Payroll and accounting on the smartphone: 5 tips for HR departments and companies

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Mobile work is on the rise. HR departments have to keep pace and also provide employee documents virtually. 5 Tips, what to consider in the introduction of a digital solution.

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Ulrich Jänicke Best of HR –®Ulrich Jänicke is Chairman of the Executive Board of aconso AG and one of the company's founders.


Mobile work is on the rise - even in bookkeeping

The fixed place in the office with PC and fixed telephone becomes more and more the end of the model. Instead, working with mobile devices such as a laptop or smartphone is possible from anywhere - in the airport lounge, the ICE or the domestic kitchen table. Through secure VPN connections, employees have access to company-internal servers and can easily retrieve the files they need.

Important employee documents, such as salary statements or payroll tax certificates, however, usually still reach employees by post. As a result, the paper is stacked in file cabinets in the private study. There is no doubt that this is no longer state-of-the-art, and in no way meets the rising demands of the modern employee. This would like to retrieve relevant information quickly, uncomplicatedly and, if possible, mobile.

New technologies as a challenge for Company

The good news is that the technology is already available - with modern portal solutions for the exchange of employee documents, companies can not only reduce the workload and costs for personnel departments, but also present employees and applicants as a future-oriented employer.

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However, introducing new technology into the enterprise is always a challenge - especially when it comes to sensitive employee documents. And not only the HR departments, but also the employees have to be brought on board - otherwise it will be difficult to enforce the new technology.

5 tips for introducing mobile billing software

What is important is that the solutions are not only safe for data protection, but also user-friendly and long-term. 5 Tips for companies, what you should consider when introducing such systems:

  1. Set on user-friendly systems and longevity: First of all, the successful introduction of a new tool depends on its quality. Therefore, in the first step, the solution and the provider should always be closely examined. Be aware that employees outside of the HR department are “laypersons” when dealing with HR documents and processes. It is all the more important that the chosen solution for the electronic transmission of employee documents can be operated intuitively and that processes can be reproduced as comprehensibly as possible. The storage of employee documents is also about security and longevity. At best, the documents should be available indefinitely and protected by the latest security technologies. If possible, don't rely on niche providers, but on established service providers.
  2. Perform internal PR for new tool: Finally, if a provider is chosen, you should inform your employees as early and transparently as possible about the new solution. Only if the employees accept and use the virtual portal, are introductory and support costs worthwhile. Which channels are sensible, each company has to decide individually for itself. If there is already a well functioning and frequented intranet, this is certainly a suitable platform. But also an own info portal, flyer, a hotline or even a short film are proven possibilities.
  3. Get the people's confidants on board: In addition to sufficient information material, it is worthwhile to involve employees' trustworthiness, such as works councils, data protection officers or lawyers, from the outset. If it is possible to convince them of the new solution, this also creates a first trust base among the employees. It is conceivable, for example, to have the new solution pre-tested. Thus, any concerns about data protection and employee rights can be effectively eliminated.
  4. Emphasize benefits for employees: In addition, the advantages of the new portal solution for the employees should be explicitly disclosed both in the infomaterial and in cooperation with internal company trust persons. They do not require administrative work, because remuneration statements are conveniently stored, sorted automatically and are available from anywhere. The everyone's file from aconso is also optimized for use on the smartphone - employees are thus informed about newly available documents by a message on the blocking screen and can log in easily through the app. Particularly profitable: Employees can also submit documents to the HR department in the opposite direction. To do so, they simply need to upload a camera photo of the document, such as the sick report, via the smartphone app.
  5. In case of contradiction to curiosity and comfort put: Despite all the measures and preparations to convince the employees of the new solution, there must be room for contradiction. Employees should not feel that they can not raise objections. Often, however, curiosity and comfort prevail. Once skeptical employees have first tried the tool and experienced the advantages, they will not want to miss it in the ideal case any more.

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