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We are moved by the idea to make the world of work more human - without constant pressure for efficiency, stress and fear. As Publisher Best of HR - Berufebilder.de® with podcast, eLearning-on-demand offers and news service we share 15 years of experience with our customers (Samsung, Otto, state institutions). By the Top20 female blogger and consultant Simone Janson, referenced in ARD, ZEIT, Wikipedia , eLearning on Demand: Here you can tailor, book and download onlineCourses according to your wishes.

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In our Academy you can put together your personal eCourse on Demand and download it with worksheets. That's how it's done: In the search function, enter the topic of your choice or select a completed course - maximum 30 lessons. If you want more, please Package 2 book. Now update the page with the article selection. You now have 24h hours, the eCourse as eBook download. Alternatively, we also offer individually supervised eMail-courses or consultant packages.

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Job Search & Recruiting (Academy)

Employer branding with humanity: 5 X 3 tips for more performance

Even if this simple fact can quickly be overlooked in stressful professional life: bosses are only human. If you, as a manager, want to continuously motivate your employees to high levels of performance, then you are well advised to take your humanity with you to the office as well. We explain why. Read more
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Career & Curriculum (Academy)

Employer Branding Storytelling and Hero Journey: From Trainee to Manager

Storytelling and Candidate Experience are buzzwords of the current personnel marketing. But how does it look in practice from the point of view of employees when applicants embark on their very own heroic journey with a company? A report from the trainee application to the management. Read more
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Application Tips (Academy)

Unsolicited Application to the Personnel Service Provider: 7 Tips for Job Search via Recruiter

You are looking for a job, but do not currently find a specific job advertisement to which you can apply? Then an unsolicited application might be suitable for you. It makes sense not only for professionals in IT and engineering, but in many industries. But how do you do it? Read more
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Job Search & Recruiting (Academy)

On this topic you can also buy a book here with us!

What can Recruitier and Personnel Marketing as well as applicants learn from successful TV series such as Game of Thrones? How does mutual attraction develop and how do the matching matches come together in the end? The book includes an audio version, additional downloads, sweepstakes and the opportunity to earn money. Read more

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Our books worldwide in media, bookstores and libraries

Our books are read worldwide in bookstores and libraries - including the German National Library, Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Google Play, Weltbild, Hugendubel, Barnes and Nobel - and many others. Below is a detailed overview: Read more

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