Optimal guidance: Always stay neutral!

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Where teams work together conflicts arise. Bosses and executives should act fairly. But they should never take sides. This is not so easy in practice.

Optimal guidance: Always stay neutral! judge

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Do not take the buck!


First of all, one thing has to be said very clearly: one Chefwho is abused by his coworkers to play judges, moves quickly out of the woods. Because this black Peter is the worst card for the boss!

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Business celebration at Grundner Communications. After an afternoon in the high-wire climbing garden, you sit on outoor chairs around the huge barbecue area and hold skewers over the embers. Comfortable mood is spreading. The guitar of Dr. Grass has disappeared in time, so that nothing stands in the way of a cozy end to the fire.

"Boss, you have to ..."


Mrs. Opdenhövel and Mrs. Seliger-Eggenbrecht approach the boss, who is calmly roasting his king prawns. "Boss, you have to speak a word of power. Those from the Controlling drink our coffee in our coffee kitchen, but do not participate in the costs. "Mr. Grundner moves up from his reverie. He does not even realize that the conversations around him have suddenly died down. With long ears, all who sit within earshot try to get their award.

Mr. Grundner has a hard time. Like Solomon, he was to make wise decisions and to make it right for everyone. He does not know the whole background for a long time: the controlling always bring the biscuits for everyone. No matter how his judgment turns out, he can only put himself in the nettles.

Judges make their fingers dirty


Whether it's cookies or coffee, or the fact that 15 grams of merchandise printed for the main customer has become too heavy and therefore costs 1,2 million more postage, Mr. Grundner is abused by his staff to get their hands dirty ,

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Information now has the unpleasant property of changing on the way through the hierarchical levels miraculously. Sometimes they even disappear completely. And differently. It depends on who owns the boss's ear and who has the intentions.

The secret of changing information


From a "We in the editorial should install another correction loop before the print job for the catalog goes out" is quickly a "The editor has once again built total crap".

So, if Mr. Grundner wants to make a decision based on incomplete or even wrong information, he has to show supernatural abilities. And he will not be able to please everyone. There will always be one who says triumphantly, "So please!" And one who retires angry or offended.

What to do instead?


Do not let the Black Peter slump. Make it clear that it is not your task to serve as a court of justice for other hierarchical levels. If conflicts are not carried out where they are created but are transferred to a higher level, it is perhaps quite pleasant for the employees.

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Because it is then the boss who must relate the position. And this with questionable information. At the same time, a major step towards the dependency and the lack of independence of the employees is done. Since you can only say: off into the kindergarten!

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