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OPINION! Professor Gerald Lembke, founder of the advisory platform ADVZR: "Online coaching can be an inexpensive alternative to normal coaching"

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In an interview, Gerald Lembke tells Professor for digital media, media management and consulting at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Mannheim, how he came up with the idea of ​​onlineCoaching came and where he sees the advantages and limits of online coaching.
Professor Dr. Gerald Lembke has been working as a coach for 12 years. He founded the consulting platform ADVZR for 2007 and was awarded the innovation prize in the category Consulting of the German Mittelstand. ADVZR [? D'va? Z? R] is the first consulting and coaching platform for targeted mediation between consultants / coaches and clients Company , Non-profit organizations and the private sector. That Objective is to connect both parties in a targeted manner and to automatically offset the consulting services with one another.

Mr. Professor Lembke, how did you come up with the idea of ​​offering coaching online?

I have often found that experienced managers in particular benefit from coaching services. Employees, young managers and people with professional responsibility such as project managers are hardly supported by their employers in this regard. You only have to use the trial and error method to learn. So three years ago I got the theoretical one Concept ABC School Joke Oud online counseling, which also includes coaching.

So the online coaching is the cheap variant of normal coaching?

Cheap only in the sense that the coaching is actually cheaper. The client decides in dialogue with his coach when he is ready to pay. Pricing follows the web 2.0 hands-on principle to a certain extent. So the client is much more involved in pricing than he used to be in this business. Of course, the adviser can be strict about it, the acceptance depends on the client. In other words, as an operator, we largely keep out of pricing. We only provide a framework in the form of a maximum price. We can adapt this framework at any time.

And is there also a difference in the quality of advice?

No, I do not think so. All previous consultants were selected by us through observations, interviews and online research. We guarantee the client reaction times of less than 24 hours after their request, we guarantee them contacts who are able and willing to communicate consistently about new technologies. We guarantee highly qualified people who have excelled in practice. All in all, we deliver good coaches and consultants who at the same time have a high affinity for media and who have proven it. With us, there are no “people” sitting on the sofa in front of the TV and waiting for the phone to ring. Rather, the portal accommodates people who have a passion, who like to help people regardless of their status, who want to offer their skills via the online channel and automatically settle them.

Are all your Coachs consultants, or are there company or personnel consultants?

Well, is not every (company) consultant also a Coch and vice versa? A definition question. In any case, no HR consultants (the recruiters) have been present. All of them have a strong coaching and / or consulting background. We pay particular attention to training, career and qualification. Equally important: The reputation of the people. We are looking for the best from the professional and methodological point of view in the application of the online method.

How many ADVZR consultants / coaches do you currently have?

At present, 59 has paid a number of consultants who actively offer your services. In addition, 89 non-paying consultants are registered who are currently not allowed to access the services.

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How exactly does your online coaching work in technical terms? Do this only via phone call, chat and eMail or do you record the coaching process with a webcam and ask your clients to do the same?

No, there is no video record of the process. EmailAdvice is recorded and kept accessible only to the consultant and the client. We even denied the administrator access and made it technically impossible.

Is there a difference between clients who want to coach themselves online and who prefer to live their coach live? If so, what does it consist of?

Of course there is that. For customers I coach live, I have a special trust and that's what you want. The online customers, whom I do not know before, camouflage your requests with anonymous usernames.

Are there certain issues where the coaching online does not work? Are there concerns where it only works online?

Some concerns actually work only to a limited extent online. For example, a client wants to develop a certain concept, which means that online consultants are more likely to be involved. After the order clarification, it turns out that there is actually no technical problems with the conceptual position, but the customer is rather afraid of an imminent presentation in front of its bosses. Since words can support the normal coaching via mail or telephone, in the long run the desired developments in the personality can only be achieved through online coaching. On the other hand, psychological investigations show that clients often have a problem to put their concerns into words, regardless of what forum. Here, online coaching can help to add one's own weakness, since one does not bend here so quickly and approaches the subject in writing slowly.

Which service is best accepted by the clients - the eMailConsulting, telephone advice, forum advice or chat?

All clear. eMailConsulting, followed by chat. Phone follows in third place.

Is the Internet not risking the client lying to him?

Why should he? I have not been in the online practice so far.

Do you actually believe that online coaching o can bring a lot like a face-to-face coaching?

Yes, I not only consider this to be possible, but online coaching is even a necessary thing. Assuming the right impulses from the consultant, a process can be set in motion via e-mail and telephone that the client should drive forward in a self-aware and thus self-learning manner. If the clarity and / or the pace decreases, the next one should Impuls demanded and delivered. In this respect, online advice is not only a situation-dependent problem solver, but also a process companion, and a cheaper one too.

Is there at eMail-Coaching not much more misunderstandings than the face-to-face in the coaching practice?

You always have misunderstandings, think about your private or immediate environment. However, they can be reduced by the frequency of the Communication. In this respect, it is advisable to take care of coachees before and after a possible fact-to-face meeting so that, if things get really serious, the degree of misunderstandings can be reduced as much as possible.

And does not the distance in online coaching also contain more conflict potential?

There are different forms of conflict: interpersonal proximity is indispensable. There is no online tool. In case of technical conflicts, online support can be provided. In the case of intrapersonal conflicts, I regard the online tool as a low-level entry barrier for the relevant method to initiate a reflexion process in order to initiate self-reflection.

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5 responses to “OPINION! Professor Gerald Lembke, founder of the advisory platform ADVZR: "Online coaching can be an inexpensive alternative to normal coaching" "

  1. Carlotta Groden says:

    Do you also offer individual coaching? That would really interest me.

  2. Dr, Elisabeth Mardorf says:

    I have had very good experiences with telephone coaching combined with Email- Coaching done. It originally developed as a result of personal coaching sessions after clients moved. In the meantime I have advised a number of clients exclusively via telephone coaching. We clarify important key data in advance by e-mail so that the conversation can run effectively and inexpensively. For important (writing) projects, clients also send me work concepts, etc. during the course of the coaching, so that we can continue to work hard on the matter during the telephone conversation. I see telephone coaching as a wonderful opportunity for clients to hire their dream coach despite the distance, and for me as a coach as a good opportunity to work independent of location.

  3. Simone Janson says:

    Dear Ms Birkner,
    thank you for sharing your experiences with us. A very interesting subject in fact.

  4. Monika Birkner says:

    Exciting concept. Exciting interview. Congratulations!

    I have been doing a lot of my coaching sessions for years as telephone or e-mail coaching and have thus gained the best experience. Over the telephone, nuances are very clear, possibly just because the visual element is omitted. In my work intuition plays an important role. The medium telephone is very helpful.

    The e-mail coaching is often desired by clients who are calm about certain
    Themes and my impulses. Another reason is that they want to take their time to write down their own thoughts and see this process as very clear.

    As time is becoming an increasingly important factor, I am convinced that telephone and email coaching will continue to expand. Because these forms are convenient for both sides in that no trips are necessary, but rather you can start “from the start”, so to speak.

  5. Interview with Professor Gerald Lembke, founder of the ADVZR consultancy platform: "Online coaching can be an inexpensive alternative to normal coaching" »By Gerald Lembke» Management news »Change management in business and administration says:

    [...] from the original interview with Ms. Simone Janson (editor for STERN, Financial Times Deutschland, C ...: [...]

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