{Replica} If online banners were like art print ads: advertising is so beautiful!

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Please more imagination, your advertising! The fact that advertising advertisements are also an aesthetic work of art show these images. The catch here: These are print campaigns? When, instead of nervously blinking banners, finally also online banners, which are an eye-candy?

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Advertising is not nice?

In the discussion about my lecture in the middle of October at the University of Mittweida, one of the arguments against advertising was that it spoiled a website - and therefore the visitor immediately click away.

But that is mainly because advertising on the Internet is often everything - just not nice.

Advertising as art

So I was quite excited when I found Logoloock these great ads. Andre Paetzel writes:

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“Because if you want to develop beautiful print ads, you have to / should let pictures tell a story. Because if they do not do this, they will not captivate you, the target group and they will not remain in your memory. Because the primary goal of every ad is, of course, that you perceive it on the one hand, but on the other hand that it stays in your memory. ”

Plenty of discussion material

Incidentally, Andre has found the great ads on designyourway, where in addition to two ads from the Monster job board, there are also a few more motifs. I also put together a small selection of suitable motifs here, but it is definitely worthwhile to continue watching.

And there is also much to be discussed: For example, whether the Harley advertisement is simply tasteless or whether such a picture could also be used to advertise nursing professions….

And an inspiration

Now my question: Why, in a time when online advertising is clearly on the advance, does not it look so appealing?



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Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

Ads from the 50s and 60s

The Canadian web designer Andrew Lindström went to great lengths to collect 50 advertisements from the 50s and 60s - and proves one thing: advertising from that time may sometimes seem a little old-fashioned today. But it is by no means unaesthetic. A few examples.

What struck me about the Andrew Lindström advertising collection: Some motives are politically incorrect by today's standards. And even the image of women that was transported in advertising at the time is no longer up to date today. Nevertheless, the collection is worth seeing. I'll give you a few impressions here.

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With such a floor covering you can choose whether you get eye cancer or feel like you are in an aquarium:


This would be my personal horror idea


And I didn't quite understand what Woody Allen and the mussel have to do with vodka ...


Aesthetically but politically incorrect

And then there is also the aesthetically successful department, but politically incorrect. In times when some men have sex dolls instead of women, nothing should really surprise you - or should it? Ikea got mad about women's rights activists when it became known that the Saudi Arabian version of the catalog had retouched women. This is now driving strange flowers on the Internet: A blog shows what a world would look like in Ikea furniture to replace women.

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A bride as a towel holder, mother Theresa as a grater?


mother Theresa

Model as shelves

A stranger has retouched the women from various photos of celebrities or well-known works of art and replaced them with Ikea furniture. The comparisons he makes are funny to grotesque and sometimes unflattering and a little tasteless:

A bride as a pink towel holder. Yoko Ono as a chest of drawers. Mother Therasa as a grater. Audry Hepburne as a refrigerator. Princess Kate as a lamp. Models on the catwalk as shelves. And God in Michelangelo's “Creation of Adam” surrounded by pillows instead of female angels. He doesn't stop at Anne Frank, she quickly becomes a folding chair.

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A world where women are Ikea furniture?


If the background were not so sad, you might think it was a successful gurilla marketing action. But that leaves the laughter stuck in the throat - especially since one does not know the motives of the maker. And the question arises: what would a world without women look like? Without human closeness and emotions? At least not as hip and lifestyle as the Ikea catalog wants to convey.

“Those who want to be successful internationally prefer to show furniture rather than women”

Add to this the often-discussed question, to what extent Company undemocratic rules in one country or wanting to do business there. Greetings from the Google-China discussion.

The reactions on the web from ikea's approach and to the picture series were correspondingly ironic to negative.

Christian Brandes, founder of Spiegel Offline, today Schlecky Silberstein, brings the matter to the point:

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"In the meantime the furniture store apologized, but we keep in mind: If you want to be successful internationally, in doubt you would rather show furniture than women."

And Swedish EU minister Birgitta Ohlsson condemned the procedure on Twitter as “medieval”:

Ikea apologized immediately

Ikea, by the way, apologized. In a statement the company writes:"

We should have reacted and understood that the exclusion of women from the Saudi Arabian version of the catalog conflicts with the values ​​of the Ikea group ”.

But as I said, when the money is waving, the bugs are great first.

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Extreme shock advertising is still harmless!

At the end of the day, Michael Prätorius from the Isar Round drew my attention via Twitter to these advertisements, which are intended to deliberately shock their viewers. Compared to the IKEA campaign, I found that to be aesthetic and tasteful.

Children and smoking


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occupations pictures

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  1. Simone Janson

    Thanks for the fleet response ...
    The with the price is already clear - with the KB limit however not. Are you doing this at the speed of the page?
    How about eg black and white and / or. Drawings? Of course, again a question of money ...

    But surely, perhaps, in addition to the content, the not necessarily high-quality forms of advertising, which jump on the pages immediately before the text, is a reason why online is still regarded as an inferior medium by many.
    A good approach is eg creative advertising videos. Only with banners there is the same monotony since 10 years.
    Still, Internet is not the main media, at least as far as the BVDW statistics are concerned, but when it comes to, you can hopefully come up with a few things ... In any case, I wish the publisher ...

  2. Other

    This is usually a question of the KB number.
    In online banners, you are very often limited to 40 kb, because you get such detailed pictures never small.

    Therefore many things look very boring.

    The larger the image, the more expensive it becomes.

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  4. André Paetzel

    RT @ SimoneJanson: If online #Banner as cool as some print ads would be - so beautiful goes advertising with great pictures

  5. Simone Janson

    If online #Banner would be as cool as some print # ads - so beautiful # # advertising with great pictures (thanks @paetzel)

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