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Paperless application without cover sheet & cover letter: Social media as an alternative?

A world without internet - today unthinkable. It makes our lives easier, more colorful, faster. For many areas, this means an enormous process of change, because old methods have become obsolete, sometimes very suddenly. Also in the application world.


The tendency to paperless application

Neatly and painstakingly processed application folders are becoming obsolete. According to a Bitkom survey, only one in four prefers HR a Casting in paper form by post, almost 60 percent prefer the documents digitally, be it as a PDF file or even in standardized online application forms.

Ascending trend. Other surveys are seeing these differences even more dramatically. The statistics portal statista speaks of a ratio of 90 to 10 percent for a digital application. No matter in what clarity: the future belongs to the digital application. That's for sure. And workers need to be prepared.

What does this mean for me and my application?

Digitization is increasingly shifting the focus of documents to the content. An artistic presentation, printed on beautiful paper, arranged in a folder - these aspects do not apply to the first impression of an applicant. Of course are a clear one Design and optimally structured documents are still important, but the external shape is no longer a unique selling point.

This makes it all the more important: The digital application must above all impress with its content. A neatly worked out applicant profile with a clear recognizable activity portfolio - HR managers are convinced of this. Otherwise, the same standards of care and order should apply to digital applications as to paper applications. Unfamiliar abbreviations and spelling mistakes are noticed even faster on the screen!

New form - new ways

But the question of the correct form of application documents is only one aspect of digitization. The ways in which HR managers and job seekers find each other have also changed significantly - even a change of direction: According to a statista survey, only every second one switched in the past year Company his job advertisements in newspapers or specialist magazines. On the other hand, almost 90 percent used the possibilities of the Internet to fill vacancies.

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Social media services such as XING, LinkedIn and Experteer also play a not insignificant role in this change process. Almost half of the companies surveyed said they were looking for applicants and offered vacancies. A personal, well-groomed presence in these social media networks / platforms will considerably boost job search for the future - and will transfer the industry's need for digitization to each individual applicant.

Apps for career orientation and application

In addition to social media, apps are also playing an increasingly important role: They don't just help with the Career choicebut start one step beforehand: Apps can be used to discover professional fields in a playful way - and your own knowledge can also be tested right away.

For example, for students or students who are faced with the challenge of finding the right profession for themselves after graduation:

  • students: The end of the study period is usually faster than expected and then it will be serious for graduates.
  • high school graduates:  On the other hand, high school graduates must decide between study and training
  • Real and main students: For primary and secondary school students, above all, the question: Training for or for what?

Occupations TV: Training or what only?

A visit to the vocational information center is usually offered directly by the schools, but many professional images can also be explored with the smartphone or tablet, thus offering a serious subject a playful environment that motivates pupils. Completely different to the computer - many of the offers are also available in the net - mobile devices have the charm of leisure, volunteering and fun.

If you do not know in which direction you would like to work, you will find short films and information on a variety of training courses in the Berufe.TV app of the Federal Employment Agency. The films are well done, the lyrics short and understandable. Tips for the application complete the offer. However, users should watch the films of the app only in the wireless, otherwise the data volume of the mobile network is quickly maxed out.

App into the craft

For those who ins craft want, the West German Chamber of Crafts offers the craft driver's license. Aptitude tests for specialist areas offer those interested the opportunity to deal with the subject and assess their own abilities.

The big advantage of the craft driving license: If the result of a test is negative, it is recommended to do an internship and not immediately advised against the profession. This is how the Motivation cherished in search of the dream job.


Visually not very appealing, but in terms of content but highly recommended is Azubister. The app includes a magazine with articles on exciting education, tips for finding housing or information on volunteer service.

A list of apprenticeships shows career opportunities and everything important about job profile. The description can be used to search for positions in the vicinity or throughout Germany. All in all, there is a lot to discover. The link between the apprenticeships is particularly successful: if you like the area, but not the job itself, the app shows other jobs, for example in the medical field.

Attitude test by app

Then you have his dream job found and invited to an interview, a test awaits many candidates to test general knowledge.

The app AzubiTest from is a good preparation for it. 18 different tests train the mathematical understanding and the comprehension. The trick: Like in the serious test, the user will only have 20 minutes of time.

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