To our book publication: Executive Health Day with Thomas Sattelberger

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The hamster wheel illusion - that's what the 8 is all about. and 9. September in Stuttgart at the Executive Health Day, the event for our eponymous book, in which Simone Janson also Best of HR –®-Author Dr. Dennis Mourlane participated.

To our book publication: Executive Health Day with Thomas Sattelberger Thomas-Sattelberger

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Here writes for you: Simone Janson is a publisher, German Top20 blogger and HR communication consultant. Profile

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Between flow and hamster wheel


You love your work and see the challenge in the challenge. You move something in your business and give it all.

However, you probably also know moments in which you immediately experience how narrow the line can be between a long breath and breathlessness, between the euphoria of success and the thoughtfulness that springs from the human primal need for meaning.

What is Executive Health?


Executive health means keeping the tension between the poles alive, without wasting or giving up. The goal is for the leaders to draw free from their essence and to enjoy their vitality.

As is possible today, we want to discuss and test this together with you at our Executive Health Day. Among the speakers will also be Thomas Sattelberger, former head of Telekom's staff.

It is an exclusive forum for the exchange in a small circle and on par with selected top executives. Surely we can finally leave the good old hamster wheel to the hamsters again.

Our book on the subject


The Executive Health Day is organized by the management consultants Steinbach und Partner, who also published the book of the same name in Springer-Gabler-Verlag. The executive health experts are:

  1. Dr. Hendrik Hüttermann, University of St. Gallen: "Research Spotlight:" The Influence of Leadership on Mental Health "
  2. Armin Lutz, Managing Director danova GmbH: "Physical Health - Practical Approaches to Healthy Leadership"
  3. Dr. med. Jürgen Rieke, neurologist, epileptologist and psychiatrist: "The basic needs of humans and their influence on his health"
  4. Prof. Dr. med. Robert von Känel, Senior Consultant Psychosomatic Medicine, Klinik Barmelweid, Canton Aargau / Switzerland: "Stress and its effects on our physical health"
  5. Prof. Dr. med. Götz Mundle, addiction researcher, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Center for Mental Health: "Medication and Substance Abuse in Management"
  6. Jürgen Mette, Protestant theologian and journalist, speaker for the Marburg Media Foundation: "Leadership without leadership - constructive treatment of illness"
  7. Simone Janson, columnist for "DIE WELT", Cooperation partner of the FAZ-Institute and editor of BERUFEBILDER:" Self-Management: Work Organization and Productivity in the Digital Transformation "
  8. Prof. Dr. Matthias Burisch, psychologist, Head of Burnout Institute North Germany: "Stress-related diseases and their psychological effects - Early detection of burnout"
  9. Dr. Denis Mourlane, Psychologist, Managing Director: "resilience in everyday management
  10. Matthias Onken, journalist, former editorial director "BILD", founder agency Matthias Onken media: "Strategies for dealing with burnout"
  11. Gregor Wilbers, graduate in business management, executive coach, founder of the institute "Sensefindung im Beruf": "Inner Balance and Mindfulness in Management"
  12. Dr. Friedrich Assländer, studies business administration, sociology and psychology, management trainer, coach and consultant: "Healthy as a spiritual task: Christian principles for everyday management"
  13. Paul J. Kohtes, founder of PR agency Kohtes Klewes, Zen teacher: "Zen and the art of being healthy"
  14. Dr. Alexander Poraj, theologian, former managing director of the Psychosomatic Fachakutklinikgruppe Oberbergkliniken and spiritual director Benediktushof: "The sense of meaning search"
  15. Prof. Dr. Christoph Berg, Dean of Business Psychology, University of Economics and Management, Hamburg: "How to bring person, position and situation in line"
  16. Dr.Ing. Peter Becker, Managing Partner, Steinbach und Partner: "4.0 Manager - Requirements for Executives in a Digital World"

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