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JoergRomstoetter_berufebilderJörg Romstötter is a graduate engineer and makes the effects of nature usable for work and life. The engineer, business economist and certified coach founded and ran a company with over 300 employees for a large agricultural organization. In countless days outside and on over 50 journeys in the great natural spaces of the earth, he opened up the comprehensive benefits of nature. Among other things, he succeeded in traversing the High Atlas Mountains for the first time in Morocco lengthwise on his own. Today he gives lectures as an author, coaches and travels with his customers to special natural areas such as desert, tundra and taiga, which help them to find themselves.

Holders lead differently: 2 x 3 tips for business owners and employees

It's in the nature of things: if you own the company, you feel more intense: every loss and every profit. That colors on every little action. There are a few things to keep in mind that decide on prosperity and spoilage.

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3 Tips for Entrepreneurs

1. Are you already a sustainability fetishist?

Are you aware that everything you do generates your reputation with customers, suppliers, the public that is relevant to you, and above all current and future employees?

Do as if you wanted to create a monument. For what else do you want to see if one day the last hour breaks? Because success means being able to live in its own way.

2. Creating a value-adding business climate

Create an approach what a new employee has to learn and do in the first weeks and months. To increase its effectiveness enormously.

Find with every employee who needs to go or be gone, a path of separation that brings total respect and high esteem to all participants and observers (all other employees!). Completely indifferent to what the reason for separation is.

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3. Effectiveness in everyday life

  • Eliminate annoyances with yourself and your employees immediately. An unresolved anger becomes a frustration.
  • Beware of orders. Ask for solution ideas, then you get liability.
  • Meet regularly with entrepreneurs who are a model for you.

3 Tips for Employees

Most of them are employees of the global economy. This shows how obviously successful this company form is. You can congratulate. Be aware of the following and you have a nice life:

1. Employees are property

Of course not in the purest word! However, at least the doing, the performance of each employee therefore consider owner like like property. One more, the other less obvious in the day gestures. This is neither good nor bad, it needs a certain hand.

You can do this easily, if you are to a certain extent, as if you belong to the company. Of course, no more than the owner does, otherwise you may create throne-shaking feelings. Show the importance of many details through your behavior.

2. You are the boss. And I AM ME.

We like people who are like us. We therefore trust it more. Holders are in a way uncompromising. They go their way. For whatever reason. They want to be successful with their own idea, with their own company. More or less consciously they live out what is in them. They are designers with above-average expectations and take risks.

No matter what order you get. Tell yourself internally: "You are the boss and I am ME." This way you achieve the respect you expect and at the same time you keep your respect from yourself. This is how your boss recognizes your equality. He will treat you and your performance with respect.

But beware: This only works if you feel this equivalence as well. Otherwise you will be equivalent to your efforts, just as snippy and therefore never perceived as equivalent.

3. Be tangible

Who we like and who therefore “belongs to us” is often close to us. So be for yours Manager tangible. Let it be clear what you are doing. Be a messenger. Be a questioner. Provide unsolicited ideas and explain their advantages and disadvantages. In case of problems, you offer at least two possible solutions.

Caution: Never behave like a saliva or towel holder! Say and show it clearly if you disagree. Only when you keep your eyes up will you be taken seriously.

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