Operational and individual health management: 5 steps to success

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There are many, but structured, offers for wellness and health Company How employees who want to participate privately are equally suitable is often in vain. An example.

Operational and individual health management: 5 steps to success Operational and individual health management: 5 steps to success

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Here writes for you: Simone Janson is a publisher, German Top20 blogger and HR communication consultant. Profile

Occupational and individual health management as a trend


More and more companies are taking up the topic of occupational health management, but the individual employees are also well advised to deal systematically with the issue of health care and prevention.

For often enough, stress can be reduced and physical and mental illness can be prevented.

Structured health care for companies and employees


In the Bavarian Bad Alexandersbad I was able to test a five-day program, which can be booked by individuals on specific dates as well as groups and companies (individually) from 8 persons. In addition, the team can also carry out the corresponding modules directly in the company.

meinHealth Coaching in the ALEXBAD includes various modules from the evaluated concept of the Individual Health Management (IGM) of the Technical University of Munich. The focus is on three pillars: nutrition, exercise and mental strength, which are taught in theory and practice.

Health management in 5 steps


Bad Alexandersbad is the smallest of the 47 health resorts in Bavaria, as well as one of 5 partners on the IGM campus network. The offer of myHealthCoaching in the ALEXBAD consists of 5 modules, which exemplify how structured health management can be structured.

1. mein Health check


This module includes a personal health check with the spa doctor Dr. Charlotte Pfitzner, who has medical expertise in balneology and complementary medicine. Also included is a medical consultation and a dark field analysis.

A BIA measurement (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) to determine the fat-water-muscle distribution in the body including consultation can be booked as an option for 29,00 €, as well as a single coaching with an IGM health coach for individual questions around the lifestyle change.

The module also includes a health check in the VITERIO online portal, including a detailed health report on identifying personal risk and protection factors such as heart health and stress resistance. In addition, all participants will be provided with an IGM health book, which will also contain seminar documents documenting personal health knowledge.

2. mein ALEXBAD


The panorama bath in the ALEXBAD; a bathroom with 300 qm water surface, distributed on 3 pool, a small outdoor area, sauna and relaxation room - and at the same time an architectural highlight. The module includes a one-time three-hour stay and a try-out unit for fascia training.

I was thrilled by the training park located in the ALEXBAD, in which a fitness and rehabilitation trainer as well as state-of-the-art equipment ensure that every movement is carried out correctly: depending on the body, not only the weights but also the movement radius can be adjusted individually and a computer program then controls the exact execution of the movements and pauses.

3. mein ruhepol


This module contains morning exercises and yoga sessions in the historic spa gardens, a breathing meditation on the Doktorswiese and a Kneipp cure in the Kneipp basin of the Wenderner Bach. My personal highlight here was a Fichtelgebirgs walk with mindfulness exercises such as blind-running or balancing on a tree trunk as well as various meditative elements. In the picturesque landscape, the movie "The Little Witch" was filmed in the year 2016.

4. my power source


This module consciously uses the freely available healing water of the Luisenquelle for a drinking cure as well as a healing water bath in natural carbonic acid, for the mode of action is also intended a lecture by the bath doctor.

5. mein health knowledge


Finally, the aspect of nutrition should not be neglected: In a nutritional workshop, the participants get to know the 10 rules of the German Nutrition Society and prepare a smoothie or a snack themselves.

Another workshop deals with mental strength, which in addition to theory also conveys practical relaxation techniques such as singing bowl meditation, progressive muscle relaxation or Qi Gong.

Operational and individual health management: 5 steps to success Operational and individual health management: 5 steps to success

Personal experiences pros and cons


The aspect of nutrition is because my only criticism of the otherwise very nice program, as the tips from the very good dietary advice in the surrounding restaurants such as the inn Reinl or the hotel Bad Alexandersbad not ideal can be implemented.

Only the Schweizer Hof offers a larger selection of basic dishes upon request. However, these locations are not part of the program where food is usually prepared according to the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society.

Apart from that, the program is especially convincing due to the warmth and dedication of its local staff and excellent value for money:

Accommodation and costs


The entire 5 day program costs 599 Euro per person including accommodation and full board accommodation in the Protestant Education and Convention Center, which convinces with simple furnishings and good service. Also a child care for the whole stay is possible.

By the way: The 5 daily program can also be booked without accommodation / FB and costs then 339 €

Individual health management in everyday life


However, the individual health management can also be implemented directly into the everyday life of the individual: Here, IGM health coaches as well as face-to-face events and blended learning offers help with the implementation of individual goals.

The health portal VITERIO supports eg in the documentation of self-observation of one's own state of health.

This is how IGM can support companies


In Afterwork practical seminars and refresher seminars will also be content on topics such as diet, exercise, resilienceAppreciation, appreciation, communication as well as mental strength are taught and deepened, which should help to cope better with everyday working life.

The corresponding individual care of employees for one year costs a company about 1000 to 1500 Euro per employee, depending on the requirements of the company. For employees of companies there is also a bonus program for health promoting measures in the ALEXBAD.

Operational and individual health management: 5 steps to success Operational and individual health management: 5 steps to success

Certification by HEALTHY BAVARIA


As an initiative of the Bavarian Spas Association and BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH (byTM), Bavaria's spas and health resorts present themselves with modern, high quality and holistic health programs under the brand. Appropriate offers are continuously certified - strictly defined, transparent and regularly tested quality standards in the fields of medicine, accommodation and gastronomy.

The experts on site combine the latest traditional medical knowledge with traditional naturopathic treatments such as Kneipp or Schroth and the naturally occurring remedies in Bavaria such as bog, brine, water, healthy climate, etc. in the digital health database https://www.gesundes-bayern.de/ Those interested can find the right offer with 2.000 entries.

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