company, of interviews for test purposes, like the wrong one eMailAddress can destroy careers - and why at Bachelor many employers do not think of an academic degree. Read more
Best of HR Berufebilder
About Us (Academy)

{Best of HR Live} ARD report - the broadcast for research Berufebilder.de: The Legend of Skills Shortage

A few weeks ago I received a request from the ARD broadcast report of Bayrischer Rundfunk: One was on research on the subject of shortage of skilled workers on the detailed discussion on the subject Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® and searched now for further information or interview partners on the topic. The show, which sticks out, was broadcasted last night by 21.45 on ARD. Read more
Labor market analyzes (Academy)

{Media Partnership} Institute for Economic Research would like to use IAB to investigate a shortage of skilled workers: Call for Papers - what's in it?

Yesterday I received the invitation to submit a paper for the 9th workshop on labor market policy, which is organized by the Halle Institute for Economic Research together with the Labor Market and Occupational Research Institute. Under the motto “Shortage of skilled workers - what's up?” the two institutions want to discuss the topic in October. Read more
Labor market analyzes (Academy)

{Replica} DIW finds complaint about the soon lack of engineers exaggerated: Skill shortage - a statistics fata morgana of the VDI?

I recently got up Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® on the action of German engineers against their own association, the VDI, pointed out - and on the fact that the numbers about a future shortage of skilled workers, the propagandized by the VDI for years, are refutable. This is confirmed by a new publication by the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW). Read more
Labor market analyzes (Academy)

{Replica} Shortage of skilled workers - engineers mobilize against their own association: We are VDI!

Recently, I reported on how the VDI reacts to complaints from its (paid) members regarding the topic of skills shortages, which is always promoted by the association. Namely anything but understanding. By contrast, the members now want to defend themselves. Read more
Labor market analyzes (Academy)

{Replica} VDI statement on shortage of skilled workers and threats to leave: systematic wage dumping or just isolated cases?

One of my readers, even an engineer with a well-paid job, recently asked the Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI) for an opinion on the subject of a shortage of skilled workers. In his opinion, the VDI increasingly represents only the interests of the employer and no longer the interests of the engineers. Therefore, he now wants to leave the club and move others to quit. Polemic escalation or justified reproach? ... Read more
Labor market analyzes (Academy)

{Replica} Differentiated consideration instead of cheap polemics: lack of skilled workers pros and cons

As already reported yesterday, in Germany again violently discussed about the shortage of skilled workers. And that's probably too polemical. After all, you have to see the whole picture in a more differentiated way: there are companies that are in fact lacking specialists - and those who have no problems filling posts. Read more
Labor market analyzes (Academy)

{Replica} Discussion on the shortage of skilled workers in Germany: does it exist? A hearty “yes and no”!

The topic of shortage of skilled workers, which also last year Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® has been hotly debated is always the subject of violent polemics. So it was all the more surprising for me to have a differentiated panel discussion on the topic, which answered the question “lack of skilled workers or not” with a decided “yes and no”. Brightening results. Read more
Labor market analyzes (Academy)

{Replica} VDI again predicts a shortage of skilled workers: painting by numbers

Just over a month ago, DIW labor market researcher Karl Brenke raised the discussion about the shortage of skilled workers to a somewhat more objective level - at least one could have thought so. Because shortly before the turn of the year, the VDI returns - with the usual thesis! Read more
Labor market analyzes (Academy)

{Replica} Skilled labor shortage fairy tale continues: false arguments and real numbers

One would think that the study, published by DIW labor market expert Karl Brenke last week, helps to differentiate the topic of skills shortages in Germany. But the argument is as tough as it is convenient - and the business press continues to make great efforts. Read more
Best of HR Berufebilder
Labor market analyzes (Academy)

{Replica} Embarrassing dispute over DIW study, media thriller and successful crowdsourcing: lack of skilled workers or not?

A recent study by DIW speaks for itself Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® has been hotly debated for months: We may not have a shortage of skilled workers! But how could that happen? Conspiracy of companies and the media - or just a gambling game and many misunderstandings? Read more

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