Occupational health management: What requirements do you have to meet? [+ Checklist]

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Occupational health management is “in”, but it is not clear to many how they should define the area of ​​responsibility and what the candidates should be able to do. So here is an overview with a checklist.

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Stefan Buchner's Profile stefan-buchnerStefan Buchner is Managing Director of the UBGM - Business Consulting for Occupational Health Management.


What Company expect from a health manager

More and more companies are introducing a company health management system for their employees - in times of demographic change, they have no other choice. But what do you need to be aware of when it comes to creating the independent health care profession?

A health manager is expected to have a plan on how to promote corporate health and maintain healthy performance even in times of demographic change. Which skills should he bring? Health managers should not only be able to set up a WHM process, but they should also be the “engine” of WHM in their company.

Why health management

Because more and more companies are taking care of their employees and can no longer do without healthy and efficient colleagues. The main reason for this is demographic change - i.e. the aging of society in Germany. In the last few years in particular, corporate health management has developed enormously in commercial enterprises and also in the public sector.

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For this purpose, more and more own positions are created, such as “The company health manager”, which deals with health promotion in the company. Psychologists with a focus on industrial and organizational psychology, but also health scientists or sports scientists are primarily employed for this purpose.

Tasks of a health manager

This is very gratifying, because there have usually been more business scientists and lawyers in the HR departments in the past. But more and more "lateral entrants" with additional training in occupational health promotion are in demand here.

When it comes to the tasks and activities of a health manager, what is most important is a planned, structured and goal-oriented approach in the sense of a management process. They have the demanding task of making health tangible and “manageable” and to inspire employees for personal and professional health promotion. That is not always easy.

The six phases of occupational health management

An occupational health management is therefore divided into the following phases:

  1. Strategic objective
  2. Status Quo - analysis and evaluation of the actual state
  3. Derivation of concrete operational objectives
  4. Choosing health-promoting measures
  5. Evaluation / evaluation of the impact of the measures and comparison with the objective
  6. additional taxes

What does a health manager have to consider?

For a timely approach, health managers must ask the following questions, among others:

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  • Why does my company want to introduce a BGM system?
  • Where do we currently stand with employee health?
  • Where do we have health and health care?
  • In which "health fields" do we want / need to be active?
  • What are the appropriate measures to achieve these specific objectives?
  • How can we make the success of these measures visible / measurable?
  • How do we motivate our employees for more health care?

As you can see, the area of ​​responsibility of a health manager is very varied and versatile. But what exact requirements do you place on health managers? And which skills should he bring with him.

Skills for communication and motivation

There are now many companies that are committed to corporate health promotion and offer their employees a variety of offers. Not infrequently with the effect that at the beginning everyone yells “yes” and a lot of the colleagues join in, but with the weeks many programs fall asleep again and the number of participants decreases.

Therefore, health managers should be very communicative and actively seek permanent exchange with the workforce. Only those who know what their colleagues want can also operate a good health marketing in the company. Employee surveys can be carried out for this purpose, but the personal interview with the employee is to be replaced by nothing.


At least as important is the ability to work in a team, for example, in cooperation with the HR department and managers. In many cases, the position is also part of the HR department. This is about coordinating and organizing personnel development measures, for example on the topic of "healthy management" with the PE colleagues.

But the managers should also be brought into the boat by the health manager. This is not always easy since these are often measured on indicators other than health scores. Whoever manages to win the superiors as an ally and multiplier makes the work enormous.

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Sportiness with exemplary function

“Last but not least” it is important for him to be “sporty” and to show perseverance and tolerance for frustration. Not all offers are always accepted as you would like them to be.

From time to time there are even “health muffins” who seem to always have an excuse why this offer is not right for them now or why the company would have to do much more. It is best to go jogging or do other sports on a regular basis to get fit for this profession. This keeps you healthy and ensures that you are a good and credible role model.

Request Checklist

Which requirements are made exactly to a health manager, we have listed here again in a checklist:

  • Can collect and evaluate health figures
  • operational resources and burdens
  • To develop solutions for the promotion of health resources
  • Solutions / ideas to reduce stress
  • Organize and coordinate measures for health promotion (project management)
  • health-promoting offers in the company permanently communicate
  • high participation rate
  • Build up / expand the interest and motivation of the employees and keep them long term
  • creative and innovative ideas themselves
  • Making the success of health promotion measurable

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