Discover or overcome laziness, wish for success: 3 alternative success books {Review}

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Corinne Maier spokes out things that most of the least say so openly and would have been almost quit. Some people find some positive tips - I find it entertaining, refreshing and very courageous. The tips, however, there are in the second presented title.

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Absurd truths

Maier's thesis: In modern Company He does not keep his job, which works the most and is committed, but the one who knows how to make life in the office everyday as pleasant as possible - and to tease as little as possible.

This paradox, which has long since become the absurd truth in most companies, is examined in detail by the author.

Of corporate talk and scapegoats

Starting with the no-man's language, which everyone speaks, but no one understands all the way up to the lump sum for all responsible fool that exists in every company, merciless word and hierarchy pennsles are called by name, which seem familiar to anyone who ever in a company.

And since it is pointless to change the system and no one is measured by the quality of its work, but rather by its adaptability, Corinne Maier gives those useful tips and empirical values ​​that have become aware of the excessive absurdity of the system are.

Misleading, but good!

Of course she is frustrated, but she packs it witty and subtle. Of course, this book contains no concrete active instructions, but rather a call to refuse to work. But at the same time the author proves with her book practically to itself as an example that one can do something - and shows at the same time how exaggerated your own theses are.

And sure, the title is completely wrong and simply misleading. Only: Who has expected under the title of a guide to laziness in the office, perhaps just before should read the blurb. It quickly becomes clear that this is a pamphlet disguised as a guidebook - and that's another pretty ironic marketing strategy.

New mother of the successful literature reissued

For me, a book from a subject that is just next to esotericism is a good fit. Reason: it is one of the first works of the “successful literature” and was practically the blueprint for “The Secret”. The book has been reissued by Börsenmediem Verlag. For me the reason to take a critical look at it.

First published at the beginning of the last century, “The Science, The Way to Become Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles, born in 1860, is one of the classics of successful literature. Reason enough to take a closer look at the work newly published by Books4Success Verlag.

To be rich does not go by saving!

The new hype surrounding the book was sparked by Rhonda Byrne. She cited “The Science of Being Rich” as a source of inspiration for her world bestseller “The Secret”. And the book can actually serve as a source of inspiration.

Provided one is not disturbed by the high tone of the preacher, and can not be exasperated by the categorical demand to rigorously eliminate all the plagues of life (from poverty to disease).

The potential is there, we just have to realize it

"The science of being rich" as the original title is based on the assumption that "everything you see on earth is formed from an original substance from which all things arise". And there is no shortage of this substance, Wattles is convinced, because “the universe is made of it”.

However Wattles came to this conclusion, it coincides pretty much exactly with the findings of modern physics. But Wattles makes it a religion, in the center of which he places the thinking man. He can intervene thinkingly and formally into this substance, he says, if he strives hard enough.

The foundation stone for the universe

In doing so, he laid the foundation stone for today's “wish you what with the universe” literature. But that's not what he's about. Wallce D. Wattles' goal is to develop "body, soul and spirit" in such a way that everyone benefits from the "fullness of life".

The conclusions drawn by Wattles from his assumptions are interesting. His main theme is "thoughts determine reality". There is also broad consensus on this today (e.g. self-fulfilling prophecy).

Thoughts determine the reality

Building on this, he describes a program that can still develop an astonishing power in its forcefulness. This includes formulating a clear vision (the basis of every mental training today), the unconditional will to always give your best “now” (not yesterday, not tomorrow).

But also consciously to feel gratitude towards the possibilities and the people. Moreover, a key element of his program is to open oneself to success if he chooses (kairos).

In the absence of the somewhat crude theoretical framework, the book is as brief (138 pages) as it is an impressive invitation to clarify its aims and desires and strive hard to achieve them. And that is still an important pointer, even a hundred years after the publication of the first edition.

Set and achieve personal goals

And if you want to make good intentions again? Especially like this happens at the turn of the year, but also on other occasions: No more smoking, more sports, no longer put their own light under the bushel? Well, we have the right book tip for you: The new book by Martin Witschier.

"You know how it doesn't work". The expert in long-term (!) Behavior change shows you what your inner drivers are and how you can use them in your favor. Just right for the new year. Martin Wittschier's book “How It Doesn't Work, You Know” appears at the best possible time before the turn of the year, when many people want changes in their behavior, but cannot find the right access.

Be captain of your own life

Stop smoking, do more exercise, spend more time with your family, do not be stressed by your colleague or your boss - this is often on the unwritten New Year's wish list.

"I decided to be the captain of my life!" Wittschiers writes at one point., His guide provides the right roadmap for this - in the three stages of the EVA method ("knowledge phase, preparation phase, action phase"), he helps you to transform loose ideas into real goals.

Away with the inner pig dog

Realizing how the subconscious intervenes and how a motivation focused on the result casually depends on the inner bastard - that is the core of the guidebook.

And, of course, it's also about what new behaviors you bring closer to the goal, which are still disturbing, but can be filed much easier than you currently suspect. What differentiates Wittschier's book from other personal coaching advisors is the narrative: It is a gentle motivational speaker who takes the fear of change almost incidentally.

Soft motivation

The author writes in the context of a personal everyday story and introduces a mysterious mentor at an early stage, who, in the course of the book in the form of dialogues and exercises, explains the EVA principle so universally applicable to life goals.

The frame recalls Sofie's world. Wittschier, however, does not have the philosophy in view, but the inner impulses, which help to finally realize the desires that have long been painfully dying of the bad conscience. Good packaging, good content.

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