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Health & Feelgood (Academy)

Anti-stress measures by analysis: improve daily routine, plan rest periods

Perhaps you are one of the flexible people who like to shake everything out of their sleeves spontaneously. Then you may find it unnecessary to plan, because “everything always turns out differently than you think!”. However, an effort analysis will help you fight stress and improve your daily routine. Read more
Success & Management (Academy)

Productivity trap Internet: Online time is lost time

A friendly owner of a major tax consultancy is online around the clock. The nice thing is: You can arrange to have tennis with him almost any time, because via Facebook chat, every message reaches him almost immediately. His social media skills are also praised by the industry as being particularly innovative. Read more
Health & Feelgood (Academy)

Serenity as a life motto: Relax every day

So we can only be as calm as our history of neuronal brain learning allows. Because the complex world keeps providing us with new surprises, we will only be able to practice ourselves in serenity all our lives. Read more

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Our books: sales figures, libraries and bookstores

Our books are read worldwide in bookstores and libraries - including the German National Library, Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Google Play, Weltbild, Hugendubel, Barnes and Nobel - and many others. Below is a detailed overview: Read more

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